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Hello hello helllloooooo~ So I'm trying to draw out a character I haven't really played a lot and women aren't quite my forte-HOowwwwweeerrrrr I do need to work on that so here we are. If you're bored and want to help me design her a little bit and pick out the eye color that would be grrr888. I have some presets for eye color but feel free to suggest your own and other details because she be lookin BLAND.

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I personally like the two dark shades best 👀👀👀
Oooh, I love your art style! I personally really like 3 and 4 :> If I were going to suggest a color--maybe some shade of green would be cool? <.<
I personally believe a light-toned eye colour with dark hair framing the face presents a more Arcane look about a person, especially a woman.
Maybe do a teal color for the eyes?

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