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Hello everyone!

It's my first post in long while, anyways I've come to ask you advice.

So I want to incorporate dice in my roleplays more mainly combat aspect and what not. I'm not that much experienced in tabletop so I'm bit troubled with it.

Which dice should I use 1d10/1d20 or 1d100?

What determines success and what determines failure?

Does each action requires dice roll?
There are a LOT of different tabletop games out there with a thousand different ways to use dice. (That's probably only a slight exaggeration!) :)

This help article has some nice suggestions: Using Dice to Enhance RP

Rimcaster wrote:
Does each action requires dice roll?

How often you roll is a bit of a personal preference and probably some trial and error. I think it's easy to over do it when you first start with dice. Personally, I like to only roll at very crucial junctures. Then it stays exciting and doesn't turn into a drag. (Which I think can happen easier on a forum than in real life sitting around a table where it only takes a few seconds)

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