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Dash (played by DashersSmashers)

(Hello! This is my first Roleplay that I am making here, hopefully anyone may join!)

Her body ached, making her way through a very dust desert. It made her shoulders huff, her eyes droopy, and her mouth was extremely dry. Wait. Was that a town? She looked forward, her eyes having to squint to see it more clearly. A more dry feel entered her throat, making her want to gasp for water and more fresher air than the sandy atmosphere. In an matter of fact, she was right. It was a town, but it looked...abandoned

She shakily took some steps towards the town, her eyes noticing the flying papers of missing signs everywhere. "What happened here?.." She muttered, taking in the rather..spooky atmosphere around the town. What she wanted though was something to at least settle the drought in her throat, which was slowly making her dizzy. She walked through the town, the soft, harshly hot sand burning her hooves but she couldn't use her wings, they were too tired and achy.

Looking around, she noticed a house with a small picture of a family. It looked old and crinkly, and they looked so..happy. She felt a rather harsh blowing of air hit against her back, making her suddenly turn, looking at the sudden flying of missing papers. Now that was just creepy! Should she run? Or should she stay?..

Will you join as someone from the town? Or someone that came with her on this journey? You're decision! I mostly prefer paragraphs that are around 3 or 4 sentences long!
Dust (played by Wandering_Mary)

Hello young girl, why are you here? That is if you are fine with answering of course. However I don't think you've gotten water for awhile, so I guess I could part with some. *hands a small flask of water*

*can be seen holding a knife*
Lonnie (played by jfo7)

I'm walking through what has become of my little town. That is until I see two figures. Nobody really talks to anybody anymore. I walk slowly towards them. I see a girl and a man. The man holding out a flask of what I assume is water until I see it. He's holding a knife and I know that the girl isn't safe. I approach them and act as if I know this girl. "There you are! Why'd you go off on your own? You know what can happen here after dark.. We have to stay together." I really hope she plays along..
Still open to join?

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