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Hi, everyone!
I'm reopening my ko-fi commissions to try and earn some fun money after a weird year.
For now, I’m just doing headshots based on your donations. (More complicated work will take longer, but you're welcome to DM me.)

For $3 (or 1 coffee), you can get an inked line portrait.
For $12 (or 4 coffees), I’ll watercolor it for you.

After you donate, you can shoot me a DM or email me at with references and your request. I plan to take these on throughout the next week, so expect a turnaround of 1-5 days.

Because I do physical watercolors, please let me know if you're comfortable or interested, and I can pop the finished product in the mail for you for a minimal shipping fee depending on where you're located.

Even if you can’t donate, I’d be overjoyed if you could just help spread the word.
Thanks again for all your support!

Examples of finished portraits:
- Colored
- Colored
- Sketch

Examples of non-Ko-fi commissions:
- Full Color w/ bg elements
- Full Color w/ bg elements
- Full Color Couples Art
- A more complex headshot

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