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Cyfrin was a foreign exchange student. Something he never actually wanted to be. He insisted to his parents that a school back in the UK, where he lived, would suit him perfectly fine, but still, they sent him out here, in this small town in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, the school was extremely good despite how detached it was from the rest of society. And he didn't fancy the thought of living in such a small village, as he thought it sounded uncouth, and he wasn't used to it. He had never been to such a place before.

But as he arrived, he took into consideration, the scenery. Around the town was a forest. And it looked welcoming for such a wooded area. The sun shone through the trees, and flowers bloomed along the path. A place one wouldn't expect to be scared in. In fact, Cyfrin made a pin in his mind, reminding him to go out there and explore at some point. He never got many chances to go to forests, and the times he did, he was going hiking with a group of people. He never got that independence he craved.

The house he was supposed to stay at looked like what one might call "country" or "homey". (( He quite liked how it looked, and it was a drastic change from apartments in Nottingham.
Aurora Jenkins (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

The kitchen smelled like cookies and muffins that mom made. Ofcourse she went all out. Aurora watched as her mom put the muffins in a pretty basket and the cookies on a wooden platter. The kitchen was spotless for a change. Normally it looked lived in. The sink always had some leftover dishes and the counters were filled with special spices or artsy objects which was normal for a house filled with creative people.

Her mom was an artdealer and a sculptress, her dad a hobby photographer and her little brother already drew complete manga scenes and he was only twelve. And aurora had gone into fashion and music.

But ofcourse for our new soon to be family member, she wanted to make us look as normal as possible. She had told Aurora ''We can't overwhelm the boy from day one with our mess. He expects a normal typical family. We gotta atleast try'' Aurora had shrugged it off. He would soon realise they weren't typical, which she thought was splendid. Boring had never been in her vocabulary and it shouldn't be in anyones.

But there she stood, amidst a very chaotic kitchen scene. Her brother was bugging his mother by doing exactly the opposit she asked, her dad was trying to put on a tie and struggled badly and her mom was screaming and doing 1000 things at the same time. Ofcourse Aurora wasn't faded by this. She smiled and shrugged all of it off. They had been 'prepped for weeks now', she had gotten used to it.

He would be here within the hour, the house was perfect, if you didn't look at all the weird artwork and decorations. They were ready.

She hoped he was too because he was going to need all the luck he could get.
Cyfrin made it to the house after being stopped on multiple occasions in the town by people who were excited to see someone knew around. A man - he was the librarian - though, had noticed that he didn't exactly know where he was going, and offered to show him to the house he was supposed the be staying at - not that he had much of a choice.

The librarian's name was Mr. Jansen, and he had been awfully king to the now 18 year old boy. That was how he made it to the house, and he had never seen one like it before back in Nottingham. Frankly, he was a little afraid to go and confront these people who he had been assigned to, but Mr. Jansen, being the kind, extrovert that he was, gestured Cyfrin forward and knocked on the door, noticing how he wasn't comfortable doing all of this on his own.

Cyfrin looked about him, quite nervous to say the least. He wasn't usually so nervous to meet new people, but he didn't have a good feeling about any of this, and he also wondered how this country differed from his - because from what he had seen, the differences were quite drastic.
Aurora Jenkins (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

One knock and the whole house moved like they just announced an evacuation. Her mom screamed and her dad looked for his glasses, which were on his head ofcourse. Aurora rolled her eyes, grabbed his glasses of his head and pushed them on his nose. '' Cmon, let's not make him wait. Right?''. Her mom smiled at her, grateful for the innitiative.

They went to the door, as a family. Linda, her mom, pushed down a stray hair on her brothers head and took a deep breath. ''Here we goooo'' she sang softly.

When the door opened, the first face they saw was walter's face. ''Oh, Walter. How lovely.. I euhm'' Her dad said. He grabbed his glasses and started cleaning them with the blue velvet cloth he has in his pockets, something he does everytime he needs time to think.

''Hello there David, I ran into this boy. He seemed a little overwhelmed so I decided to guide him here.'' He looked back at Cyfrin and pushed him forward a bit.

Aurora leaned against the door post, taking it all in. ''Hi there'' she waved and did that neutral smile thing people do on the street to strangers. Her brother put up his fist hoping he'd get a fist bump. ''What's up dude, I'm Gideon but everyone calls me the G-Master'' He tried to play it cool but failed. '' NO they don't.'' Aurora laughed.

Her parents both said hello and introduced everyone, then proceeded to talk to Walter, leaving the poor boy to fend for himself.
Cyfrin shifted on his feet uncomfortably. The people seemed friendly enough, but it didn't really lighten u the tension that he felt. The girl looked older than him, and the son looked way younger, and he started to second guess whether he should have ever come here in the first place. He had contemplated rebelling and not coming, but knowing what hell would await him when he was to return home, he decided against the idea. Though now he wish he hadn't.

He felt like he stood out strangely too. His hair was bleached white, and it was one of the main distinguishing, trademark features about him, but all these people seemed natural. Except the sister of course. Her hair was purple. Maybe she was a little more like him than the rest. Not that you can confirm someone's personality based off of their hair.

Everyone talked for a bit and Cyfrin stood on the sidelines, having no interest in joining the conversation. He wasn't good at talking with adults either, as he was fairly immature himself, though he was an only child. He was expected to be mature, and he could act so if necessary, but he always hung out with friends rather than family. They understood him more, and he felt more comfortable, and they also taught him how to live on the edge and be a little more immature and reckless - just for the heck of it.
Aurora Jenkins (played by Victoriantruth) Topic Starter

she observed him, listening to the conversation while catching him in the corner of my eye. ''Hey, mom. Maybe it's a good idea to welcome our guest and show him his room? I'm sure he is starving and we still have warm cookies and muffins.'' she pulled linda's arm a bit. She caught her expression and got what she was saying. Thank god that they were close like that because she immediatly ended the conversation, said goodbye to walter and pulled her dad and brother inside the house.

''Cmon, sweetheart. You must be exhausted.'' She said with all her motherly love. ''Ari, How about you show him to his room.'' She turned to him. ''Your stuff is in your room in boxes, it arrived here a couple of days ago. The bed is made and we are eating homemade dimsum gyoza in an hour. Take a rest, unpack the necessities. If you need anything, you just ask. okay?'' she gave him her warmest smile and went into the kitchen.

Aurora clicked her tongue. ''Okaaaaay, lets go?'' And she led the way to the bedroom. To go there they had to go through the open livingroom, which was big and cosy, it contained xxl beanbags and a huge sofa that was square and could easily fit about 8 people. In the corner stood a piano and a painters easel. After going through the livingroom, there was a huge wooden stairway, curling upward. Once upstairs, you had several rooms and another stairway up. They didn't go up but walked all the way to the back of the hallway. Aurora opened the door to a kind of tower room. It was spacy and has a double bed and a round window. It was filled with boxes and suitcases.

'' Here we are.'' She said while making a swinging gesture with her arms.
Cyfrin nodded, and mumbled a 'thanks', not exactly sure what else to say as he had never actually had to do any of this before. And he always felt awkward staying in someone else's house, even if they insisted upon it. The house was quite lovely, though, and from what he could see, they seemed to take good care of it, but he thought back to his home when his mom would always go on a huge cleaning spree when guests were coming, so he couldn't say for sure.

This was most definitely a new environment for Cyfrin, and he wanted to say something to the purple-haired girl, but refrained, as he didn't know enough about her yet. At least, not that he could see. He had a keen eye for observing people and learning things about them without them saying a word to him, but he had a little trouble reading this girl.

And he also noticed how welcoming her mother was, so he could only assume that she was the one who had decided to take in a foreign exchange student, which made him even more uncomfortable, wondering if she was the only one who had wanted it and no one else did, but they just didn't protest. But then again, maybe he was overthinking again. Maybe the mom was just really nice. The whole town seemed really nice, so he took back those previous thoughts, unsure why they had came up in the first place.
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''Well, you just come and talk to me if you have questions? My room is the one up the stairs, the attic room. Can't miss it. Okay?'' She smiled and left him. She was certain that he needed some space to breathe and she didn't feel like forcing anything.

She ended up going upstairs and meditated until dinner was ready.

An hour later she heard her mom call them through the intercoms. Dinner was ready and she was starving. As she walked downstairs, she looked at the door of Cyfrin but it was shut. Should she go get him? Nah, there was an intercom in his room aswell so it would be overkill to get him.

As she arrived at the dining room, which was behind the kitchen, she smelled the food and her stomach growled. The other family members already took their seat at the table so she sat herself next to a space from gideon, leaving a seat for cyfrin inbetween.

''Mom, this smells amazing. I can't believe you kept this meal for our new houseguest. I guess were just not important enough for dimsum, right gideon?'' She stated obviously being dramatic for comedic effect. Her father chuckled and her mom rolled her eyes.

'' Let me just tell you, cyfrin. In this house you won't find boring American food at all. We like to explore the worlds cuisine and mom is an amazing cook so be prepared to gain a few pounds. '' She smiled and filled her plate with all the different kinds of dimsum and gyoza.

The table was filled with all kinds of it but also bread and salad and grilled veggies. Her mom had gone all out as usual which she obviously didnt mind at all.
He didn't say much in reply, as he was always this way around new people, no matter if he liked them or not. When he met a person, he spent the first day or two analyzing them and figuring out who they were before he said much of anything. This was no different, and though he may have seemed antisocial since they hadn't yet heard his voice, it wasn't that way at all, and he hoped that they'd understand somehow.

The purple-haired girl's (he still hadn't heard her name be used yet) mom was indeed a good cook, as she had said, and the siblings enthusiasm and humor made him smile a bit, as he enjoyed figuring these things out: he assumed that the two had a good relationship, maybe one filled with sarcasm and useless banter, but they appeared to have a solid foundation of trust. From here, he assumed the purple-haired girl was a pretty nice person, because usually siblings didn't act so nice unless this was the case. And maybe Gideon was similar, but more humorous, as he seemed to make joke after joke. Witty, maybe? Cyfrin couldn't tell yet.
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As they were eating, Aurora's dad got a call. He ignored it at first but after it had rang multiple times, he huffed and puffed and got up from his seat to answer it in the other room. The music was playing softly in the background while they talked about school, trying to include cyfrin without forcing him. Gideon talked about a new anime he was drawing and Linda talked about a new artist that she was showing in her gallery.

David came into the room and turned of the radio. He looked concerned and turned the tv on instead. Which was odd because tv at the dinner table was a no go.

As he turned on the news, he turned to us. ''Connie called me. She has family living in New York. Things are happening and she is worried. She told me to turn on the news''.

Linda was already packing things up slowly, bit by bit but stopped in her tracks when david turned on the tv.

We watched as the news about an unknown disease hit us. Aurora's normal chill and happy demeanor was gone and made room for worry and confusion. What was going on? She heard a bunch of words but couldn't make out what it meant.
Cyfrin, being the knowledgeable person he was, understood this parasite jargon, and din't watch, but listened intently, picking up on some details every now and then. Inflammatory arthritis... decomposing of cells... skin cells. Weird. Swelling, burning, dying . He perked up hearing this word, and looked over with the rest of them.

Apparently, there was some sort of parasite that infected the human skin, inflamed it, and burned it. Like Ebola, but it liquefied the skin. The parasite crawls into your muscle tissue, disconnecting veins, reanimating the dead body. Like zombies... He rose his eyebrows, realizing this. Soon enough, that news turned off, changing to a few commercials, and Cyfrin turned back forward. He didn't seem too fazed by it like Aurora, but in fact, seemed mesmerized by it, and his eyes sparkled in wonder.

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