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What's a nice little thing you've recently discovered (on this site, at your local park, about yourself) that's, in hindsight, REALLY obvious and you don't know how you've missed it?

Mine is I just realized I can get to my profile page by clicking my username in the corner. This entire time I thought the only way I could get to my profile was going through the Edit Profile and then hitting view profile. I, actually, several times thought about suggesting they fix that. I'm so glad I didn't 😂
In this horse game I play, Star Stable Online, I noticed a fort close to this place called New Hillcrest today. I hadn't noticed it for quite a long time but it's such an obvious thing to see... :S
Folklore Topic Starter

That’s great! I bet it’s cute, I’ve never been on haha
Here’s one that’s helped me so much at work and I wish had found out when I was in college: Microsoft word has a built-in text to speech feature called Speak, where it will read out the words you highlighted.

This has helped me so much as sometimes I have a hard time processing what I’m reading and it’s a great way to spot mistakes!
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Ohhh, I'll have to find that!

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