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Hi all, hope you're having an alright day.

For awhile now, I've been craving a Pokemon story that takes place in the Orre regions or any form of sequel to the games, for that matter. However, obviously, that hasn't happened, and when the content you want doesn't exist, sometimes you got to make it yourself, haha.

= Rundown Begin =

For those that aren't aware of the games' premise or need a reminder, here's the best one I can give that summarizes both games quickly: The games were both set in the Orre region, a desert area that doesn't have any gyms, instead offering coliseums for interested trainers to test their skill at.

In both Colosseum and X D : Gale of Darkness, Team Cipher created Shadow Pokemon, which were Pokemon that had the doors to their hearts sealed shut. This meant that they would be turned into soulless fighting machines that would mercilessly attack other Pokemon, but not even Trainers themselves could be safe from them. In order to reverse the process, the Pokemon would have to be in care of a loving Trainer, and slowly, they would be purified, and eventually, their doors to their hearts reopened. They were assisted by Team Snagem, who created machines that could essentially capture other people's Pokemon, but the technology was stolen in the first game, given to the protagonists of both games, instead.

= Rundown End =

As a quick thing, you aren't required to have played the games or have knowledge beforehand to be able to play, this is mainly to help illustrate how the overall plot will function.

Apologies for the long-winded crash course, but now I wanted to get into the base premise of the idea I had: 15 years had passed since the second Shadow Pokemon incident, and to mostly everyone, it was only a memory, never to truly come back. However, lately, there have been reports of lost Pokemon from various regions, a crisis of kidnapped Pokemon beginning to spread. A Pokemon researcher, Michael, claimed to have found a lead, and is asking for help from Trainers of various regions to come to Orre to figure out what's going on, willing to give a Master Ball to any that took up the request.
This is where (Y/C) comes in, being one of or a group of Trainers helping to investigate the current crisis, and figure out where the missing Pokemon have gone, what happened to them, and put a stop to a nefarious group that did this.
Once the character arrives, one of Michael's Pokemon, a Zangoose named Billie will join the party, both to aid in battles and give a new look to potiential foes (wink wonk).

The story will be strictly PG-13, and will in general try to go for what both games' were striving for in terms of theming.

Human, anthro, and even other Pokemon characters are welcome, just note the Pokemon will likely need to travel with Trainers during the plot.
This is where I want to check for interest. The RP itself will allow adjustable length posts, just trying to avoid one-liners if possible. If you are interested in RPing this idea, feel free to comment, and if possible, please give if you want to RP this one-to-one, or in a group setting. For the latter option, I am considering coming up with game mechanics for battling if there is enough interest in it.

Hopefully, this is something that strikes y'all's interest. Sorry the post is so long, the idea just excites me a lot.

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