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The Werewolf siblings had always been more than just family, for they also had been the most best of friends, sheltered from the harsh reality of how their kind was treated....until that day so long ago that their family was attacked in their home in the woods. They had been blamed for the deaths of citizens in the nearby kingdom. The siblings know that possibly their parents are still alive but they know for sure that the other is still alive and will do anything to reunite with the other, going through a world that has nothing but contempt for their kind.

So all that being said I'm looking for a fantasy rp (duh) but other than that this rp will be very open. I'm a sucker for slow burn romance but don't feel pressured into it. Adventure is the main focus of the rp just to get me back into the swing of things. Sorry if i'm not on my A game it's been quite a while. Oh and I'm open to MxM FxF MxF and anything in between

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