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Hi, I'm drunk on whiskey, mods give me a time out if you feel I need it I wont be offended.

But lets talk about some things like, umm, favorite kind of cat. Yes lets start there.

My favorite is the bombay house panther, and also the fat orange ones.

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Ah yes, let's talk about cats.

I am partial to completely black cats who look like they have glowing eyes. Also I like super floppy lapcats like Ragdolls!
RoundTableKing Topic Starter

ghod chjahrrs
What something are we walking about?
RoundTableKing wrote:
the bombay house panther
My Scooter cat is primarily one. Very athletic though his age and the loss of one eye has slowed him down some. He does like his walkabouts though.

And yeah... drunkposting... I’m a veteran...
Birmans, my living teddy bear that child me could do no wrong to was a birman.
All cats are good cats. Even if they're angry and weird. All cats are good cats.
RoundTableKing Topic Starter

Cheetahs meow like house cats and I love it.
Norwegian Forest Cat!

(I'm a little biased, I have a Norwegian Buhund, so I looove fluff!)

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