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Are you like me? Do you ever just have the urge to rewrite your characters? Does that urge pop up every so often, like once a week something in your mind nags at you to change something about your character, be it major or minor? From plot hooks to entire backgrounds, something changes along the week with no explanation, no development?

What do you do when this happens? Do you try to tie it to some sort of development, or do you make a new OC at that point?
You should feel exactly 0 shame when it comes to revising characters! You get older! Your tastes change! You become a better writer! You're hit with a spark of inspiration! You forgot what you wrote in their profile years ago! There's 100 good reasons to overhaul a character.

I generally don't try and give an IC reason for it - although I have RPed with a partner who changed her character's hair from blue to blonde over the course of a RP and justified it by saying the blue was dye.

If the character is being actively RPed, and the change is fairly substantial, I let my current RP partner know that I changed xyz. If not, I just slide it in on the stealth. It's very unlikely that anyone will be concerned.

You should not feel any shame about updating your characters as you see fit, you're evolving as a writer and a person, and you should RP characters you're proud of and enjoy!
Hello hexblading,

Yes, most of the time it's adding more details and history/background lore to the character as I write more about them and RP them, but sometimes its more major as moving them a few decades into the future to fit the current RP I have the character in, though I try to adapt their original lore to stay as true as possible to their original concept.

I have deleted and restarted one character I was not pleased with on one or two occasions, but I did not have that character partnered with someone else and I let the people who knew the character IC that this would happen in an OOC post.

@Claine has the right of it though, these are your characters and it's normal that you have them grow or change. If they are partnered with someone else's character, I would have an open OOC discussion for major changes, however out of curtesy for any role-play partners.
I was going to comment earlier but I had to commute so didn’t get to it. Good thing too. Claire & Falyn have said it much better than I could.

I have ‘repurposed’ a few characters along the way, usually ones I created for a particular RP only to have the story fizzle. Sometimes I’ve taken aspects I liked in a few retired characters and built ‘new’ characters incorporating these attributes.

Try not to overthink it. It’s all good

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