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Hello wanderer and welcome to A Bit Stranger Everyday! I had this idea a while ago and have been sitting on it for a while and now I am throwing wind into caution and seeing how this goes

So the idea is simple, I am going to set up a simple story plot with a few characters and post the first chapter of this story in IC chat. In said story it will become apparent that something is going wrong and the reality of the world is changing. The characters may wake up and find that something is...different. Maybe the entire ocean turned into Barbeque sauce, or maybe every man named Fred starts to attack everyone for no reason, or maybe gravity becomes 4 percent lighter.

It is up to the characters to try and work through these issues and find out what is causing their world's reality to go crazy and put an end to it.

But you may be wondering what does this have to do with you? Well it all has to do with you because YOU get to decide what changes in the world. In OOC Chat you are allowed to post your idea of what stupid and crazy thing could happen in the world in my next post, and once a week I will scroll through the suggestions, pick my favorite one or possibly two, and post a new part to the story involving the chosen outcome.

I will soon make the first post which will get the ball going, and from that point forward if you would like to participate please message in the OOC with what type of reality altering shenanigan you would like to see happen, and wait and see if your suggestion got chosen in the next post. You can talk with people freely in OOC too, but to make things easier, if you are going to post a suggestion, type above your post saying, I HAVE AN IDEA or something along those lines so I can more easily find your suggestion in case there ends up being too much talking cluttering OOC.

Cant wait to see how this goes, and what crazy things the RPR community can come up with.
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Rules be simple my friends. All I ask is that if you have a suggestion, only make one per story post. So when I post the next part to the story, I will allow you to make one suggestion until the next post. This way everyone can have a chance to get a suggestion in. Secondly, I am fine with everyone talking in OOC about anything, but if you are making a suggestion please just say at the top of your post I HAVE A SUGGESTION or something like that so I know to take a look at it. Also all conversations are to be kept in OOC, and nothing but what I post should be in IC. Other then that just have fun and be creative!
A Bit Stranger Everyday (played anonymously)

For Seattle Washington a quite and normal day was not something you often got. But today was unlike those days. It was a warm Sunday at Seattle University and most of the students were enjoying a bit of a free day. They had gotten past their college dead lines and finals, and it was time for them all to unwind just a little. For any College kid a day like this was a dream, too good to be true.

Three of these students sat on an old wooden bench. The bench had been carved into with many hearts and initials and "So and so wuz here." It had apparently seen a lot of history on this campus and today, unhistorical, these four students lounged around soaking up the quite sunny day.

One student was a red headed woman wearing the universities hoodie, and laying on the benches seat, tossing a ball into the air and catching it again as it landed. Her name was Maya and she is the type who some how manages to skirt by every class by only showing up once a week, and passing her test with a "you sort of knew the marital" remarks. She was at least a fun person to be around, a go with the flow type of person that is chill about just about anything.

Sitting adjacent to her is Russel. A very fitting name for him as he is your typical strong headed rock enthusiast who almost always can be seen wearing an 80s metal band t shirt and talking about how he "used to play guitar but hasn't played in a while." His most noticeable features are his long black hair tucked into a black beanie with some obscure band logo stitched into the side, along with his rather fashionable nose piercing that really sets him up for a "Hey 2007 called, they want their emo back" joke. At this moment he was carving "Russel wuz here" into the bench to keep up with tradition.

Then there was Daniel. Daniel is an African American man often seen wearing his letterman jacket as a symbol of how he got his way into college by his performance in athletics and made it to the College Football team. While most would believe that he bull headed his way into college with noting but a dumb caveman grunt and the knowledge of how to throw a ball, he is actually a very intelligent and well rounded man. He preforms well with his football team but finds himself not liking the crowd of frat boys and party animals that are probably out downing a keg right this minute, so he often hangs out with this little band of misfits because he oddly finds them more of his kind of people then anyone else on campus.

Daniel gave a deep sigh, breathing in the seemingly impossibly clean air and looked back at the two bored individuals. "After all the hell...torture, pain...etcetera that this college put us through it is nice to have at least a few minutes of tranquility."

Maya peeked her head up from her resting position to say, "You said it. Having a day to lounge is the best."

"You...lounge everyday." Daniel stated with a raised eyebrow

"Oh you are wonder I am always so happy then huh?"

"I wish I could find that kind of attitude." Russel said as he blew away the wood shavings from his work of art. "Trying to get a degree in musical theory is a lot harder then I thought it would be."

"Yeah I would be stressed too if I was getting a useless degree." Maya chirrped.

Russel was quickly about to argue her statement before a fourth party member started to run up to them calling out, "Guys you gotta see this!"

Thats right I had almost forgot. There is a fourth member to this little rag tag group. His name is Jake. The kid was a valedictorian and practical genius for his age in his high school, and could have gone to any college in the world but for some reason he chose Seattle University. He always dressed in a hipster fashion that is now ironically out of faction and arguably somewhat more hipster then when it was catch all that? He kept his beard long and well trimmed and his glasses big and 80s looking, all rounded together by his pants held up by suspenders and a white button up t-shirt. It would be absolutely mean to call him a nerd in the derogatory sense, so in the nice sense, he is the best kind of nerd you could know.

He ran up to their table and laid before them a book. A really big, intimidating book. The book had a brown leather cover that had a simple name stitched into it that said, "Wayfinder."

"Cool..."Russel said in a bit of a unenthusiastic way."...what the hell is it?"

"You never heard of Wayfinder?!" Jake called out as if he was missing out on something he really should know about alongside with The Beatles and the Apollo Moon Landing.

Daniel shook his head and looked at the other two who seemed just as confused as he was. "I think I speak for all of us when I we haven't."

"Way..Wayfinder come on like...okay you know about Dungeons and Dragons?"

"Vaguely." Said Maya

"Okay well this came out nearly fifty years before that. It is a table top game where people pick characters and play through stories with sets of rules and dice rolls yada yada...this game was one of the original predecessors to the table top game genera! But I guess they got shut down or something because apparently they were using real ritual spells and vudu stuff in their book and some government organization made them stop publishing."

"...okay Jake and where did you get this?" Russel asked with a serious intent.

"Oh just some old Japanese dude at weird knick knack store off of downtown."

"Oh burn it."

"...excuse me?"

"My guy, have you never watched Jumanji?! That thing is probably curse and like...eats children or something. Burn. It."

"No way dude this thing is history! This may be one of the only ones in the world and its mine. I only paid like 5 bucks for it."

"I cant believe I am saying this but I think Russel has a point." Said Maya. "I saw the new Jumanji and you dont want to doom yourself to the fate of a crappy reboot staring The Rock and Kevin Hart."

"I thought Jack Black was pretty funny." Daniel shrugged.

"Yeah well Jack Black is always funny thats a given."

"Guys..."Jake intervened. "Can you focus...I have in my hand a piece of table top guys should come over to my dorm and try it out with me."

"I think I will pass..." Maya slowly stated

"Me too..." Daniel said with a bit of a sympathetic look.

"Burn it." Russel reinstated.

Jake frowned at them and held the heavy book back in his hands. "Fine...sorry to intrude I can see you have far more important things to attend to." And with that he stormed away from the group.

"Jake wait we didnt mean to!..."Daniel called out but it was too late, Jake had already made up his mind and was fast pacing away from them.

"I'm not getting sucked into a world with giant mesquites...simple as that." Russel stated before getting back to his carving

The day went on like normal from that point forward. The sun started going down a bit, and it was time for each person to return to their dorm rooms. It was otherwise a perfect day for them, despite them upsetting Jake. He would hopefully just get over soon.

Morning soon came, and the three all got up and started getting ready for the day. Russel was surprisingly very much an early bird and was the first to be awake out of all of them. He always starts his day off by switching on his tv for some background noise while he got dressed. He turned the TV on, and for some reason it was the news, even though he had it turned to Cartoon Network. It was some sort of breaking news flash, a national warning of sorts. The lady on the television started to speak about the conundrum as related images and footage was being shown.

"Many people along the Pacific Coast, and as a matter of fact around the world, woke up today to find that the entire ocean had somehow...miraculously..."It was apparent that what the news lady was trying to say was a bit hard for her to get out and understand but she continued with the script anyways. "The...ocean had been turned into barbeque sauce..."

Russel looked at the TV with a wide eyed expression before giving out a slight chuckle. "Okay funny joke..." He picked up the remote and changed the channel. It was still the news.

"Reports say that somehow over night the entire ocean just suddenly turned into barbeque sauce...researchers say that it seems to specifically be McDonalds Brand Tangy Barbeque Sauce. Mcdonalds has denied any relation to this situation."


Daniel stumbled around for his phone in a almost auto pilot like trance, and dialed Maya's number. She quickly answered.


"Yeah is everything okay?"

"Did the news..."

"No, why? Are you okay?"

"Watch the news."


Maya rose out of her bed and opened her lap top and quickly went to stream the local news where she saw everything that was unfolding. Her eyes widened much like Daniels did before shouting,



" HOW What the f-"

"What about the fish..."

Almost as if the universe was prepared for that question the news lady continued speaking to say, "Scientist have stated that for some reason the fish also have seemingly adapted to this new habitat and can now breath barbeque sauce."

"okay fish are fine." Russel said. He seemed calm and just overall shocked over the situation in such a way that he didnt even know what to do with his body.

While this was happening between the two, Daniel had woken up and was starting his morning routine. The first thing he did every morning was take a shower and this morning was no different. He got himself ready, and stepped into the shower, and turned on the faucet. I want to ask you a very personal question now. How would you feel if you turned on your faucet and instead of water pouring onto you, its McDonalds Brand Tangy Barbeque Sauce? I would say you probably wouldn't be too happy.

And Daniel was of course, not too happy himself. He screamed a bit more then a man of his stature really should at the sight of the barbeque sauce, and its sweat tangy goodness got into his mouth before he was able to get out of the shower. He quickly rushed to get a towel and clean himself off before picking up his phone and calling Russel.

"Oh it looks like Daniel is calling...gonna make this a group call. Hey Daniel."


"yeah it was Mcdonalds."


"The whole ocean is barbeque sauce Daniel!" Maya shouted into the phone.

"...okay yall better stop playing with me before-"

"Daniel check the news." Russel interrupted.

Daniel was silent for a moment over the phone for a few uncomfortably long seconds before he came back with a,


"WE DONT KNOW!" They both shouted back in unison.


And oh what little they really did know, for this was only the start of their problems...

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