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Hey two years ago i was tiktok cosplayer in a rp called the Renegades, and im continuing this now. You got a pirate OC who needs a new crew? Well come aboard our Renegade ship for some larson, arson, and punching people in the face.

Mercy stood on her ship, ocean air blowing her tangled curly hair all over the place. She was clearly nervous, as she was the youngest and last of the original Renegades. The old crew all retired from the sea to have a normal life. Captain Tulio had left her to be the new captain at only 18 years old. Of course she could not simply put up “Help Wanted” posters, they would have to go next to her “Wanted Dead” posters. She spread the word through her allies, and even some enemies, so now all she could do was wait.
I am interested!
Mercy Renegade (played by WondyWoman) Topic Starter

Evalyn Williams wrote:
I am interested!
(i shouldve written this down but you can just continue where i left off.) :)

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