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Today I was thinking a lot about my life and where it was going. I had been asked about what I wanted to do, where to be, all that kind of jazz out of nowhere at an interview yesterday. It can be a heavy topic for some but for me it lead to a question that was both entertaining and interesting.

If you were to have an autobiography written, filmed, or in some other form, what would it be called and why?

I’ll start:

My autobiography would be called “Split in two - A tale of wolf and spirit”, a series of short films focusing on how I create my view of the world by understanding wolves and exploring different philosophies. Alternatively “Make a damn decision - a retelling of too many ideas”, following the journey of how I have discovered many things but take to long to commit to any set of ideas lol.

Remember this is just for fun. Knock yourself out. Can’t wait to hear what yall come up with.

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I don't know what mine will be called, but I do know what my partner's will be called:

Waiting for Penholder.

Apparently, he insists that I take my sweet time getting ready in the morning or when we go out. He tells me all the time that he'll write an autobiography with this title.
"Oh God End My Suffering: I Must Kiss Dragons But They Don't Exist"

Self-explanatory, really.

Inside the book is nothing but a collage of beefy dragon women and all my fictional crushes.
"Waiting for another crusade"
I have thought of so many of these! I was the vain little child who very much wanted to become famous from journals... And who says I grew out of it..? Hahahaha! 😂 🙈 😆

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