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I joined a fun town-based RP on discord back around Christmas. Not too long later, I became an admin within that group.

Just yesterday, the group's creator and owner had to bail and rather suddenly handed the ownership of the group over to me. I have some ideas of things I'd like to add, but feel this may be one of those moments that could fracture the group if I'm not careful. It's not even particularly unstable. It's just that over the years I've seen a lot of RP groups fall apart. Probably anyone that's played group RPs for any real length of time has seen the same. They are fragile things and it's all too easy to unintentionally cause a mass exodus. Unfortunately, it's also easy to let them wither.

Has anyone found themselves in this position? Any advice on keeping a good balance between the creator's vision vs my own? Is now the perfect time to rock the boat or the worst?

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That's too vague for me to answer one way or another, but putting such concerns in a poll/anonymous survey to the group would be a nice gesture to make them feel heard, especially if they had no say in your promotion.
Yeah I second the suggestion of the poll. There may be things a lot of people dislike but felt like change was out of their grasp. Some of your radical ideas may be popular. And on the other hand, if players are attached to core aspects of the game, that would be useful knowledge before making any large scale changes.

I would also be open and honest that you weren't expecting to be in this position and are nervous. Players are more likely to cut you some slack if they know you're working things out.
Juls Topic Starter

Solid advice, I think. :) Crafting a poll now!

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