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Earl Ciel Phantomhive was throwing a party to celebrate the arrival of summer and the good weather.

He had sent many invitations out and was hoping for many visitors to join him at the feast.

With everything laid out and the beverages ready, he sent his ever so dutiful butler Sebastian, one hell of a butler, to ensure all went well during the event.

Around the household, whispers and giggles and hasty paces filled the many corridors and halls as the servants came to and fro cleaning and tidying and placing the final touches for a picture perfect manor, prepared to received the finest of guests.

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Ashuro (played anonymously)

A summer day. Beautiful. Shimmering skies, glowing clouds, twinkling leaves. Trees full of secret spiders, lakes full of swimming fish, earth full of little worms and bugs. A glorious season. Ashuro stepped lightly in their silvery slippers, so reminiscent of the golden leaves and silver webs, across a log. The log was brown, full of little bugs, so industrious. They were working away, making a home and food for themselves. Today, for Ashuro, was a day for play.

But then again, even playing could be turned into something good for later. They could get some food if they wanted to. They had heard about a party, and as someone with a status in strange societies, perhaps they would be interesting enough to the people in that mansion... That they could get in with a fake invitation? But no, the people of the high estate would probably not fall for that.
Insects hummed, and a hawk flew overhead. Ashuro squinted to see it. They smiled.

Walking back to their usual tree, as they had come from the market to deliver their apples there, Ashuro had climbed halfway up when they saw - a flash of white, up in a crevice. Strange. They cocked their head. That appeared... to be... paper.
They scrambled carefully up the tree, peeking into the little crevice of wood where the sometimes hung yarn to dry. There it was, a little slip of paper with the sturdiness of money well spent. They reached for it, hesitantly, and then curiously took it out. It was smooth and rich, a supple but thin envelope encasing cardstock, Ashuro discovered upon pulling out the contents.

It cordially invited them, Ashuro, to the party of Ciel Phantomhive! Earl! How grand! Why them, though, Ashuro wondered, shocked. "Thank you," they whispered happily, and threw down the invitation to scramble further into their tree and find their best neckwear. They would try to arrive in style! A clown of London! They snickered, and put on their silken pink band with the little green flowers, and their best neckerchief for a handkerchief. Smoothing their clothes and bringing a towel and some fresh-smelling leaves for a quick face wash in the water, they turned, winced, and grabbed the hastily-thrown invitation from the leafy mess of their tree nest. They tucked the invitation back into a pocket, safely, and prepared to leave.

Ashuro climbed back down the tree and washed their face. Peering at the reflected face in the water, and gazing into its eyes, Ashuro smiled, blinked, squinted, and crossed their eyes, so as to see it all in the reflection and make sure their face was okay. It was.

Ashuro stood, brushed the dirt off of their clothes, and then walked neatly across the log, one apple in hand, sans a bite, and one bite of apple in teeth. Making their way to the castle without a horse might be a little difficult, but... There was that guy on the edge of the city with some horses... Maybe Ashuro could borrow a nice steed from him?

They did manage to borrow a horse, with the promise of a performance and some help with training later in the summer, but the horse was a little bigger than they were used to. Still, it would do fine! They fed it a carrot, and then saved it half the apple for the rest of the ride. Galloping through the countryside was lovely - trotting was even better. They slowed to a canter when they got to cobblestone, but a fast pace in the damp dirt had been really relaxing.

Ashuro thought about their arrival as they neared the premises of the party.

They would ride into the gates with a stylish flourish, drop elegantly off the horse into a bow, and greet the young Earl and company with pleasure! For sure!

... Or, they would fall off their horse, drop into a roll, scare the horse, and probably have to have a bath before coming to the party. That poor butler. Ashuro sighed as they dusted themselves off, righting their hat and giving the horse the last bite of apple.
"Greetings," Ashuro said, awkwardly. "It's a pleasure to be invited. I apologize for the rough entry." They tried for a smile as they surveyed the area.

A handsome butler, beautiful servants, and an elegant Earl, all arrayed about a lovely mansion. Truly, these people were favored by luck! If such a thing existed. It was a very pretty place. Despite the awkwardness, Ashuro felt excited for the party.
SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS butler (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Sebastian Michaelis was an ever attentive butler at the service of the earl, having worked for Ciel Phantomhive for quite a long time.

He cut a rather fine figure with his impeccable uniform and polished manners. His eyes frequently gazing towards the gates to catch a glimpse of any arrivals and greet them properly.

His hair was black as a crow's feather, his eyes dark like the night, rather tall and well built; his voice was soft yet deep, his smile and company rather pleasant, even if one could feel the occasional unease around the very capable servant, given his darker side.

He caught sight of an approaching steed and swiftly made his way to the entrance to welcome the new arrival. No sooner the horse halted to allow the passenger to dismount, he quickly came to offer assistance.

"Welcome to the Phantomhive manor, my name is Sebastian, if you care to follow me, I shall guide you to the gardens where you can enjoy a drink and have a meal with the earl al fresco" greeted Sebastian happy to lead the way
Ashuro (played anonymously)

The butler was definitely handsome, and... Oh, good! Nobody was going to make Ashuro take a bath. Not that Ashuro didn't like a good bath, but - it was a little different when it was in the comfort of your own home, to when you were at some fancy mansion... Where you were invited rather mysteriously.

Ashuro smiled a vague smile at this thought. They made a polite curtsy to the butler, as they had learned to do in the last court which they attended as a performing artist, and then followed the mysterious fellow out to the gardens.

Ashuro gasped upon seeing the gardens. They'd expected richness, for sure, because this was an Earl; they'd expected lavish delights of greenery and flowers, yes, because this was high society; they'd even suspected that it would be beautiful, because these people probably had taste.

But this... Was amazing! Roses everywhere, in every color and shape and size that roses grew, and gigantic golden daisies, and all those lovely leaves everywhere... Which are of the garden would they be dining in, they wondered? What would the Earl be wearing? Would there be any birds? Who planted all these flowers?

They thought about asking the butler some of these questions, but he led them so quickly that they hardly dared.

As soon as they came to the place where they'd stop, Ashuro bowed deeply and waited for the butler to announce them, or do... Something.
SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS butler (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Sebastian dutifully brought the guest to the presence of Earl Ciel Phantomhive, bowing courteous before the young noble man and motioning him towards the new arrival.

"Ashuro has accepted your open invitation, my lord. They are usually in the entertainment trade, not too distant from the family's toy company" pointed out Sebastian, hinting at the topics that might be of common interest.

"Allow me to pour your beverage on this fine morning, a blend of freshly boiled Earl Grey tea with a touch of cinnamon for a sweeter, more exotic flavour" described Sebastian as he took the cups and saucers and brought them closer, taking up the kettle to pour the hot drink without spilling a drop.

"Would you like sugar with your tea? or do you prefer a dollop of honey instead?" asked Sebastian looking at Ashuro, not needing to ask Ciel for he already knew the lord's tastes very well indeed

One had to admit the hard work had paid off and the garden looked impeccable, as did the table layout, with bouquets of white and dark red roses adorning the table setting
CIEL PHANTOMHIVE earl (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Earl Ciel Phantomhive looked at Ashuro rather curious, in a discreet manner of course, so as to not make the guest feel uncomfortable.

The attire worn was rather unusual, as was the state of the guest, but he preferred not to draw attention to that, taking Sebastian's hint as to what to converse, should they run out of idle talk.

"Welcome to the Phantomhive manor.... I thank you for accepting the invitation. Please take a seat whilst the butler prepares us a light refreshment, have you travelled long?" asked Ciel curious wanting to know more about the guest and their tastes
Ashuro (played anonymously)

Ashuro was seated promptly, and smiled at Sebastian mischievously. They were indeed in the entertainment trade, but they wondered what the butler and his Earl knew of circuses. Surely not much...? But then again, people could surprise them sometimes, as they occasionally had in the past.
"Thank you for inviting me," Ashuro said politely. "I do believe I've enjoyed your Funtom products before! The stuffed animals produced there are quite amusing, and I saw a fair exhibit of yours some time ago. It's very charming." Ashuro droned a little, and peered at the tea. "That's lovely! Just smell that, it's very exotic... Oh, honey, please. That's so pretty!"

They pondered life and flowers as they stirred their tea, the little spoon clinking in the tea and its delicate tea cup. "What sort of acrobatics do you enjoy? I've heard that some royals are very inclined towards swimming." Ashuro sipped the tea.
CIEL PHANTOMHIVE earl (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Ciel cleared his throat briefly, considering the remark for a few moments.

"Nobility often favours sportsmanship that requires balance... hunting, horse riding, fencing come to mind. You need good footing to avoid injury, just like you entertainers require it when working at heights" mused Ciel formal and distant in the conversation but polite all the same, watching Sebastian add the honey and present them their tea cups.

Ciel grabbed the saucer and tea cup and took a silent sip without slurping the drink, of course, for manners were of the utmost importance.
"Will you be staying or do you plan to travel further away?" asked Ciel curious, well aware acrobats and entertainers travelled far and wide often, seeking crowds to build their riches

He had to admit that Sebastian had chosen the perfect day, the weather was warm without being suffocating, the light breeze was cool and refreshing without disturbing them and the place settings, not a cloud in sight and the birds singing in the background provided a light mood to the event.
Ashuro (played anonymously)

Ashuro looked on admiringly at the pretty young man who answered so carefully. When his own question reached them, Ashuro considered it a moment. "Well," they said, slowly, "I suppose if it's alright, I'd stay here. I don't have somewhere I was supposed to go after today, after all... I know it's not really dignified... But I sometimes like to sleep in fields and whatnot! Haha..." They grinned sheepishly, but they weren't really ashamed. It was just a pretty normal thing for them which they knew was unacceptable in some societies, and they weren't sure what made them mention it. Oh well, it was out there now. "Uh, all those things you mentioned sound really cool. I like... Horseback riding. I used to do it standing up... But then, I had a small accident and it's more difficult for me now. This, uh, this tea tastes great!" Ashuro beamed. They figured it was time to change the subject.

Looking at the shimmering sky, they thought about the ride there and what they might find on the way back. In the meantime, it was time to relax!
CIEL PHANTOMHIVE earl (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Ciel listened attentive to Ashuro a small smile drawn upon his face, as though the earl had no other duties to tend to besides the guest that had arrived
"All jobs have risks I suppose." agreed Ciel upon hearing of the riding accident.

Hearing Ashuro narrate and admit that they had no alternative accomodation or destination to return caused Ciel to consider the circumstances and the guest's eagerness to stay at the Phantomhive manor, nodding the head in acceptance and approval of the decision made.

"I shall have the maid prepare your rooms right away that you can settle comfortably, for as long as you require" nodded Ciel giving Sebastian a meaningful look to withdraw right away quickly and give the necessary instructions for Mey-Rin to ready the guest's quarters and some clothes to wear, prepare a warm bath and have it all ready for the honoured guest who had decided to accept the invitation.

Hopefully by the time the lavish dinner came, the guest would have a much more improved appearance altogether, be more rested and indulge in the meal all the more so.
MEY-RIN maid assassin (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Sebastian was efficient indeed, all it took was one look from lord Phantomhive to make himself scarce, rather quietly at that, without drawing attention upon himself and his menial affairs, so as to not disrupt the nobleman and his guest.

It would take about an hour later when Mey-Rin finally came over to the young earl and his guest Ashuro, making a hasty curtsy after almost forgetting her manners altogether, excited to be given a charge to watch over and guide throughout the grand manor.

"My name is Mey-Rin... I shall be your maid throughout your stay... if you would like to follow me indoors I shall guide you to your rooms, that you may rest" invited and prompted Mey-Rin a broad innocent smile upon her face, the large glasses concealing the look of the assassin hidden beneath a simpleton's looks, a maid's outfit.
Ashuro (played anonymously)

Ashuro sipped the last of their tea and did their best to bow gracefully. "Thank you for your kindness! Ah, I don't know if I ever said this, but thanks for inviting me!" They bowed once more. Ashuro also did their best to set their teacup properly onto the plate again.
Giving an awkward smile to the butler, they followed the maid with her cute, nervous face, and found themself inside a stunningly beautiful... House? Castle? Mansion? Ahh, so this was the inside of the manor! Carpets and wood, tile and stone, glittering crystal and soft silk... The whole place was a beautiful gem of comfort and richness. "It's uh, very well-appointed," said Ashuro, hesitantly, as they were led by the bashful girl to a bathroom. "Do you live here also? Is there anyone to talk to? I mean, maybe you're friends with the Earl or the butler?"
They stepped carefully out of their shoes and awkwardly scratched their leg with the toes of their other foot.
MEY-RIN maid assassin (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Mey-Rin smile broadly at the innocent question, nodding her head affirmatively when asked if she knew them or even lived there and proceeded to supply the requested information to the newly arrived guest.

"The butler is Sebastian Michaelis... one hell of a butler... he keeps the entire house in order and helps whenever needed" explained Mey-Rin

"The young lord Ciel Phantomhive... he can be a little stern at times but is very well educated and fair towards the castle staff" assured Mey-Rin

"All of us who work at the manor, live at the manor, so we can do our chores as needed, when needed, even throughout the night at times" smiled the young woman, selecting a fancy attire with all the accessories to match and laying it all out on the bed for the guest to wear

"As soon as you are ready, Sebastian will escort you to the dinner with the earl" smiled Mey-Rin making sure the bed was well made and the pillows fluffed up and ready, letting the guest some privacy and space to wash, change and prepare for the lavish meal
Ashuro (played anonymously)

Ashuro looked on curiously as the industrious young woman chattered about the houseguests. The clothes she had laid on the bed were bright but tasteful, with touches of lace here and there, or a flash of linen.

As Mey-Rin described the house staff and the goings-on of the manor, Ashuro listened quietly and nodded when they felt it was appropriate. They thanked Mey-Rin as she left the room, and then they quickly hopped into the bath, folding their dirtied clothes and making the decision to leave them on a chair. That would probably be fine; Ashuro could pick them up later when the time came to leave, or help out, or whatever they ended up doing here.

They scrubbed with the sweet floral soap, rinsed their hair, dunked beneath the surface and blew bubbles.

When they were done, they rinsed and dried, dressed, and put on the new accessories. Somehow, everything fit perfectly. When they were ready, Ashuro took a deep breath and stepped out, hoping to be led to a fine evening with royalty. After that, who knew? They didn't tend to look much further than the next night. This one, however, would be grand and they could think about the rest another time.

They went down the hallway.
SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS butler (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

As Mey-Rin brought the guest to the dinning room that had been laid out in a true Victorian regal fashion, with a six course meal and all the condiments and side dishes to pick from, Sebastian came to greet the young woman warmly and formally to give her a round of introductions

"Allow me to introduce you to the Viscount of Druitt, lord Alesteir Chamber" smiled Sebastian making a courtesy before the feisty, well dressed lord that flashed a warm if mischievous smile at Ashuro

Sebastian cleared his throat briefly and brought her to the next guest.

"This young man is lord Ash Landers, a personal attendant of queen Victoria" explained Sebastian in a low voice bringing Ashuro to the other invitees, like Ciel had tasked him to do

"Lord Karl Woodley is a banker of London city" explained Sebastian coming to the following guest.

"Lady Elizabeth Midford, a cousin of the earl Ciel Phantomhive" presented Sebastian at the well dressed, blonde that sported curls on her hair and a rather fancy dress

"This young fine woman here, is Irene Diaz... an actress brought to the party to sing us a few of her master pieces throughout the meal" explained Sebastian

"Last but not least, allow me to introduce you to earl Alois Trancy and his butler, mister Claude Faustus, he will be joining you at the head table shortly" explained Sebastian presenting the various guests, taking a step back and letting Alois speak to Ashuro

"Earl Trancy... this is Ashuro, our finest guest... she works in the entertainment business" explained Sebastian

"With your leave, I shall bring you some refreshments right away" excused Sebastian leaving them to talk to one another whilst he went to get a tray of champagne glasses, all filled and ready to be served
Ashuro (played anonymously)

As they were led about the beautiful ballroom, Ashuro did their best to curtsy and bow and nod as they were introduced, but they could hardly stop their eyes from wandering: Chandeliers, silks and satins, jewels of every kind, and all the beautifully elegant people.... They'd seen things like this time and time again, while working, but it never ceased to amaze them.

The lights dimmed and flickered and glowed, and delicious smells began to waft about the room; the world lit up with sensation as Ashuro stopped for a moment in the busy room.
When Sebastian brought the refreshments, Ashuro said "Thank you," with a little nod, and attempted to make conversation with the blonde Earl. "I'm pleased to meet you, Earl Trancy. I'm sure you must be very involved already, here at the party, but do you mind telling me a little about the society?" Ashuro asked curiously. "They seem, well, interesting, and kind, but... I'm unused to London in this sort of setting, so a friendly word of advice would be welcome."
Although his manner might have surprised them a little, not knowing what to expect just from the Earl's looks, they enjoyed making conversation with new people. Most experiences were positive to them no matter how strange.

As they sat down at the table, the steam of hot food and glistening glow of icy drinks was pretty and refreshing, and Ashurp was pleased to discover that it all tasted as delicious as it looked.

They looked around the table and saw some of the people to whom they'd been introduced earlier; that Viscount was very strange, but the Queen's attendant and the blonde Lady both seemed to be very nice.
They were glad they'd gotten to meet all of them. They'd been acquainted with one or two of the less-distinguished guests here before, in th entertainment industry, but most of them were new to Ashuro, and therefore doubly interesting to watch.
ALOIS TRANCY earl (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Alois Trancy was a blonde, rather proud, tall, good-looking and extravagantly wealthy nobleman that had decided to accept the invitation to the feast, even if it was just to meet those that the earl Phantomhive was mingling with as of late.

His blue eyes scanned over Ashuro and her rather wealthy attire, assuming her to be from a well-to-do family.
When she spoke to him, it confirmed his suspicion that she was not from London, perhaps from other parts of England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

Despite his appearance of impeccable formality, Earl Trancy had an overall relaxed mannerism, at times rather improper for a high born lord. He cracked a broad smile at her request for guidance and took a sip of his champagne.

"Why don't you come and stay with me, spend some days at my palace? Whilst earl Ciel Phantomhive is much too busy serving the queen and running the family business, I am much more wealthy and available. We could go riding, fishing, shopping, go to the Opera house and the theatre..." proposed Trancy rather keen to compete with Ciel for this woman's company and attentions

He briefly glanced at Claude who produced a formal invitation, golden lettered with Ashuro's name written, handing it to her.

"You need not decide right away, whenever you are ready, tell Sebastian and Claude will collect you and bring you home, if you prefer to wait" assured Alois to give her all the time she needed, accompanying her to the table where she could sit between Ciel and himself

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