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Nathaniel Myers (played anonymously)

Past partners have fallen through, but I really want to try to make this happen :')
I've reposted a few times, so maybe third time's the charm :)
This plot is inspired by an old partner who mused BT beautifully! I'm looking for anyone who'd be willing to play as a Titan for my Pilot! A pre-existing Titan, or one of your own creation (although BT would be 👌👌👌 *chef kiss*)
No Titanfall knowledge requred! Just be interested in big robots :^)

I have a Pilot OC who's mostly a wayfarer, he doesn't really associate with any one organization so he's pretty much just an explorer. More of a mercenary than anything LOL
My idea is that at some point, my Pilot got separated from his Titan and was left on his own. He later meets a stray Titan who has lost their Pilot, and the pair form a link in order to find their missing companions. The 'conclusion' to this search is that my Pilot's Titan was either destroyed, or perhaps the data core was stolen and essentially non-recoverable, similarly the stray Titan's Pilot was either killed or simply vanished- it's totally up to you. Feel free to get creative with it :)

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