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Hello everyone, thanks for taking an interest in my commission post!

I'm offering pay what you want anime/Manga style headshot commissions for a minimum of 5USD

No furry or Anthro characters please.

Lineart , Flat coloured or fully shaded.

Max of two orders per person

Must be paid in USD to my paypal Yes my currency Is NZD but people I buy stuff from use USD


Ø Please always credit me if you're going to upload anywhere

Ø If you're going to sell your character, please let me know, credit me for the art and don't sell for more than you paid.

Ø Only exception is if you add additional art of yours, of your character you're selling.

Ø If you want to put in a order on hold, feel free to do so, but I will only hold it for a max of 3 days (72 hours)

Ø Please be patient. If I have confirmed your order, I will finish it. It'll be finished within a day minimum and a week max.

Ø I will start on your order as soon as you pay. Sorry, unless you're someone I know, I won't draw unless you pay first. This is to insure no one runs off with my art without paying.

You can see my work on my DA page here <---- please click

These are what I'll be using for these commissions


If interested, please fill in this form

Character name: (if they have one)

Reference:Link your reference here

Colour palette: Link your colour palette here

Expression: List the expression you want e.g happy, sad, angry

Accessories/ Tattoo: (if any) Link to a ref of your accessories or tattoo if they're not already in the ref of you character

View: List whether you want front view, side view or 3/4 view
Type: Lineart flat coloured or fully coloured,


If you want to see more examples of my work, check out my DA here




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