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If I archive a message from someone who has ghosted, then they suddenly return. Are they able to message in the same conversation, or would they have to create a new conversation with me?
Kim Site Admin

They can message you in the same conversation.
Arekkusu Topic Starter

Okay, and will that remove the conversation from my archives and give me a notification that I have a new message?
Kim Site Admin

Yes :)
Kim Site Admin

Ditto if you delete the conversation, btw. Their response will remove it from the trash and notify you as normal.
Arekkusu Topic Starter

Awesome, thanks Kim.

A note on the PM archive function... I use it heavily as every time I reply to a message, I immediately ‘archive’ that message. That takes it out of my Inbox so only unreplied messages remain. When someone replies to one of my archived messages, it reappears in my Inbox. It’s a good organisational tool for me.

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