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"We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the dreams."
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Hey, it's Han! I'm back from a haitus due to a family emergency and I'm really itching for a good story. My characters are looking a bit lonely as well, so I think some social interaction could do them some good. This is mostly for 1x1s, but I won't turn down a small group (3 or 4 players max) My characters are mostly compatible in fantasy, medieval, adventure and slice of life type settings.Their relationships can be romantic or platonic and I'll have specific ideas that I would love to roleplay with them! The characters listed are my current cravings, but you are more than welcome to explore other characters on my profile and suggest ideas for them.

Please be able to write novella style! I tend to write anywhere from 3 to 6 paragraphs, sometimes more if I'm so inspired.

Original characters only! They can be freshly made or premade, but I'm not really comfortable writing with canon or fan characters.

Playing multiple characters is cool! Not necessary but playing more than one characters helps keep things fresh for me sometimes.
Adventure and Quests I love party dynamics and adventurous tasks that take them across the land. Great bonding opportunities.

Found Family Characters who bond and eventually begin to see themselves as family really makes my heart feel warm.

Royals Haven't done this in a while, but I'm kind of craving something with royals. I've got a new character in the ideas section to try out.


Ariella Sagewood
An escaped slave inflicted with a mystical disease promises a dying spirit to plant his last flower in a forgotten promised land.

Ariella Sagewood has only known life in chains. With the birth of the slave industry came the death of many wood elves and the loss of dreams for those who did not die under the whip of the eastern men. But even when her gentle nature was rewarded with scars instead of love, Ariella refused to let her dreams die. It wasn’t long before, in place of blood and bruises, flowers grew out of her wounds. Her kind deeds had not gone unnoticed.

Race: Wood Elf
Class: Alchemist / Healer
Age Range: Childhood
Role: The Heart / Support
Alignment: Neutral Good
Roles she could fit in:
Found Family: I love chosen family themes and she could use a nice home.
Healer Wanted: If a group setting needs a little healer, she could work!
In Need: A small girl could use a protector in this big scary world.
Best Virtues: Kind, sweet and insightful. A warmness that a cold heart could need.

Ideas & Current Cravings:
▹ Redeemed Villain + The One Thing stopping doomsday: I'm thinking either a character who looks scary (but is secretly a softie) or someone who is a genuine villain that little Ari befriended.
Sweet Pea + "Touch this child and I'll roll you like sushi": This little sweetie could really use someone to look after her.
▹ Hurt!Aggressive + Patient!Sweetie: I love when opposite personalities can get along, plus Ariella's gentle nature would allow her to be kind to characters that others may not be willing to be kind to.

Smol!Apprentice + Mage/Sorcerer/Wizard (Platonic): I dunno, I just thought that it could be sweet to have an older experienced mage or alchemist teach her a bit of magic and research!
Smol!Healer + Knight/Paladin (Platonic): Ariella is terrified of knights as part of her backstory, but it could be really sweet if she met a kind soul who could help her prove this fear wrong.
Smol!Orphan + Noble/Royal/Merchant (Platonic): Been thinking of this one for a while, it would basically be more of a slice of life setting where she's adopted into a kind family who can help with her traumas.


Olthuros Viamaro
A sweet minstrel with a silver string on his lute travels the old wild roads for lost stories to rekindle.

In a world filled with violence and greed, there is a humble bard who remains content by the souls of songs last heard in old quiet places. Kings fight over the weight of their crowns and the rights of their birth. And yet all Olthuros Viamaro has any desire for is the wonder of the wide spaces to roam and the discovery of the forgotten songs that men once sang.

Race: Half Elf
Class: Bard
Age Range: Teen to Young Adult
Role: The Dreamer / Support
Alignment: Neutral Good
Roles he could fit in:
Traveling Companion: If your character need company, Ollie would be a great fit.
Light Hearted: Sometimes you need a character who can see the light in anything!
Local Guide: He'd be a great fit for an adventure party, he knows his way around.
Best Virtues: Hopeful, gentle and creative. Very difficult to keep this bard down.

Ideas & Current Cravings:
Innocent!Happy x Moody!Protecc: I love opposites attract! So I just think it'd be so fun to pair him with a very grumpy character who eventually warms up to Ollie after some time.
Ray of Sunshine x Brat with a Heart of Gold: Olthuros is sweet but naive and that could lead him into all sorts of trouble. A character whose rough on the outside but has a good heart could be just what he needs.
▹ Big Scary x The One Person Scary Tolerates: A scary character who tolerates the shenanigans of this bard. I think yes!

Bard x Knight (MxM or MxNonB): Either the knight is forced to protect the bard for plot reasons or the two find themselves together in an adventure together, I'd really love to see how this would play out.
Bard x Rogue (MxM or MxNonB): A rogue who drags Ollie into (or maybe out of) all sorts of trouble, it honestly sounds great.
Bard x Noble/Royal (MxM or MxNonB): Olthuros is brought into a noble's/royal's court and somehow wins their favor through his sweet ballads and tales from his adventures. This could be a slice of life or lead to an adventure setting!


Sirvanaco Galandel
A powerful sorcerer bearing a sleeping god's seal must choose one to lay its curse on in order to save the many.

It was from the sands of Solantius that the first great Arcane Academy was born. It was founded by the king's most trusted advisors, the sun elves of the lesser House Galandel. In times where the mere concept of magic were far from understood and thus evoked fear from the populous, it was the sun elves of this honorable house that sought to dispel that. Sirvanco Galandel is no different in this eternal endeavor. Yet as the dusk of the king's reign sets and the dawn of a young prince rises, the arcane professor begins to find his loyalties divided once he discovers what his family was truly hiding with the construction of the university. Indeed, an old dawn has ended and now Professor Sirvanaco must decide the fate of one whose dawn must never come.

Race: Sun Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Age Range: Adult to Late Adult
Role: The Wise Man / Offense
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Roles he could fit in:
Wise Mentor: A sage inspired character who can can be an excellent teacher.
Found Family: Honestly, I think he has alot of potential to be a parental figure.
Mystic Creatures: He'd be great with working with magical creatures or mystic curses.
Best Virtues: Wise, patient and insightful. A steady companion once trust is earned.

Ideas & Current Cravings:
Tired Parent Energy x Equally Tired Parent Energy: I really love with two 'parent' characters team up and share their equal protective energy with other characters in the group.
Wise & Mysterious Tall + Curious Energy Bundle: I'd love to do this one. Basically, Sirvanaco pairing up with a more eager or hopeful character sounds so sweet, especially if they channel their natural curious energies together.
▹ "Imma go Kick Ass" x "Ok, be back before dinner": Gotta love those opposite attracts! Could bring some fun dynamics, both romantically or platonically.

▹ Idealist Royal x Realistic Right Hand (MxM): Here Sirvanaco would act as an advisor to an ambitious royal, giving sage advice during troubled times. Could remain platonic or become romantic, I'm fine with either!
▹ Smol!Monster + Sorcerer (Platonic): Would love to do this one. Basically, Sirvanaco attempts to banish a dangerous tome but ends up summoning the monster instead. Except the monster is a little magical tyke that he takes under his protection.


Inspector D'Alvarde
A monster hunter has his heart stolen by a cult and replaced by an ancient eldritch artifact.

Few care to talk of the dark, dangerous unknown where the eldrich horrors live. But the children of House D'Alvarde were practically raised on stories of sinister gods and snapping monsters who prey of the flesh of the living. And while these honorable monster hunters have long laid down their swords in the name of the King of the Sea, Alvaro D'Alvarde takes the mantle to avenge the terrible fates of three beloved ancestors. If only he had know the eldrich flesh that whispers his name would become an eternal part of him.

Race: Human
Class: Spellsword / Monster Hunter
Age Range: Early Adult to Adult
Role: The Hunter / Offense
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Roles he could fit in:
Mystical Creatures : Either hunting them or studying them, he has experience in both.
Unphased: Dark monsters and talk of the eldrich doesn't bother him; he's hard to scare.
Voice of Reason: In group party settings, he's sensitive towards otherworldly auras.
Best Virtues: Determined, calm and self controlled. A valued ally and a dangerous foe.

Ideas & Current Cravings:
Realist x Idealist: They clash a lot but learn to appreciate each other's point of view; I'd like to think there'd be something they could learn from each other!
▹ "You must be so tired." x "I am, please help me": He really could use someone who would not be understanding to his situation but also be there to let him know he can relax for once in his life.

Hunter x Prey (MxM or MxF) (MxM or MxF): : A pretty simple concept that could lead to many situations!
Inquisitor x Dark!Lord/Lady (MxM or MxF): The idea would be that D'Alvarde would be forced to serve a dark ruler oppressing a monster race due to his knowledge of dark creatures. Could be either a fun redemption or corruption arc for either character!
▹ Smol!Witch x Hunter (Platonic): The Inspector is tasked in stopping a witch who has been causing distress, only to find its a helpless child. Instead of harming this character, D'Alvarde decides to protect them.


This section is loose concepts for characters that I've been meaning to create a profile for! Maybe I can find someone who'd be interesting in these and that'd give me the inspiration to make them into fully fledged characters. I'll update this regularly and notify when I have a new concept, but here's the two ideas I have in the meantime!

▹ A prince is wrongly accused and executed, but a deity grants him pity. Instead of moving his soul into the afterlife, he's placed within the body of a fearsome monster in order to seek his revenge. This could either be a redemption or corruption arc! (Any pairing)
▹ A princess is created from a goddess' favorite moments in history and sought after for lost knowledge. Perhaps by an evil monarch or a secret society looking for lost secrets. (Either Platonic if the princess is a child or a MxF setting if this is an adult character).

Magic 90%
Magic is very common. Magic-tech, grand floating islands, forests that sing, magical creatures may be an every-day occurrence.
Technology 30%
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.
Romance 40%
Romance is slightly desired, but the overall plot is more important.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

this is interesting
I am interested. Especially in Ariella, since one of my OC-s (who is also one of my mains) is a pharmacist/herbalist.
I'm interested! I might use a OC though.
I'll do the Smol!Witch with D'Alvarde. My character Alexa is perfect for it.
Isolus Topic Starter

Glitchy_Ganz wrote:
I'll do the Smol!Witch with D'Alvarde. My character Alexa is perfect for it.

Great! Feel free to shoot me a PM
Isolus Topic Starter

AgateTurtle wrote:
I am interested. Especially in Ariella, since one of my OC-s (who is also one of my mains) is a pharmacist/herbalist.

Perfect, shoot me a PM whenever you have a chance.
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Scarletwolf wrote:
this is interesting

Feel free to shoot a PM with what you’re interested in!
Isolus wrote:
Scarletwolf wrote:
this is interesting

Feel free to shoot a PM with what you’re interested in!

Isolus wrote:
AgateTurtle wrote:
I am interested. Especially in Ariella, since one of my OC-s (who is also one of my mains) is a pharmacist/herbalist.

Perfect, shoot me a PM whenever you have a chance.

Ok, PM sent.

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