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Narration (played anonymously)

Hi everyone.

I decided to make this thread so that we didn't need to use the LFRP thread to communicate. If you have any questions or want to banter, you can do so here (alternatively you can send a DM if you're plotting something IC or are not sure you want to share with everyone.)
Rene (played by Leighoflight)

Highly suspicious of that giant rock >.>
Don't we have an OOC section on the forum post? I thought I read a post here asking people to use it and not post OOC threads in here anymore?

For reference: There's a tab at the top of RP threads that lets you switch to OOC. Why don't we just use that?
Narration (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Oh! I wasn't aware of that. I'm not sure I like the way that the tabs are laid out, though. I know it now that the IC only/OOC only tabs can be selected for viewing but I don't like the overall clutter to the thread it may cause. Maybe we should make a DM OOC thread? Or we could use the tabs anyway. I'm down with whatever is preferred. (I'll probably have to add a post in the IC forum in case folks aren't looking at this one to ask, too)

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