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Story here: , details below.

Hiya, its me, Eclipse. Since I havent gotten any new rp's off the ground in quite some time, plus I hadn't had any success getting the kind of feeling I wanted from my fantasy RP's, I decided to try writing a story. But a little bit differently than normal, since I wrote it like I normally write RP's, and tried to avoid just going with all literary conventions, and instead wanted to just focus on writing how I like and how I feel comfortable with. Its a high fantasy story in my Heartlands setting, focused (at least for the moment) on the Sylvan-Dwarrow conflict, though it can border on slice-of-life at times as well.

I've been on vacation in Iceland the last few days and I've gotten alot of writing done because, what else am I going to do in the car? Plus, seeing all the sights helps the creative juices flow, I guess. I did have an incident where I lost ten hours of work because of file corruption... But I've put in more than ten hours of work since then, so I have almost 30 pages now. Probably more in a couple days, the longest drive of the trip is tomorrow, and I'll have lots of time to write.

Of course, since its an 'rp with myself' so to speak, that means nobody gets to see it... I understand that likely alot of people wont be interested so I don't want to just spam all my friends asking them to read it all the time. But I figured that if anyone would be interested in reading it, they would probably be here, right?

I always struggle to write characters with their intended personalities, they always just kinda end up doing their own thing. I know that might sound like they take on a life of their own or something but all that really means is all the characters end up acting like eachother, but I've been doing my best to make them more distinct now, and I think I've done at least a passable job. It's been a real focus of writing for me, and I've kinda tailored the story around trying to show their personality traits without just telling you them.

If anybody does decide to read it. I'd love to know, in particular what your interpretations of the characters are. What you think their personalities are, how old you might guess they are, etc. (and no cheating by looking at my profile!). Also, if you have any suggestions for a name for the first part... I did put something in but its just a placeholder until I come up with something better. Also if you want to actually know more about the setting than I could fit in with exposition, I do have a site that holds alot of backstory and stuff too... But the stories already long enough so I don't plan to post that unless its asked for.

Last note, a bit of the formatting was messed up when putting it on google docs... Some things that should be italicized arent as a result, and its possible some other places may be slightly

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