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Hello, I know we are now able to move or copy entire threads, but would it be possible to move specific user posts in a group or to be able to duplicate them?

I would see this function being useful for those of us who run groups so that we didn't need to archive or move an entire thread when one or more players become inactive, but we could remove the specific posts of inactive players and start a new thread for them to continue. This would leave the original thread undisturbed for the GM/DM and active players. :)

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Kim Site Admin

Just to make sure I understand -- is this a request for a "split" function, where one post within a topic becomes its own topic starter?
Falyn Topic Starter

Yes, would it be possible to split posts from a thread or topic it was started on? :)
Kim Site Admin

Yes! The main site mods actually have this, it's just so rarely used it never quite migrated to groups. I'll put it somewhere on the expansion list. :)
Falyn Topic Starter

Thank-you very much, Kim! :)
Falyn Topic Starter

Bumping this, I still feel it's needed for groups. :)

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