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EDIT: Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate all the input!!! It was super helpful! <3

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FWIW I like the lighter as it appears more subtle.
Claine Moderator

Sorry I'm going to have to swing the other way, I like the contrast of the black!

Both are incredibly good though!
Black looks better; a white background doesn't go great with a character that is very light/white themselves because it washes them out and makes them blend in with what's going on behind them. The wings and horn end up looking like part of the background instead of part of the character on the white one.

A dark/black background seems to be a standard for adopts since it puts the emphasis on the character. Most (professional) adopts on places like Deviantart use it for that reason.
I think I enjoy the black background more, as it helps contrast the character and make it discernible from the background. If you were to use the white background, I suggest either saturating or increasing the darkness and contrast on the character by just a little. I love them both, though! Very pastel and wonderful style. <3 :D
I personally love both, but lean towards black background one because black makes all details pop more.

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