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The sky over Gotham was dark. The stars blocked out by a layer of clouds over the city, and the moon's light only barely visible through the clouds. The air was humid, but cool. All in all, a fairly average night for Gotham City. Apart from the eight foot long giant insect shooting through the air.

The insects wings were a greenish yellow and were blurred by the rapid movements they made. Its skin, not exoskeleton, skin, was a shade of olive green. It's forelimbs ended in triple digited hands, it's mid limbs being shaped similarly to a praying mantis's, and its final set simply being a triple jointed set of limbs ending in a point. In place of a proper abdomen was a long tail ending in a roughly shield shaped razor sharp stinger. Its head had a proper mouth, with jagged yellowed teeth. Sticking off the sides of its head were four eye stalks, ending in orange eyes. A pair of small antenna poked out of its forehead. It wore a black and white body suit that left its four back limbs uncovered. There was an odd circular hour glass like emblem attached to the cap on the forehead, between its antennae.

The gargantuan bug was quickly approaching Wayne Manor, before the emblem began to flash red. "Oh come on!" The insect blurted. "Please gimme some time to land first!" It added. The insect lowered down, closer to the ground. There was a sudden bright red flash, and the massive bug was now a 14 year old girl. She yelped as she fell, managing to land on her feet, though her momentum kept her going forward for a few feet before coming to a stop at the door. She wore a black and white sleeveless turtle neck top, jogging capris, and regular sneakers. The top was made of the same material as the giant bug's attire. Her complexion was tanned, and coated in freckles, and her red hair was kept in a pair of low pigtails, apart from her bangs which hung just above her face. On her left wrist was some kind of arm band with the same hour glass symbol from the insect on it.

"HA HA! I DID IT!" She yelped, before tensing and looking back to the manor. She waited a moment as though she expected something to happen. When nothing did, she let out a relieved sigh. "Ok, didn't wake any body up doing that." She said. She dug the house keys she had been given out of her pocket, and unlocked the door. She quietly stepped inside, closing and relocking the door as silently as she could. The girl made her way through the dark living room of the manor to the stairs, before a light suddenly flipped on. She froze as she heard a voice. "And where have you been?" The voice asked, a slight English accent to it. The girl turned to see Bruce Wayne, her foster dad, and his butler Alfred, both sitting in the living room. "I.... was... getting a midnight snack. I've been studying all night for that test tomorrow, got kinda hungry and came down to get something to eat." She lied, as Alfred raised a brow. "Is that so?" He asked. At this point the girl had been on summer vacation for about a week. "Yup! But I've eaten, and it's pretty late, so I'm gonna get to bed now." She added, moving to go up the stairs. The emblem on the armband, it's buttons, and the four tubes connected to it were all red, rather obviously indicating its use earlier.

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Falderan (played by Dreath)

"A pretty long and tricky snack then for that to happen." Bruce speaks up and points to the Omnitrix. "Wouldn't be so much as an ant you'd need to fight off there unless Alfred is slacking." Alfred rolls his eyes at Bruce's remark. "So Jackie." Brutce continues as Jackie slows. "Want to explain again or go to bed wondering what I'll say in the morning?" Alfred indicates for a chair by the fireplace. The rooms gothic interior was lit by a single lamp. It seemed remarkebly out of place in the current day and age but that was Gotham. A dark city that mixed strange nightmares with spurling cityscapes like Metropolis.
"Shall I put some tea on Sir for you and Miss Jackie's discussion?" Bruce shakes his head.
"No thanks Alfred. You can call in for the night if you wish." Alfred nods.
"As you wish Sir. Oh and Miss Jackie. If dinner is not enough you can always ask me to whip something up for you if peckish." He says through his usual proper tone. But the faintest spark of sarcasm behind the words. Bruce cocked a smirk at the remark as he watched Jackie to come over. Alfred soon upstairs and gone to his room.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Jackie sighed before going over and taking a seat. "It wasn't really that big deal." She began. "I was just wanting to figure out how this thing works a bit more." She added, looking at the Omnitrix. "I know you and Alfred told me not to mess with it since we don't know everything about it, but we aren't going to figure anything else out about it if we just leave it alone. Besides it's not like it's coming off any time soon." Jackie said. They'd already tried removing it. Simply sliding it off didn't work, and caused it to spark slightly. Even though the material didn't feel very hard, any attempts to cut if off resulted in the blade of whatever knife or saw or whatever being broken, with the watch not even having a scratch on it.

"Besides, maybe if I figure this thing out maybe I could help the Batman or something. I'm sure he'd like some back up dealing with some of the freaks in this town." Jackie added, un aware of her foster father's secret.

Elsewhere in Gotham, a man crossed the stone bridge leading to Arkham asylum. A dark mass could be seen moving across the water beneath the bridge, following the man. The man's skin was a sickly green color. He long, unkempt white hair. He wore a grey tank top and brown pants with knee high black boots. He wore a pair of black gloves whose cuffs went up about half his fore arm. He wore an odd helmet. It was made up of a hard hat with a pair of horns jutting from the forehead of the helmet. They were tipped with what appeared to be a pair of red lights, that had wires coming from them that wrapped around the horns. The helmet had some headphones that had a wire running down to a contraption strapped to his chest by a harness.

The man opened the gates to Arkham before heading inside. "Excuse me, I am here to visit an inmate by the name of Kirk Langstrom." The man said approaching the front desk of the asylum.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"And those 'Freaks' are the very reason you shouldn't be out on your own like that." Bruce stared her down. Unblinking as he watched her responses. "Why would you think Batman would see you out there and just take you on? Some super hero internship? You can't just rock up temporarily as a big monster and expect to be able to handle any situation. You don't even have gym training much less the ability to fight or protect people or yourself." Bruce pauses and takes a deep breath. Seeing Jackie squirm mildly. "What form anyway?" He asks in a softer tone.

The attendant at the desk was a young bald man in his early twenties. He wore a white coat and sat behind a computer. A pair of security guards stood by the door. Eyeing the newcomer cautiously. Tasers being fondled at the strange man.
"You are here to Visit Mr. Langstrom?" His eye perks up at the odd gettup. "Can I get your name Sir?"
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Well gym training doesn't really matter when you're a shapeshifting rock, a fire breathing rock, or a 13 foot tall four armed bullet proof lady who can throw a car." Jackie retorted. "Stinkbug." She said. "It was just a car chase, so it's not like I was fighting Joker or Bane or anything. It was just some guys who stole from a jewelry store, I caught up to them, gooped up their guns and took their car's engine out. Y'know I'm surprised how easily Stinkbug's stinger cuts through metal. Only thing it doesn't really go through easily is concrete-" She began before noticing Bruce's stern look. "Right not the point." She added

"Doctor Aloysius James Animo." The man answered. Animo didn't seem particularly intimidated or bothered by the security guards. Honestly he seemed more annoyed that he had to hassle with this process.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"Did you know they weren't involved before you went out there? And your physical activity isn't so much the problem as your skills. You're not trained to know how to fight apart from the natural abilities of those forms. And then there's the timer." He points to the red glow. "You may be fine in form but what happens if it timed out in a firefight? In a moment when you're in the air?" Bruce shrugged his shoulders.

"One moment." The secretary picks up a phone. A voice ca narrowly be heard o the other side. "Yea a Doctor Animo. Has an odd hat." The faint crackle of tone is heard on the other end. "Ok then." The man hangs up. "I need you to sign this and then you'll be escorted down the hall to speak with Mr. Langstrom. He's being retrieved now." He says handing Animo a clipboard and pen. Including a simple form regarding his reason for visiting, name and signiture.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"I mean, Bane and Joker are both kinda obvious, so I figured they weren't." She said. She got quiet when Bruce asked about what she'd do when the watch times out. "I'm still trying to figure that bit out." She said sheepishly.

"Finally." Animo grumbled. He filled out the paper work, before one of the guards headed off with Animo. The Guard that remained was lost in thought. He could've sworn he heard the name Animo before, then it clicked. "Hey I think that guy arrested not too long ago..." He said. "Over in Washington DC." He added.

"So what's up with the goofy look'n hat?" Asked the Guard Animo was with. "It's not a hat. It's an advanced piece of technology. I call it the Transmodulator Mark 2.1." Animo began, reaching up and turning the dial on his chest. "A slight improvement over the Mark 2, capable of generating mutations on the genetic level in any being caught in its blast. Unfortunately I had to remove my favorite feature, reviving long dead cells. It was simply too energy intensive. However, in its place I made an offense feature." Animo said, turning to the guard. The ends of the horns on his helmet lit up, before a beam blasted out, hitting the Guard in the chest and throwing him across the hall, knocking him out. Animo cackeld to himself walking over and swiping the Guard's keys.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"And that's why you'd never find yourself out there as a 'hero'." Bruce shakes his heat. "You need to think things through. If you don't have a plan for things going wrong, and they will go wrong, you'll quickly find yourself in danger. Or potentially worse." Bruce stared at Jackie and the device. "Until you can think more ahead for that. I don't want you using that outside of the manor. Even if you stay safe people could notice strange creatures heading to Wayne Manor. Not the easiest thing to explain." Bruce smiles as walks over to Jackie. Placing a hand on her should and giving a pat.

Making a break for it the commotion was overheard by a nurse. Seeing the frantic running of Animo down the hallway she quickly made her way to a phone on the wall. Lacking a dial but having four numbers it was more like an intercom. Setting it to broadcast she announces what she saw.
"Escapee in East Corridor. I repeat escapee. Security needed." Several other security quickly moved past and ahead one confronted Animo. Drawing a taser he demanded he madman stop.
"Stop right there!" He exclaimed lining the shot.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Jackie sighed as Bruce spoke. She looked at the floor. "Ok." She said. Eventually she got up and headed upstairs. "Goodnight." She said, before heading to her room. She went to her room and plopped down on her bed. She sighed, staring up at the ceiling, before she perked. "Think things through...." She repeated, pulling the Omnitrix into view. It was still in the red currently, but an idea popped into her head.

Not long after Jackie went to her room, the Batwave would go off. When Bruce checked the small, phone-like device, it would read off about a break in at Arkham.

Animo turned to the guard. With another shot from his horns, the guard was thrown across the corridor. He turned and continued on. He stopped abruptly when there was a sudden squeaking. He looked down to see a rat at his feet, letting out squeaks at him. "My sincerest apologies. I hadn't realized you were there." He said, stepping over the rat to continue, before pausing. Having some back up inside would be useful. And his typical minion, Moose, was simply too large to fit inside the asylum's corridors.

Animo turned back to the rat. "I have a proposition for you my little friend. How would you like a steady source of food and a safe place to stay?" Animo asked, before the rat seemingly squeaked in response. "Perfect. Fair warning, this may tingle a bit." Animo said, adjusting the dial on his harness. Soon another guard came down the corridor, aiming his taser.

"HANDS IN THE AIR!" He demanded. The rat let out a series of squeaks. "Did he now? Well, this will be the perfect chance to get revenge for that attempted poisoning." Animo said, as he glanced to the guard, before grinning. The horns fired another beam, this time at the rat. The rat let out a surprised squeak, before it rapidly began to change. It grew to the size of a great Dane, growing two extra pairs of eyes as its limbs lengthened. A pair of small tusks grew from its lower jaw.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

The brief message sent him into action. Once Jackie was well and truely gone Bruce quickly moved over to the grandfather clock sitting by a fern by the wall. It ticked along and the heavy swing was noticeable within. Bruce pushed down along the rim of the wooden framing by the clock face. It pushed in. Followed up by the centre of the clock face. Pushing in the joint. A fait piston sound came out and the floor below Bruce descended. Wooden panelling moving aside and in a moment Bruce was gone and a pair of identical panels slid out to fill the gap.

The mutated rat let out a shriek. Resembling a hellish cross of rat and boar it charged the men enraptured with being larger and now more predator than prey.
"The h." One man cried before shooting. The taser rounds hit the hid and had no effect. The mutant struck him slamming him into a wall. Another was smacked by the tusk and the whip like tail swung around. Like a cable it slammed into him. The rat seemed confused and unused to it's new strength as it ran off down the halls. Senses filled with strange scents including that of the kitchen and it's food stores. Remaining guards panicked and ran when the horror approached them, unaware of it's motives.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

The bat cave was dark and quiet as always, the only noise coming from the handful of bats that roosted in it. When the elevator came to a stop, the doors opened allowing Bruce inside. Not far from the elevator was a case with the bat suit in it. Another case with a bat suit was next to it, though this bat suit was white and the cowl covered the entire face. Lastly was the massive mechanical 'Bat-Bot' Bruce had used to fight Bane.

"Ahem!" Animo called out, as the Rat paused and looked back to him. "We're going this way." He said. The Rat glanced down the direction it was going, before turning to follow Animo as he continued on. "You need a name. How does 'Julia' sound?" Animo asked. The rat let out a grunt. "Good, Julia it is then." Animo said.

It wasn't long before Animo and Julia arrived where they were supposed to meet Langstrom for the visit. The two guards readied their tasers, before Julia came into view. "What is that?" One asked, only to get blasted by Animo. The other took aim, beofre Julia lunged forward. She grabbed him by the arm before lobbing him across the room. Animo approached the sitting area for the meetings. "Hello, Dr. Langstrom. Long time no see." Animo said.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Specilist equipment unneeded Bruce chose the regular suit. Entering a passcode the case opened and the suit was presented to him. At this stage Bruce could get changed in mere moments. It barely took thought the amount of times he had practiced it. A couple minutes and he was suited. Dark suit on he leapt down to his garage. The Batmobile, a fierce and well designed vehicle opened up as he arrived and in a swift motion he was off. The back engines flared to life as Batman shot away. Blasting down the dark tunnel and towards his goal or Arkham Asylum.

Langstrom was a decreped old man. Sickly looking and thin to the point it would seem a breeze could knock him down. He was amazed guards hadn't taken him back to his sell when he heard the alarms. He sat for a moment in mild disbelief.
"Aloysius it really is you." He said intriguied. He quickly noticed the large, mutant rat beside him and unconcious guards. "I see your studies have been fruitful."
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"You have no idea." Animo said as he fiddled with the key's he swiped. He glanced to Julia. "Keep an eye out for any of those guards." He said. "Read in some news papers your studies were rather successful as well. You really couldn't think of a better name than 'Man-Bat'?" Animo asked as he unlocked the door. "Let's go, before Gotham's other Bat shows up." Animo said, motioning for Langstrom to follow him.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"A man in the form of a bat. A new genus would require further study before I give a name to it." He says walking over to the door. His steps were hesitant. Weak from his conditions. "He'll already be on his way." Langstrom adds to the comment of the 'other bat'. "What's your escape plan?"
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"You remember my frog, Moose?" Animo asked as they headed out. Langstrom would be able to remember Moose as Animo's pet from back when they worked together with another scientist named Andrew Jensen. "He's our ticket out of here." Animo added as they headed back the way Animo came. Between Julia, and Animo's blasts, any guards that tried to stop them were made short work of. It wasn't long before the three had come out through the entrance.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Langhstrom was confused. He went to speak before quickly putting two and two together.
"You got your theorum to work? Exalerated evolution? Is that the results of that rodent?" He pondered following as best he could. "I hope you've thought this through Aloysius. It's far from perfect." Lanstrom says as they exit the building. The chill of the night air on them for a moment before Langstrom pauses. "Do you hear that?" He says looking up to the rooftops of the courtyard. A residual ability from his mutation. "Oh no." As Animo came out a metallic clang hit the ground before him stopping him in his stride. As the object came to a stop it's form could be seen. A metallic shurikan like weapon in the shape of a bat and before he could respond a black drapped figure appeared before him. Gliding down from the rooftop and launching a kick at his head.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Animo grinned when Langstrom pieced together what was going on. "Yes, I have. I've made vast improvements on my Transmodulator's technology from the mark 1. I'd be happy to go into the details once we get to my hideout. I don't want to be here any longer than necessary." Animo said.

Julia let out a hiss, her hair standing up when they came out. Animo staggered back when the shuriken stuck into the ground. He didn't get a chance to react before he was kicked and sent flying back. Before Batman could do much else, Julia's tail whipped into his side, throwing him back. Animo landed with a thud, before sitting up. He removed his helmet to inspect it, before snarling. "Do you have any idea how delicate this equipment is?!" Animo snapped, putting it back on. "Didn't realize he was this fast." Animo grumbled as he got up, rubbing his head. He scowled. He held his fingers to his mouth before letting out a loud whistle. "We need to get out of here. Now." Animo said, not intending to stay to fight Batman, even more so as the flashing lights of police cars could be seen in the distance.

A dark shape appeared in the waters that surrounded Arkham. The water exploded out as a gargantuan shape shot out. It landed on the ground of the courtyard, not far from the entrance to the asylum. The creature was a humongous frog. The frog was easily the size of a truck, and likely just as heavy. It had four red eyes, and two pairs of horns on its head, two large ones jutting out of the sides of its head, and two smaller ones poking off the top. It let out a deep croak, with everyone present able to feel the vibrations of the sound.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Gotham's dark vigilante stared on in a mix of surprise and fasination with the form of the frog that joined the rat. The man with the strange headpiece that seemed to control the beasts looked enraged and panicked. Rushing to the frog with Langstrom. Swinging out his wrist a bat shaped hook on string shot out. Looping around Amino's leg and pulling him down as he pulled back. Before he could wheel in the man like a fish the rodent known as Julia leapt at the crusader. Narrowlely being dodged the animal bit through the hardened thread with ease. Surprised Batman leapt back as the rat bared it's fangs. Langstrom took the moment to reach the frog and climbed up. Preparing Batman took out a small inch wide disk and tossed it at the frog. It attached to it's thick hide and went unnoticed by the others nor the beast.
Jackie Layci Corazz (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

The Frog wore a sort of harness with two sets of handles to grab onto, most likely to keep Animo and who ever else is with him from being thrown off when the Frog jumped. The Frog let out another bassy croak, before its mouth opened and its tongue launched out at Batman. Though he managed to narrowly avoid it, the tongue hit the wall of the asylum, crashing through it as though it were a wrecking ball. With the Frog and Julia keeping Batman busy, Animo got to his feet and clambered onto the Frog. He dug into the bag he had before pulling out a pair of rebreathers. He handed one to Langstrom.

As Animo got on the Frog, it lashed its tongue out, demolishing more of asylum wall or courtyard as Batman avoided it, and Julia's attacks. "Hold on tight. Moose's jumps carry quite the kick." Animo said to Langstrom, before looking to Julia. "We're leaving!" He shouted to her. He looked down to the Frog. "Moose, to the water." He said. Moost turned, before rocketing into the air higher than one would expect something of his size to be able to do. It dived into the water before swimming off. Julia glanced at the Batman, before following, leaping into the water as well.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Glaring at the escapees Batman grapled up the wall as police entered. Looking at the damage in shock as they wondered what caused such destruction yet seemed to dissapear? Batman watched from above as the figures dissapeared into the night. He stared over to his gauntlet. A blinking light followed out from where the toad went. It brought up a reading of nearly a thousand meters before fizzing out and going blank. Realizing he'd need a stronger computer Batman watched the police enter. Seeing who is leading the operation before leaving as mysteriously as he arrived

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