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Lexi (played by Lucretire)

It was a curious looking establishment hidden in the back end of a large and ritzy downtown boulevard. Tall, dark marble pillars with stark white veining stood underneath a large red awning that led to the double-doored and brass-lined glass entrance; bushy plants were placed strategically beside the doorway in gold-plated urns to embody a classy, welcoming feel. The wide, clear windows looking into the shop had various mythical beasts etched onto the panes: a phoenix, a vampire with dripping fangs, a howling gray werewolf lit by the light of the moon, and a griffin poised and ready to strike at its prey. Blue neon lights took the shape of gradually spreading wings against the sign's dark backdrop. They framed the name of the bar, written in swirling pink and yellow letters: 'The Hollow's Tale Bar.' A martini glass would light up above the letters each time the "wings" reached their full vertical span.

For anyone who started to approach the store, a sign sat in the window for all curious passersby to see: CURRENTLY HIRING! ASK BARTENDER FOR DETAILS!

The inside was a chandeliered area with modern, elegant influences: two flat-screen TVs hung on opposite walls, flashing various pictures over the jet-lacquered wooden tables and chairs that were strewn about in an orderly fashion to contrast the white tiles and red carpet. More potted ferns lined the painted walls, thin and deep black lines sketching out scenes of the city, people, and... Creatures? Yes, the walls had a hidden fantasy underground motif, monsters of all types artfully mixed in behind the sketchy buildings and talking with the human like shapes. Underneath the monochrome murals were low, glass-cased shelves with various amounts of pictures and memorabilia laced among them. Every photo seemed to depict the same person alongside a multitude of other people, mostly famous bar patrons.

The carpet itself led up to the centerpiece of the establishment: a long, fully stocked bar with many brews and non-alcoholic drinks on tap. Bottles of wine, whiskey, brandy, and the like lined the mahogany shelves behind it, their reflections standing proud against the mirrored wall. Large and sleek swiveling bar-stools lined with crimson velvet were bolted in single file, the small chair backs facing away from the polished sable bar. A small kitchen was close by to the left, a deep smell of cooking chicken and beef coming from within. It was your usual fancy stop for nice food, fine wine, and a decent chat, a place to schmooze, flirt, and converse with others...

And the bartender on deck is in the back. A lone dark-skinned woman ties a small ivory apron around her waist in the bar's backroom, muttering about her current work.

"Ugh! I don' pay m'self enough for this $%@&," she gripes as she rubs her gloved hands in a massaging manner, cracking her knuckles one by one. She gives a quick glance in the direction of a nearby mirror to make sure her pitch-colored miniskirt and white work shirt were semi-presentable. "I should be out havin' th' time of my damn life, but no, gotta work that overtime..." She bends back to crack her spine, an odd sound coming from someone so young. She takes her time strolling back to her spot behind the bar, the heels of her slick black pumps clacking along the tiles as she passes through the staff room door.

"Time to hit the barside again," she mutters to herself, snatching a towel from underneath the counter. As she picks up a glass to polish, the door opens, the shop bell ringing loud enough to catch her attention. She looks up at her next customer and gives the usual trained greeting, her voice trying to be as pleasant as possible despite her urban tones.

"Welcome to Th' Hollow's Tale. What can I get f'r ya?"

OOC: Welcome to the Hollow's Tale, a nexus-style bar/pub that welcomes all types! Vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, aliens, elves, dwarves, drow, deities, original species, humans who do or don't know about their existence, etc., etc.... Everyone from any realm or timeline is welcome here! It's not like the owner's gonna ask questions unless you somehow manage to catch their interest.

I've done a previous version of this, but I had to close it down for a long while. But since it was a big hit back in my early days of RPR, I want to reopen the doors of The Hollow's Tale and see where things go this time around!

But, I have to set a rule or two so things won't get out of hand.

1. If you want to join the fun, jump on in! Everyone from any realm, genre, or timeline is welcome here, as long as there's a reasonable explanation given!

2. RPR's rules still apply, so the bar stays PG-13ish! Take any gory or NSFW scenes to a PM, and return once it's over.

3. No godmodding/twinking/powerplay. If a fight is to break out, no auto-hits. (Ex. Character A takes Character B's arm and twists it, shattering the bone.) Freeform or dice-roll/character sheet mechanics are to be decided among fight participants (preferably via OOC chat to avoid cluttering the RP) to keep things fair.

4. If you have to stop RPing for an extended period of time, please make an exit. Don't worry: the bar will always be here when you return! If two players separate from the others for their own scene, please make it known that your posts are separate from the rest of the bar so there's no confusion.

5. If a lot of characters show up, I might close off the post so everyone can be replied to until someone leaves.

6. Have fun! That's why we're all here, right?

These rules and notes will be subject to change, so always take a look at the master post in case of confusion.

IC Notes on the Hollow's Tale:
• The Hollow's Tale accepts any sort of currency aside from bartering. So bring on the gold, jewels, paper bills, strange looking trinkets that count as currency, etc... Just don't give us animals or living things. We don't accept those.

• As long as you pay for your meal, the barkeep doesn't care if you're a minor or not. (But she will show you the non-alcoholic menu if you are a minor.) So it's highly suggested that you come in with payment beforehand.

• Lexi is the proprietor of the pub, and currently one other waitress, one chef, and two part timers make up the Hollow's Tale Staff: a chipper bunny girl named Nire, a chubby Chinese woman named Mei-Mei, a shy thing named Creatia, and a stoic man named Maxwell.
The Hollow's Tale is always looking for waiters, bar staff, and cooks to help man the bar in their absence, so don't be afraid to ask the bartender for more information! (Please ask me OOCly if it's okay to help out, and play it out IC with Lexi before your character works here. I don't do auto-accepts.)

• Bar fights will tend to happen depending on how events play out; however, damage is repaired after a few minutes via a special enchantment placed on the bar property. It's not advised to try and destroy the entire building, though: it'll take a few days for it to be restored to its original condition, depending on how extensive the damage is.
Selene Laire (played by AlanisLy)

Selene removes her red lavish fur coat as she enters the bar, her curls following down and cascading over her shoulders. She inhales the welcoming scent of the bar, smiling as she approached the bartender.

“Hello,” she greets with a slight bow, widening her smile to make her look friendlier. Most people were intimidated by her beauty, others just thought she was a stuck-up spoiled brat for the clothes she wore but still, it all didn’t matter. The world was her runway, as her mother said. And she was going to stick by it. Her chromatic eyes slowly looked over the menu, wanting something to make her bubbly, but not taste the alcohol.

“Do you have anything...alcoholic but doesn’t taste like alcohol?” She questions slowly. Her voice was a bit deeper than most females, but at the same time she spoke and moved so royal, you wouldn’t have even noticed. “Like, fruity? To be exact.”
Lexi (played by Lucretire) Topic Starter

"'Ell yeah, we do!" A cheeky half-smirk spreading against Lexi's cheeks. The woman was indeed a charming one, enough to gain a curious glance from the playful bartender. "May I suggest our Soarin' Sangria Special? Can make it as sweet n' fruity as ya like!"

As she spoke, she had long since placed down the glass she was polishing and was wiping down the countertop with a new towel. "But what's a cutie like you doin' in a place like this, anyway? We're all the way 'n th' back end of the city. We can't be that popular, yeah?" She teased, hoping to spark a conversation with the new face while waiting on her reply.
Yuan Ji Feng (played anonymously)

A slim Pandaren girl staggered into the bar. It looked like she was suffering from a hangover, and yet she was here... looking to get even more alcohol in her system for some reason.

"Heeeeey.. wazzapenin'??" She slurred a bit as she half stumbled, half twirled towards the counter. Though her steps were horribly erratic and it looked like she was going to keel over at any moment, she miraculously managed to dodge all the tables and chairs in her way, spinning and moving with fluid motions between the furniture even if they all looked like very narrow misses. Like water flowing past rocks her movements were.

"Rice wine please~" She chirped as she plopped somewhat ungracefully on a stool, right next to Selene and adjacent to the bartender. "Just to get started." Grinned the panda with sleepy eyes.
Selene Laire (played by AlanisLy)

She smiles in relief. “Yes, that’d be perfect! I’d like just a slight taste of the alcohol, the rest covered with the fruity flavor.”

As the woman moves around, Selene gets a whiff of something cinnamon, which happens to be one of her favorite scents. Glancing around the bar, she took in appreciation to how modern yet cozy the place looked: two flat-screen TVs, aesthetically pleasing pictures over the wooden tables, plants, and a beautiful red rug. Everything else was tied together perfectly, and Selene couldn’t get enough of the scenery. If she was this brilliant at decorating, she would have decorated her home similar to this bar.

She turns her head back to Lexi, smiling and nearly blushing bashfully at the playful question. “Oh, well,” she ponders for a bit, thinking of a way to not give it away that she was hoping to run into some humans here for a gain of energy. “All the bars on the other side of town all look the same- and are filled with the same drunks.” She glances down at her white flats before continuing. “I just, needed something new, with new people and a whole new vibe. You get me?” She quickly changes the subject, resting her elbow on the counter and leaning in. “What do you mean you aren’t that popular? I’m sure you get male customers all the time.”

Hearing a voice, she looks over her shoulder and sees a girl stumbling her way over to the two of them, somehow managing to not bump into anything or trip over her feet. She smiles, bowing her head slightly as she sits down next to her. “Rice wine? I’ve never heard of it.” She questions with a tilt of her head, just trying to make conversation. “Oh, I’m Selene and this is…” She motions her hand to Lexi, waiting for her to introduce herself too.
Lexi (played by Lucretire) Topic Starter

"All right, one Soarin' Sangria Special, comin' up!~" Grabbing a bottle of wine from the bottom shelf and opening one of the coolers underneath the bartop, she set to work mixing and pouring. Listening to the woman's reasoning on why she chose this particular place, she nodded. "The same ol' does gets borin' after a time, trust me. I'm one of them gals who can't sit still all the time, ya know?"

But she couldn't help but grin knowingly at her next comment. "Yeah, lotta males show up here, but I don' pay em' no min'. They not my babes after all." She soon produced a wine glass filled with a deep red liquid, various citrus fruits and berries floating in an almost artful manner around the inside of the drink. "Here you are, nice and cold!" Lexi announced as she set the glass down in front of Selene.

The bartender's smile widened as the slender panda girl took a seat at the bar. "Wa's happenin' to you too, sweet cheeks?" She can already tell the panda was beyond her night of fun, but who's Lexi to complain? Two cuties today. This is gonna get interesting. "Rice wine? Got a new shipment in just a few days ago. Lucky you!" As she turned to the shelves, she heard the brunette making introductions, soon motioning to her. "Lexi." She gave a swift salute with two fingers. "Sweet ta meet ya!"

Taking another bottle off the shelves, she looked toward the new face with a curious eye. "Oh, yeah. Sake cup or wine glass? Always gotta ask, ya know?" So far, it seemed like it was going to be a quiet day today.
Yuan Ji Feng (played anonymously)

Yuan had caught the tail end of the conversation between the women, enough that she wasn’t completely lost but not quite where she could make any meaningful comments. Besides, she looked half asleep still and would need some decent brew before she was any use to anyone.

“Heya!” She greeted the nice girl next to her with a sleepy smile. “Oooh you’ve never had rice wine before? It’s great! It’ll put hair all over ya! Oh hey- it’s already working in my case!” She burst into giggles at her own bad joke, nearly falling off her stool.

“Nice to meet’cha both! I’m Yuan!” The Panda grinned and winked in Lexi’s direction, elbow leaning on the counter. “Great drinks and cute girls. This is definitely my kind of bar~.” Seemed like she was getting the vibe of the place.

“Ooh, sake glass please. Call me crazy but I’ve always thought it makes it taste better.”
Clementine opened the door to the establishment and smiled walking inside. She had only herd about this place from the mythical creatures magazine, and decided to go pay a visit. She was hoping they had some good food, and she was looking for a job anyway, and hoped she might be able to get one here. She went up to the counter and took a seat at the bar. “ hello, I’m clementine and I’ve herd you are hiring” she said to the lady at the counter
Lexi (played by Lucretire) Topic Starter

Lexi could only smile in response to Yuan's compliment of her bar before chuckling at her next comment. "Hey, you ain't crazy at all, honey bean!" she chirped, "I've had customers ask me f'r some weird things 'n different glasses, so this's a nice change o' pace, know what I mean?" As she took a small sake cup and started pouring, she heard a voice mentioning they were hiring.

"Why, yes we are!" Lexi said mid pour before sliding the cup over to Yuan, setting the sake bottle down. "Always need a few more hands on deck." She gave the half-crow hybrid a quick scan over before nodding to herself. "Gotta ask ya a few questions before I go off hirin' folks, though. Why don't ye sit down here and have a glass t' drink before we talk business?" The phoenix motioned to a bar stool close to the other side of Selene as an offer to sit down.

As she waited for Clementine to have a seat, the barkeep decided to make some more small talk, "So what's you guys's stories, hmm?"
“ thank you, do you have any non-alcoholic drinks?” She asked as she really didn’t like alcohol. She ruffled her wings a little bit, and hoped the feathers didn’t fall out, or else she might cost her the job.

She noticed the question soon after and smiled, “ I live in an alternate universe where everything is cottage core themed. I would like to apply for a cook position, as I have learned to make good deserts and other things” she said, as she really didnt have a story
Yuan Ji Feng (played anonymously)

"Heh! I wouldn't be -too- certain about that, heheh!!" The Panda girl chuckled as Lexi assured her that she wasn't crazy. Maybe not in regards of drinks themselves, but the pretty bartender had only gotten a glimpse of Yuan's antics so far and she may yet change her mind.

As for Yuan's story, it was surprisingly simple; "Ah, me? I just go on lots of crazy adventures, drink a lot and get into loads and LOADS of fights! That's about the long and short of it!" She smiled and gulped down her drink in one shot, sighing loudly. "Woooo!! First one of the day!"
Kurai Zankoku (played anonymously)

*he walked in the bar holding a pretty large leash on the other side of it was a 3 headed Cerberus growling but he soon shushed it* “do you serve alcohol drinks here if so I would like a white wine or a Bloody Mary I would enjoy that please ignore my creature it has a temper today” *he made the creature lay down and to stay soon unclipping the leash and putting it away and walking to a chair sitting down*
Selene Laire (played by AlanisLy)

Selene gratefully grabs the glass, immediately taking a long sip from it as if it was a tall glass of ice water. She smiled in delight as she realized the drink was perfectly made to her taste- even better than the other bars she had been to. Even the shade of red matched her perfectly. She would definitely put in a good word to the words back home since they were heavier drinks than her and would love to experience a new bar.

“I see, I’ll have to try that next.” She laughs, placing a gentle hand on Yuan’s shoulder, making sure she didn’t fall off her stool. Selene could tell this girl was the life of every party, and great company to keep around. She looks up at the new face, glancing at her wings as she told her back story.

“Well, I-”

Interrupted, she looks at the new person who enters the bar with a… rather a strange animal growling. She frowns when he unclips the animals’ leash, feeling uneasy since bars usually don’t allow animals, especially those types. Oh well, she’ll just wait and see what Lexi has to say about this. Turning back around, she takes another long sip from her drink.
Lexi (played by Lucretire) Topic Starter

Lexi’s eyes widened in mock shock at the crow-winged woman as she lifted a martini glass from the bar and set it down. “What kind of a bar would this be if I didn’t cater to th’ non-boozer types, eh? A regular ‘ol bar, that’s what! And I don’t do average.” With that, she started to pour in a few juices into a shaker, capping it tightly shut. Let’s be a little playful today, hmm?

She began to slosh the shaker normally, before twisting about and tossing it into the air. Without a second’s pause, she caught it firmly into her other hand. Continuing to shake with both hands, the dark-skinned bartender replied to Yuan’s story. “Hey, your story sounds too much like mine! Invite me sometime, yeah?” A slick grin spread on her lips.

She soon popped the cap of the shaker, serving a bright blue and fizzy liquid into the martini glass. Topping it off with a twist of lemon peel and two cherries skewered with a toothpick, she slid it over to Clementine.

“My newest concoction. Not sure what to call it yet. Give it a taste, yeah? Should go down nice ‘n eas-.”

And that was when the doors opened, with Kurai entering with a Cerebus in tow. The bar's customers started to stir as they whispered amongst themselves. Some appeared uncomfortable. As she saw the man sit down, Lexi sighed, noticing Selene's discomfort as well. “I ain’t got time for this @&@* today.” Putting down the shaker, she opened the barside door and started to walk over to the table.

In the meanwhile, a tall brunette with a floor-length braid approached him cautiously with a menu.

“H-h-…Good afternoon to you, sir. Uh, w-welcome to the, the Hollow’s Tale…” Holding back a gulp, she seemed nervous but firm as she opened her mouth again, “Can we a-a-ask that y-you um, um…”

“Hey, Cre, step aside,” Lexi motioned with a shoo of her hand.

Hiding half of her face with the menu, the girl named “Cre” nodded in acknowledgement as she shifted to let the bartender take over.

“Look, kid. One, card. We don’t booze up minors. And two, unless this,” she pointed at the three-headed creature, “Can walk on two legs, talk, and can think rationally unless drunk, it goes outside and stays there.” Standing proudly with her arms crossed, her face started to contort into a darker, more twisted shape of her usual cheeky smile. “Or if you wanna go, I’m cool with that too.” It was clear the woman wasn’t budging on her offer.
She smiled and took the glass in her hand. She took a small sip and then smiled. “ it tastes like a sunrise, figuratively of course “ she said happily as she took another drink
Yuan Ji Feng (played anonymously)

Yuan didn't need to be caught. Even though she looked like she was totally out of balance and would fall off her bar stool at any second, the Panda seemed capable of pulling outrageous feats of balance as she leaned wholly to the side and managed to stay seated. It was almost gravity defying honestly.

Nevertheless! She appreciated the help and smiled cheekily as she felt Selene's hand on her shouldr to make sure she didn't fall over. "Oh hey, thanks! Good looking out, babe!" The Panda took -every- opportunity to flirt it seemed and she winked at the other girl before righting herself back up on her stool. Still looking very unsteady despite everything.

"Wow! For real!?" The Panda girl cackled in delight as Lexi asked for an invitation to one of her adventures. "Alright! Sure! I can tell you're one tough cookie. I'd be delighted to ask you out-- I mean, on adventure that is, hehe!" She said sounding tipsy and swayed from side to side.

Her panda ears flicked slightly and she watched Clementine from the side. She seemed like a nice girl and Yuan would be respectful of letting her step forward and ask for a job interview. Goodness knows jobs were hard to come by nowadays, and the last thing Clementine probably needed was a drunken panda ruining her job interview.

Normally it was impolite to refill your own sake cup, but Yuan noticed Kurai entering along with an honest to goodness Cerberus and suddenly Lexi had her hands full with that. So she took it upon herself to grab the rice wine bottle and pour herself another glass. "Phew, pretty busy today, huh??" She leaned over and gestured to Selene.

Yuan kept her eyes trained on Lexi and Kurai's interaction as she drank. It wasn't her bar, nor was she the bouncer, but a wandering monk was always honor bound to step in and try to keep the peace in case of fight broke out. Actually, Yuan was rather surprised she was even allowed to walk in carrying her tonfa and her nunchaku. Probably because they weren't obviously firearms or bladed weapons. That being said, if bar staff asked her to surrender them she'd gladly comply.
Kurai Zankoku (played anonymously)

*he shook his head in disbelief* “look ma’am if you want to know my real age it’s 2,000 years old 19 is in my human form and the dog stays here he’s a service dog of sort if you want to say so can I have a drink or not I really just want to relax I’m really not in the mood to go fighting anyone I’m trying to get used to the moral world so give me some slack will you?”
Lexi (played by Lucretire) Topic Starter

Lexi took one look at the man claiming his actual age, and frowned. “2,000 years, huh?” she spoke, rummaging into her pocket and pulling out what looked to be a pair of goggles. Without a word, she slid them over her eyes and pressed a hidden button on the side of the lens. After a tense moment, the goggles beeped.

“… … … …Fine. Your age story passes.” The phoenix relented as she tugged them off her face, ruffling up her already messy hair before looking at the three headed dog. “But him? …Look, I’ll let ya have it, I’m not even in th’ mood no more. But keep it from scaring everyone, yeah?” Not waiting for his reply, Lexi walked off, letting the girl next to her take over. The guests, seeing this, either resumed their drinks with various expressions, or asked for the check, very unnerved by staying in the bar.

“M-my apologies, mister, mister, s-s-sir…” the tall woman stammered. “Please d-don’t m-mind our, our bartender, she can be a, she, she’s a-a little… t-trigger-happy?” She nodded to herself, seeming satisfied with her phrasing before turning her full attention to her customer. Putting on a gentle smile, she tried her greeting again. “W-welcome to the H-hollow’s Tale Bar. I’m, I’m Creatia, your, your, I’ll be serving you today. Please accept a, a compli-, a free drink on me, okay? I’m so sorry about her…” Her eyes furrowed in worry, hoping that the ageless-seeming Kurai would accept her apology and her offer.

In the meanwhile, Lexi returned behind the bar, giving the three guests her usual smile. “Sorry about that, folks. We get types like that sum’times, and many of ‘em like to cause issues. This one seems legit, though, so I gotta let it slide for the moment.”

Hearing Clementine’s response about the drink brightened up Lexi’s eyes as she turned to the woman, “Glad to hear it! Close to what I was lookin’ for anyway!” Standing up a little straighter before leaning against the counter, she remembered what the crow girl said to her before she left. “Cook, huh? I could use another cook in the kitchen…” As if to prove her point, a clattering echoed from the kitchen, shattering the momentary peace before the humming of the bar continued on as normal. Because Mei-Mei’s being a piece of !#@% again. Lexi brooded as her smirk faltered for a moment. Gotta love her, though.

"Anyway..." Lexi continued, "Place is gettin' slow again, so we got time. Care t' show me what ya got?" Lexi's impromptu request to have Clementine in the kitchen would baffle most, but it was a simple test of capabilities. Placing a hand underneath her chin as she continued to lean against the bar, she waited for a response.
Kurai Zankoku (played anonymously)

“It’s fine really a lot of people don’t like me or don’t believe me a lot but it’s fine Cerberus will be In a corner he’ll be quiet and not disturb anyone he’s very obedient at times just still need to train him for another 100 years for his growling”
Creatia (played by Lucretire) Topic Starter

Creatia nodded as she listened, setting down the menu in front of him as she spoke. "I-I see... r-raising a, t-training a pet like that must be really, really, r-really hard!" Pulling out a pen and notepad from her apron, she stood up a little straighter. "But I-I'm sure you'll, you'll- it'll probably work out for the best, right? A-Anyway... Is there-... W-what would you like t-to order, mister?" Pressing the writing utensil to the pad, she waited for his order. It seems she's relaxed a little after the initial scare.

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