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Hi! I am publishing a steamy f/f christmas romance novelette in December, I am looking for people to give advanced reader copies in ebook format, in exchange for an honest review on amazon when the book is released and goodreads as well if you so desire. The official word and page count is still being tweaked at this time, but it is around 13k words.

Not Alone on Christmas


My wish is her.

After my family abandons me, I'm left out in the bitter cold Michigan winter. I'm confident I'll be spending Christmas alone and wondering if I made the wrong choice to come out.

My path crosses Nicole Avery, a former classmate of mine, when we're both at the same train station. Nicki's laughter and beautiful smile lights a fire in my heart -- and my thighs.

After a series of strange coincidences and passionate nights, maybe I won't be alone for Christmas after all.

Not Alone on Christmas is a sweet and spicy Lesbian Christmas and Winter Holiday themed romance novelette. It features several tropes such as: Coming out, Stuck Together, and Second Chance.

This story contains sensitive and adult content. 18+

If you are interested please fill out this google form

ARC Copies will be sent to everyone the first week of December, the book will be published on December 22nd and you will be able to leave reviews on Amazon from then on.

If you have any questions or concerns PM me, or email me here:
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You have 3 more days to sign up for this!
MercyInReach Topic Starter

Last day to sign up!

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