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I've completed my cloak collection again! \o/ (Unless there are outright hidden colors yet.) But I'm going to keep this thread open for a bit yet and continue to offer some color swaps. I'm also totally fine with other users posting trades they're interested in here but that I might not be able to fill (so if this thread gets more posts, it might be worth your time to look through them!).

In most cases, I'm willing to do a 1-for-1 trade (any color for any color). If you have a technicolor cloak, I'm willing to offer 2 standard blue cloaks for it.

Colors I have available: green, red, purple, white, and standard blue

End up with too many cloaks? Or maybe you got other items you don't need from a wardrobe, or just have some extra things sitting around in your inventory. Or maybe you'd just like an excuse to throw money at RPR but don't really need/want any of the items in the shop.

I'll probably wait until January a bit later (since there are so many cloak raffles already right now!), but I'll be doing some form of give-away to clean up some of that spare stuff in my inventory (and I'll close this thread when I do that). If you don't want to handle one yourself, you're welcome to send your extra stuff to me to do that for you. I'll list you as a donor and whatever you send me will be added to the give-away. This only applies to items that aren't sent as part of a trade.

Original post
Hullo! If you got/will get a wardrobe and end up with a black cloak that you don't intend to keep for display, might we trade? Maybe you just want to use your cloaks for the extra characters (in which case color doesn't change anything), maybe you were lucky enough to get multiple black cloaks, maybe you were only interested in another color (that I might be able to help with?), or maybe you only got one but you still like what I can offer more.

If you're a collector of things for your display case I can offer to trade a red, green, or purple cloak for your black cloak. (I can also offer the standard blue cloak if you somehow didn't get that one for your collection already.) Edit: I can now also offer to trade a white cloak for a black or spare technicolor cloak.

If it was just the character slots you crave, as mentioned, I can certainly give you a standard blue cloak. As mentioned, all cloak colors have the same outcome - but they all cease to exist once used, and the various colors can be hard to get! (I may even trade blues out for other cloak colors just to increase the availability of other colors to collectors, especially more black, white, or the very rare technicolor cloak. In fact, if you get a technicolor cloak when you just want more characters, I'll give you two standard blue cloaks for it.)

One more option I can offer for a black (or a technicolor) cloak is a Masquerade Mask. If you have more interest in that than in any cloak trades, it is an option! :)
Princess Irulan (played anonymously)

I was hoping to get a black silk cloak myself but I blew the imperial budget buying wardrobes and got none. Got a lot of all the other colors except black. I’m keeping one of each, but the rest will be sacrificed to the sandworms for more characters, so if you want to trade your blues for red, green, purple, and one white, message me. :)

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