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This feels like annual routine for me now ngl.

I don’t have the link to it but back in 2019(or 18) I posted a thread titled Happy Holidays.

I’m here to once again remind everybody that things DO improve. The road is rocky as hell and it’s one rollercoaster of a ride but every rollercoaster comes to an end at some point, doesn’t it? And when it does, you’ll get off to go tackle a new challenge with newly found confidence.

Heres a summary of how my past few years have been if anybody needs something to relate to
In 2018, when I was thirteen, my entire family was made homeless without warning and we had no help. We were homeless over Christmas and the only reason we got any gifts are all was because thousands of people across the UK heard us and decided they wanted to make two children’s Christmas a little better. That’s just one example of how good we can be.

Not only that, but 2020’s Christmas wasn’t good for me either. I was rushed in for emergency surgery at the age of 15 to have half of my thyroid gland removed a week before Christmas. Luckily I wasn’t in hospital for Christmas Day - but I did spend Christmas Day in pain and exhausted because of meds and recovery. It wasn’t fun.

Even if things aren’t okay now, they will be. Whether it be tomorrow is a better day, or next week, next month, or next year. You’re allowed to have bad days, terrible weeks and scary months. That’s okay. You just have to make sure that you’re able to - at the very minimum - crawl your way through it so you reach the other side. Even if it takes a long while.

For anybody that hasn’t heard it today: I’m proud of you for simply being able to exist today. Even if that’s all you did and you weren’t productive, you made it through another day. There’s only five left to go (six if you’re 3+ hours behind me) until you make it to 2022. And I know you can <3

And lastly, here’s a photo of a small pride pin my 11 y/o sister got me for the holidays this year. Happy holidays <3

nightmqre Topic Starter

I found the link to the original one. I did post it in 2018.

Give it a read if you’d like to I suppose.
I'm very sorry you had a rough time in the past. :/ But, from what I'm seeing, things are good for you now which is awesome!

And thank you so much for being reassuring and encouraging people to stay strong! Even if a part of me feels like things will only get worse for me (yet better at the same time) due to personal things and overall current circumstances, I'm thankful for your kind words! Also, the pride pin is really cute, it's such a sweet gesture from your sister. >o<

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