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Senshi Moon Kingdom - Kingdom of Knights/Nobles/Mechs (Pronounced: Sen- She)

Kakureta Moon Kingdom - Kingdom of Ninja/Spies/Assassins (Pronounced: Kah-Ku-reh-tah)

Bane Moon Kingdom - Kingdom of Plants/Peace/Rain (Pronounced: Bah-nee)

Gokei Moon Kingdom - Kingdom of Sun/Athletics/Parties (Pronounced: Go-Kie)

Aki Moon Kingdom - Kingdom of Fallen Leaves/Feasts/Wind (Pronounced: Ah-ki)

Fuyu Moon Kingdom - Kingdom of Snow/Frost/Royalty (Pronounced: Fu-you)

Wasure Rareta Moon Kingdom - Kingdom of the Lost/Wandering/Abandoned (Pronounced: Wah-su-ray Rare-ee-etuh)

A major war over greater authority and power rages between the Senshi and Kakureta kingdoms. The kingdoms of Bane and Fuyu joined forces with the Senshi, while the kingdoms of Gokei and Aki support the Kakureta. Wasure Rareta had refused to take part in the war and payed severely for it. Anyone left alive on the broken moon had been hardened to the core and could only trust their own brethren of the kingdom. Though some people from other moons, came to Wasure Rareta in order to escape the pressure and fear of the war, and they were humbly excepted after being proven of not being a spy.

A small but steadily growing undercover army called the Shizun no Owari (End of Seasons) is rising up. Their duty is to infiltrate the other moon kingdom's and stop the war from continuing.

The head general of this undercover army is Neoma Alva. Her second-in-command is Wyatt Amaya. They run the most successful squadron, which is responsible for trying to infiltrate the Gokei Kingdom. Though all her squadrons are extremely skilled at what they do, they have very little discipline. And for this reason, General Alva of the Gokei and Wasure Rareta squadrons is sending out a request to any of those who wish for their peace and freedom back. Become a war general beside Neoma, or be a second-in-command like Wyatt. The Shizun no Owari army resides in the Wasure Rareta and will only be sent out when a mission is called in.

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Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*A silhouetted woman sits on top of a crumbled wall staring at the six other moon kingdoms. She quietly recites the six other moons names.* "Senshi... Kakureta... Bane... Gokei... Aki... Fuyu..." *She than leaned her head back on the crumbled wall and hummed her moon kingdom's song.*
Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*She pulls out her longbow and begins to carve many different designs into it and sighs.*
Aelin was sitting upon a chair in her room, in the Kakureta kingdom. She had killed multiple people in her lifetime, this war would not stop her. She looked at the moons drawing on a piece of paper tracking the moon's movements. Why she didn't know. She had been put to her room the moment the war began, and it was driving her crazy!! She wanted to be out in the war, on the field fighting but sadly that wouldn't happen. Or so she thought. . . .
I hope aelin will work for this!! I sent a reply in the IC section.
BugIsTired Topic Starter

She's a great character for this!
Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*Several small children, around the age of 5 to 8 years old, surrounded Neoma, jumping up & down. They always loved to hang out with Neoma whenever they could and Neoma cared for these children as her own. She chuckled as the children roped her into another game of Tag.* "Seems as though all of you have forgotten something... That I, Neoma Alva, Head General of Shizun no Owari, am the mighty ruler of Tag!" *The children screamed and giggled in delight as Neoma began running after them, slowly, but surely, tagging each of them. She hadn't had that much fun in awhile...*
Aelin sighed as she got up and went home. She was ready for the yelling that would occur when she got home, she looked over and smiled waving at her partner, "Hey Jay!!" he smiled and waved as he ran after his brother. Aelin wished her brother was still here, but he was dead, killed in the war that was raging.
Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*Neoma felt a tremor in the ground as she ran around with the children. They all huddled around her and shivered with fear.* "It's alright, kodomodachi. The general will keep you safe." *She ran them all over to a strong and sturdy building and ran off to where she thought the tremors were coming from.*

*Once she arrived, she saw that it was one of the new ships the people of Wasure Rareta had been working on. It had just came in and landed without any kind of grace or ease. She chuckled as she shook her head.* [Thinking to herself] "Need to have some of the more mechanical troops help these folks out later." *She found the children and told them what it was. They than began playing once more.*
Aelin sighed, lots of people didn't like her because she was one of the worst assassins. She had a bad reputation, but she didn't care. She wanted to fight in the war, her rep she couldn't fix, and the war would give her more chance to be brutal, however, with her age she wasn't allowed. So she just went on with her life.
Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

*It eventually became nightfall and the children went home. Neoma walked to a nearby beach and watched the tide go in & out, the midnight purple sea almost hypnotizing as the Sun lowered. Neoma sighed and began carving into her bow once more.*
Aelin went home looking up at the night sky, she didn't know what to do.

((nor did i know what to say))
Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

((lol wish there were more people in this rp ;-; but im too shy to go out and tell people about it ))
((Hmm. . . know what would help? Making a RP add. And then when they ask where, give them the forum link. I could also make a ad myself if u like))
Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

((Yea thatd be nice thanks ^^))
((No problem. Let me just set it up and ill send u the link to it, and if u like u can copy and paste it and have the same rp ad.))
Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

((I've already made one but its really simple and basic d: ))
((heres mine Your text to link here...))
Neoma Alva (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

((Thats awesome thanks! ^^))

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