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We have Trans-Masculine and Trans-Feminine but I think it'd be really nice if we could also use Masculine and Feminine for our characters rather than Female and Male. We also have androgyne, but not the other two options NB folks can sometimes fall under. (masc & fem) I personally like labeling my OCs androgyne, feminine, and masculine rather than NB, Female, and Male.

It'd be an alternative to labeling character's NB when you don't necessarily want to label them this way. <3

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I always think of masc(uline) and fem(inine) as more of gender presentation labels, rather than gender identity labels, since one's identity and presentation don't have to match, and those words are adjectives that (usually and not always!) describe how someone presents, not necessarily how they feel. But obviously everyone will have had different experiences and will feel differently about the terms.
I'm not saying they should or should not be added, just that they are sometimes misused and misinterpreted. I'm not sure how much use they would get, either, but I also don't think it'd hurt to have them there for those who do want to use them. 🤷
Trans-masc and trans-femme are inclusive of masc and femme NBi folks, but I can understand a desire to not want to specify trans or cis. But if you're wanting it for NBi people, the trans variations functionally have that meaning, as do the demigenders. You could also go with one of the assorted generics, like non-binary, gender variant, other, etc, and add an extra line item to specify a masculine or feminine presentation.

And while masculine and feminine are presentation labels rather than gender identity... male/female also aren't gender labels, they're sex labels. ^^;

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