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Hello! I would like to announce that I am opening up adoptable character design sales, there will also be outfit designs as I see fit, and possibly commissions available at some point in the future. For now however I would like to direct you all to my deviantArt! I have also been having a few raffles giving away free character designs with a group I am in and I may start doing a free design for the adopts every now and then so keeping an eye on here is a good idea!

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fiesch Topic Starter

These are the current adopts that are up for bidding, please make sure to bid on the deviantart page for them!
I will be posting them under a collapsed message because while everything is covered I want to make sure they aren't against guidelines though I am pretty sure they are fine!

Kim feel free to smite me should I be wrong!!

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fiesch Topic Starter

Just wanted to Update that for rpr members I will be dropping the prices of these lovely ladies to 15 dollars a piece! Please don't let them go to waste!
fiesch Topic Starter

Also I wanted to show off some recent Dragon Age art I am working on

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