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Side characters (played anonymously)

Ever end up making a RP post or a post with a few-sentence section that completely explains your character? Well, share them with everyone here!

For Maki: (while gf and gf's friend saying he's a good bf) Akako smiled and hugged him. "I know he is!" she exclaimed, while he just sat there, letting himself be pet and hugged in a death grip.

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Four (played by Saturninum)


Won’t post as no one still :(

Hana: A serious assassin who prefers getting the job done. It is hard for her to express emotions because of her training to block emotions. Once you break the wall, she is shy.
Asher Harbrook (played by Zelphyr)

For Ash here, that top bit of text on his main page is the Random widget, and that's basically what every entry in it is. Some focus on aspects of him, some come out more rounded, and all of them are clipped from IC posts. To go ahead and share a few...

"I am not commonly regarded as a cautious man, but this requires caution just as much as it requires action." He chuckled. "Of course, if I truly was not cautious, I would not be alive."

There was a little surge of glee in Asher as he observed, but outwardly he merely shielded his eyes with a hand. With a smirk, he told the mighty being in disguise once more, "I'd be lying to say I'm not impressed. However, I must ask you to keep your disguise and stay back from my equipment. It's no help to anyone if I pick up you instead of that mess in the water."

"The weather is pleasant enough, the stone has not possessed me, and yes, my horse is quite nice," he told the men. "As I have explained several times already, I am only here to fix your issue so that you are not bothered again by the stone. I need to gather some things for that, of course. For now, I must advise you not draw nearer. I have scattered a defensive spell in the area and I believe you would find it unpleasant."

The magician, meanwhile, had not yet been placed behind bars. He was off the floor now, at least, sat upon a bench with a soldier to either side. The man leaned back against the wall, face upward to boredly gaze at the ceiling. While he had expected some difficulty in offering his aid under the circumstances, he actually hadn't expected it to be such a messy process - quite literally, as much as he kept getting pressed to the ground.

Ash did not look frightened as the warrior laid him down, awkward though it was with his hands still bound behind him. He looked instead very focused, though he was perhaps in shock from being stabbed, especially the way he was muttering to himself. With sweat beading on his brow, his head jerked in the very slightest nod, and he said a bit louder, though he still seemed to be talking to himself, "Gariphore venom most likely. Probably... eight minutes? Takes... takes... I don't have talwert... no time for yidweed and... But hoisencret!" The magician's attention snapped to the warrior and he commanded, "Unbind me, or else put your hand in mine and get ready to dig through my pockets."
Revenant (played by Churchtuary)

Not my post, but courtesy of Petrovalyc, back when Revenant was even more of a Fallout ripoff than he already is.

Side Characters (played by TiredWriter)

Suna and Kusa: The supportive mom and sis back home.
Ekibiogami (played anonymously)

"Ekibio left to get his dinner and horrified the innocent workers of an all-you-can-eat buffet, then left and bought servant clothes to sneak into Amaimon's palace [to kill him'."
I meeeean....
The llaa-synn flew toward the table and rather gracelessly dunked its head into the punch with a loud splonk, spilling some, but not causing enough of a mess to empty out a significant portion. Of course, being a consumer of space gases, they did not consume a single drop of the liquid. Rather, just allowed it to coat their 'nose' area seemingly unaffected by the wetness. Loudly and deliberately, they proclaimed: "Mmm! Refreshing!" As though ritual called for it, before casually bobbing away from the buffet table as though what they had done was perfectly normal.

Followed up by...
As far as Yll'r was concerned, the party was going great and they had certainly succeeded in playing their part in the 'punch' ritual. That was one thing to cross off the party to-do list. Satisfied, they bobbed up above the heads of the other guests and began circling, pausing when they realised they were being addressed. "Oh, I have already partaken in the punch ritual," they declared. "What use would I have for such a small receptacle of it? I dare say I cannot fit much more than a tentacle or two in there. I am Yll'r. Hello." The llaa-synn twirled around as though they had spoken the various aspects of that conversation in the right order.
Pericles (played by Libertine)

Pericles turned the bit of rubbish over. He pretended to analyze it with care, then donned an infallible smile, stating politely: "It's lovely."
Nina Phelps (played by Dawnia)

Nina after she rearends a car at a stoplight in an RP:
Nina wrote:
‘He probably thinks I’m trying to ditch him…’ Nina thought to herself as she kept the car's key turned and the starter running. The starter was starting to slow as it drained the battery when the engine finally coughed to life. But as she let off the starter, the car sputtered and died again. The light was red again and she could hear horns beeping behind her as traffic backed up...

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