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In the Year 2015, a giant monster attacked San Francisco, coming from a rift deep in the pacific ocean called the breach It took the military 8 days to take it down, and by that time it had destroyed three cities. Once it was dead, the world mourned the dead, memorialized the attack, and moved on. Then six months Later, a second attack hit Manila. Then the third; and the fourth. Then the world realized that this was not going to stop. So the worlds leaders came together, pooling their resources and throwing aside old rivalries for the greater good. And the jaeger program was born. It was originally meant for a single pilot to control a giant machine, but when scientists realized that it was too much for a single human brain, they implemented a two pilot system. Left Hemisphere, right hemisphere pilot connection. And when the next Kaiju came, they were ready. And they started winning. It turned Jaeger pilots into rock stars and kaiju into toys. But Then everything changed.

In the movie the main character is originally paired with his brother in the Jaeger Gypsy Danger, but after his bother is killed, he disappears and five years pass. Now the man who was in charge of the jaeger program is asking him to come back and run defense for another jaeger to carry out a plan that he has. Over the course of the movie, out of the four remaining Jaegers, including Gypsy Danger, two of them fall, and only Gypsy and the Australian Jaeger Striker Eureka remain to carry out the plan of bombing the breach. In a turn of events, Stryker sacrifices themselves to give gypsy a chance to destroy the breach.

This rp takes place 6 years later, when the world makes new jaegers, in case another threat arises, and they are training their pilots. But before training can be completed, another race of aliens begin sending their own Kaiju, learning from their predecessors mistake....

We start in training, when the new pilots have just finished finding their copilots and are just about to try out their jaegers..

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Forums > Looking for RP > Pacific Rim (IC, Reply to OOC thread to join)