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Senka watched Jacuzzi in silence before looking back up at the trapdoor.She closed her eyes and began to hum softly.The hum sounded like a lullaby but it seemed like it could calm people down.

Jacuzzi relaxed for the first time in a while.
"You can call me Cuzzi by the way," he murmured.
Jacuzzi felt hungry an smiled. He took Senka's hand and took out all the knives from the trapdoor. He opened it slowly an looked around, making sure the coast was clear. Climbing out, he waited for a few minutes before helping Senka out.
"I have decided to treat you to a wonderful meal," Jacuzzi smiled.

Senka looked at Jacuzzi."You don't have to.I mean,I really hate to bother people."

"Its really not a bother. In fact its a treat from me to you," he smiled.
He took her hand and made sure the coast was clear down in the alley way. He went down first then motioned for Senka to come down.

Senka climbed down and stood next to Jacuzzi.She felt a little weird allowing someone to protect her but she ignored it.

Jacuzzi took her hand and led her down the alleyway.
"I know this amazing place we can eat," Jacuzzi said excitedly.
He hadnt had company for centuries. He led her to this small shop and took her inside.

Senka wasn't used to people leading but she trusted Jacuzzi.She looked around the shop he led her to.

It was softly lit and quiet inside. There were various tables all around the shop.
Jacuzzi walked in behind her and led her to a table.
"Order anything you want. Im paying," he said and smiled.

Senka blushed."I'm not really hungry."She gave Jacuzzi a shy smile.

Jacuzzi smiled, "you sure? Not even something for later?" he suggested.

Senka looked at her hands."No.I don't get hungry easily."

"Well i am. You can share with me," Jacuzzi smiled.
He ordered 3 different plates of food.

Senka blushed."O-okay,I guess."

Just to tease Senka, Jacuzzi mentioned that she was blushing again. He smiled then got serious.
"So are you gonna stick around here or stay with me?" he asked.

"I want to stay with you if you don't mind."Senka looked at Jacuzzi then looked away as she blushed again.

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