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Satan's daughter started to walk out of the Underworld but stopped to take one last look at the kingdom she is the hier, even if she doesn't want it. She see's the shadows working on the city of the dead, her father's castal with it's black ghost like fire around it, below it the lost souls that had died with hatred, miser, or killed themselves. She felt depressed from seeing this place, she saw out of the coner of her eye and shadow trying to sneak out of the Underworld and she let it go. She walked out of the Underworld and into the Overworld, seeing that there isn't much difference. People killing each other out of desire, lust, greed, hatred, depression, and whatever else. People killing themselves slowly by getting high and actting as if everything is alright. She sighed and walked forward, wishing there was a way for this world to be better.

Cassie hid in the bushes and saw the girl. She tackled her down into another bush

Jean yelped in suprise at the tackle. She hadn't known that someone saw her leaving hell. "Get off me." She hissed at the girl.

Cassie kept her down and pinned her " You are from hell aren't you! " She almost screamed

Jean glared at the girl. "Get off me, you have no right to think that about me!" Jean pushed the girl off her and got up. She dusted off her black silk dress.

Cassie looked at her and grabbed her again. " Dont worry i am from there to but we have to run my father " There went a gun shot and Lizzy's father had a gun

Jean blinked, confused. "Wait, why do you need me?" Jean never heard of anything beside devil childern, shadows, and devil from hell, but the girl infornt of her didn't look like any of that. "What use could I be?"

Cassie pointed " My mother "

Jean was completely confused. "Wait, your mother, kid, your gonna have to tell me ore on this." Jean looked at the girl confused and took back her arm that the girl had grabbed. "And let's get one thing straight, do not, under anything touch me."

Cassie looked at her " She was taken too. " She got angry and punched her

Jean glared at the girl. "Why do you want my help? And if you want my help you'll watch yourself, or it could end badly for you." Jean was not in the mood for this, she just left hell, left her abusive father, and his stupid training so she could take over the Underworld.

Cassie looked " because i am from there but i do not want to tell you anymore! "

Jean glared at the girl. "Listen up, I don't help people randomly unless they give me a good reason why, I don't take money, just reasons. If you want my help then tell me why I should help?" Jean folded her arms across her chest, annoied.

Cassie glared at the girl " My mother but i could let you die "

Jean laughed at the girl's threat. "You poor child, I can't die. There's a reason why my father wanted me to stand in his place." Jean though about how the girl said her mother was in some kind of trouble. "Why do you want my help?"

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