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Kuro sighed and shook her head. "You know it isn't very mature to call people names. Are we in the second grade now?"

Emily threw another stick at her. " no "

Kuro just rolled her eyes and dodged the stick. "You might as well go after a human because this game of cat and mouse has grown trisome to me. I will be taking my leave. Cioca." Kuro turned and walked away from the girl with one hand in her pocket. The one with her pocket knife.

Emily bared her fangs and then made a hole appear on the ground

Kuro just walked around the hole and kept walking by. As if nothing was wrong.

Emily attacked her and bent her head down getting ready to kill her

( Do you want her to die or no? )

(No thanks)

Kuro pushed the girl away from her, just before she started bleeding.

Emily smiled and then licked the blood from her claws

Kuro glared at the girl infront of her. "Just leave me alone!"

emily looked at her " nah "

Kuro groaned. "Why do you insict on me as a target?"

Emily looked " your powerful your blood Is amazing "

Kuro rolled her eyes. "There are more powerful people out there beside me."

Emily smiled " but the ones who go insane are fun to kill "

Kuro sighed. "There are more than one insane people out there, some that stay insane other, such as me, only have insane moments."

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Little Sanity (Open)