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Kurai ran in her tiger from form hunters yet again. She turned a coner that lead her behind a tree where she hurrily shifted into her human from. She was panting heavily but stopped when she heard the hunters coming.
"C'mon men, that tiger is somewhere around here." One of them said, the one Kurai believed was the leader.
"Sir, I believe this not right. Tigers are becoming harder to find, we need to now kill them." Another one said.
Kurai's heart was thuding against her chest. She moved some of her dark purple bangs out of her dark red eyes so she could see them coming. Sweat was making some of her hair stick to her face. Soon the hunters passed and she let out a sigh of relief. She didn't notice that her ears and tail was out.

Lizzy stayed away from everybody. She sighed as she saw the girl. She was in her tiger form. She jumped down from the trees and into the shadows. " Don't worry. I won't hurt you " She said smiling

Kurai jumped slightly at the sight of the other tiger. Even though she was part tiger she was afaird of them for the reason of fighting with them because they didn't like her. She was a dark purple tiger, not organe.

Char's ears pricked at the sound of the hunters. "Well, well..." He chuckled from the tree top. Again with the people, how many times will they chase around his kind. Or well, he was half tiger and half wolf. So technically it was his other half of species they like to chase. Two girls not far from him caught his attention, their scent filling his nose.

Lizzy turned into a Half human half tiger. " see I can be like you. And I won't fight you " she said smiling

Kurai caught the scent of the half tiger half wolf which still scared her more."Uh....I'm very sorry for leading the hunters here." Her voice was a bit higher than normal with the fear. She had never trusted anyone which made her a rogue tiger with never having a place to call home. She was still young compared to most of her half.

Lizzy shock her head " it's alright. At least you didn't get killed on spot. How old are you child? "

Kurai scowled at being called a child. "Sixteen." Her voice went back to normal with a bit on annonce.

Lizzy looked " Okay i am sorry for calling you child. And why are you out here? "

Kurai sighed. "I live around here but truly I just move around from place to place like a tiger does." Her voice was normal but she still had her graud up incase one of them attack her or try to gang up on her.

Lizzy looked at her. " And if you would stop moving the hunters would vanish " She said as a ruby on a chain dangled from her neck

He smiled and jumped down from his tree and into a bush. Maybe he could go say 'hi' or maybe he should stay here. Depended on them he guessed.

Kurai flinched when the other person finally appeared. It didn't look like to her that he was hurt but she couldn't tell. She quiet slinet, her dark red eyes flickering back and forth between the two. She wasn't use to anyone trying to elp her or even notice her. Her ears twitched along with her tail back forth.

Lizzy looked at the girl and could tell she was uncomfortable. " tiger, show your self " she said her ruby glowing.

Kurai looked over at the tiger. "I'm sorry but I better go." She mumbled before turning to leave and head for her hidding place. She had already began in the dircetion she had been running form the hunters. I need to keep a low profile, best I just hunt to go outside so I'm less likely to be found

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Tiger girl(Open)