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Its 2019 and there are large out breaks of violent rage and cannibalism across north american, each person left untouched so far is striving for survival and each have there own modivation wether it's finding family, just making it through this tragity, or finding a group to help support and survive with.

Walker wakes up in her house still waiting on her mom to answer her phone and heads down to the kitchen to grab some food. As she opens up the cupboards she realizes theres no food left. "Damn it!" Walker shouted out, than quickly double check that all the doors where locked and there was on one outside. She knew she had to go find food so she ran up to her moms room and felt around the top shelf where a revolver was kept. She slipped it inside her coat and slipped out the back door of the house, locking it with her house key that she shoved deep into her pocket. She began trembling once a scream nearly fifty feet away sliced the air. She just stood there trembling with her back against the door taking deep breathes. "You can do this." She whispered to herself as she cautiously walked around the side of the house. A loud thrashing noise came from up ahead where a group of people were hitting something, Walker didn't even want to know what was happening so she hit behind a old small shrub barley covering her she hear the people move close to her and she held her breathe still she was sure they were gone. Once she peeked back up she saw her old street empty covered in sitting cars and broken glass.

Walker made her way to the corner store after a cautious twenty minute walk, the corner store looked almost normal minding the fact everything around it wasn't. Walker with out thinking pushed open the door and hear that small ringing noise from the bell above the door. Her heart sank and she felt it in the pit of her stomach, she ran and crouched behind the shelf of an isle listening to hear a slow dragging noise inching closer and closer towards her.

Ryan made his way to the corner store with only a crowbar. His left hand was bandaged and bleeding from where he cut it when climbing through a broken window. He went to the rear of the corner store and began to pry the door open. It was a bit tough because of his hand, but he managed to do it, with not as much noise as one would expect. Get some medicine, bandages, and food and water and leave quickly as possible, that was the plan.

Walker was sure she heard a door open and dread wash through her, taking all her courage she peeked around the shelf to see what almost looked like a person dragging themselves with only there hands. She thought the thing saw her and she leaned back away from the edge of the shelf, the dragging noise drew nearer and nearer, she shut her eyes and crawled slowly away from the thing on the other side of the shelf. She looked back down the isle as she heard the dragging noise go silent and realized it was just staring at her, she struggled to get on her feet off the slippery floor and smacked her face hard on one of the shelfs causing it to come crashing down and her to fall on the floor. The thing began to crawl swiftly as Walker tried getting away crawling, it grabbed her ankle with its bony fingers holding her ankle tight. Walker began trying to stifle her screams as the thing shrieked trying to grip her leg tighter. "Get off me! Get off of me!" Walker shouted kicking her free leg at the things face but it didn't loosen its grip. She pulled out her revolver with shaky arms and pointed it towards the thing, she squinted her eyes and pulled the trigger but nothing happened. The gun wasn't loaded. Her heart sank and she began viciously kicking at it screaming "Help me! Please anyone." She barely got the words out as she was sobbing and flailing her arms trying to grab onto anything.

Ryan walked in and heard someone, or something, bump into a shelf and knock everything down. He stopped and looked around. When he heard the screams, we couldn't help but investigate. He saw a girl being attack by one of those, things. He walked up to it and sunk the the claw of the crowbar into its head, prying the thing off of her.

Walker looked at Ryan with wide shaken eyes, "Thank you." She stuttered slowly getting up off the ground. "Are those the violent people the news where talking about?" Walker could barley stand her legs where trembling to bad she wiped away her tears and straightened out her dark hoodie she was wearing.

Ryan tore the crowbar out of the things head and wiped the blood off it. "Yeah, now come on, your screaming is bound to drive more of them here, so we have a window and it's closing fast." He said, holding his hand out to help her up.

Walker grabbed his hand and got up, she wipe the sweat from her forehead and nodded her head saying "Alright lets go while we still can."

"Grab what you can and meet me by the back door." He said before running off to get supplies.

Adriana nods and starts shovelling cans of; fruit cocktails, chicken noodle soups, and canned lasagna. She grabbed some water bottles and a couple bags of candy too. Then she ran up to the backdoor not really wanting to face the outside world again, but she knew she had to.

Ryan grabbed some painkillers, alcohol, and bandages along with some canned and packaged goods that wouldn't spoil for a while before meeting her by the back door.

"My house it's just down the road we could probably make it there before those things show up." Walker spoke quickly, as she was taking deep breathes in trying to calm herself down before they let the somewhat safety of the corner store.

Ryan nodded and git his crowbar ready in case one of who things, or a bad survivor tried to stop them. "Alright, let's go."

The grown man stood in the alley, he heard the struggle and hushed voices "children are never quiet.." he groaned under his breath, he had come to his home after his five years in the legion, only to find the place falling apart, it didn't matter to him, after the horror in war, gunshots and screams were haunting, but familiar.

He waited for them to open the door and step out, planning to scold them on being so loud ruining his chance to scavenge supplies.

Walker quickly pushed open the door and carefully looked in both directions to see a man in the alley way. Adriana wasn't sure if he was to be trusted or not but she stepped out into the alley way cautiously anyways staying close to the back wall of the corner store.

He raised his hands to show them empty, hoping not to scare the girl or elicit any loud noises "the area is full of those damned things" he said, his voice deep and soft, but muffled by his mask "And those who will prey on the weak and young" he added.

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