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Hiii everyone! You can call me Morgan ^^ glad to be here! Uh my favorite kind of rp is probably fantasy themed stuff. I hope to find friends, fun, and such! Also I know a couple people here already (DragonCat at RainbowtoRosie as examples). I've actually, though consider myself not the best rper, I've done it for 5 or so years now ^^. I actually have lots of pets, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 5 chickens, 4 ducks, a rabbit, and even a squirrel xD. Favorite subject, probably science or history. And I'm currently a student, but want to be a game designer ^^. And if you want to know anything about me ask awau;!

Welcome to RPR Morgan! Wow! You have a squirrel??? That's seriously legit. I have 3 fur-babies of the cat variety, myself. Having a squirrel (not to mention on top of having a rabbit and ducks, on top of having dogs and cats) sounds really exciting! Is it exciting?
I'm right there with you about loving History. What kind of science do you like? And kudos about wanting to be a game designer.
Hope to see you in the Fantasy forums!

Hey Morgan, welcome to RPR! :)

Welcome to the RP Repository.

Welcome to RPR, Morgan!

Hope you like it here. Having a squirrel as a pet sounds like a wild time.

Hey, welcome to RPR.

Game Design is awesome. One of my characters is a game designer.

Hope you have a great time here.

Hello and welcome to RPR! I hope you make lots of friends and enjoy your time here!

Welcome to RPR! :) Hope you're enjoying the site so far! And my goodness, that is a lot of pets :)

Welcome to the RPR! So you're also going to do game design? I also want to do that! It really sounds fun too!

Hello Morgan! I hope you have a fun time here on RPR!


Welcome to RPR! i also want to become a game designer and one more thing dawwww you have a squirrel!!? <3

Ommmmmggggg you got a squirrel!!! EEEEHHHH! Squirrels are awesome!! Welcome to the RPR

Welcome to rpr.

Its not as exciting as it sounds (really just a lot of work) but I think actually art might be my favorite, though I love most of my classes, and all but physics for science. Glad to be here!

hey everyone

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Forums > Introductions > Hi everyone!