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The Cosmodome, a hotspot of activity the Moscow region be it from the house of Devils constant scavenging of the area or the other beings that reside within its depths. Yet out a bit in the distance more closer to the to the remains of what could had been the city of Moscow was there was some notable activity within the city and other areas like it's Metro System but nobody is sure exactly what is going on within the city.

The Exo and his Ghost walked through the barren streets, unaware of many factors in motion already. "This is the place," the Ghost whirred, "But I don't see anyone that could have sent the distress beacon." Pyre-5 looked around, then looked back to his ghost. "We need to be careful," he warned, "Who knows what could come across our path. Well, other than the Fallen." They continued to tread softly, waiting for something to disturb the silence.

(Bold represent fallen language)

The silence was interrupted with a sudden and rapid gunshots rang out in through the city near the exo's location. Not far from those barren streets there was a massive gunfight in a square near a metro station between a group of Cabal and 2 unknown shooters from hidden inside on of the buildings overlooking the cabal. Hidden on the 4th floor on one of the buildings there sat 2 Fallen. oddly enough neither of them seem to be wearing traditional fallen equipment. In fact they both of these hooded individuals seem to be wearing equipment and armor that seemed fashioned from the armor a guardian might find inside some of the older military bases both wearing partial masks that can only be assumed to be for ether. "Velkres, We need to move into a better location before they finally zero in on us! The smaller fallen wielding a Russian sniper rifle looked back. "Ikota, this is the only place that is concealing us. They are hammering everywhere else. If we move we are dead. He said looking back at his teammate as Ikota s he was wielding what appeared to be machine gun that typically a guardian would weild as he went over to peak out of the door to the room they was hiding in making sure nobody was heading.Man I wish we had ammo for our normal weapons instead of relying on this. Velkres chuckled as he zeroed in his rifle again for another shot before he saw something through his scope. "Oh shit, there look like a guardian approaching."

"Take cover!" The Ghost shouted as bullets went flying. Pyre-5 hid behind a large slab of debris, occasionally seeking out the shooters. He identified a squadron of Cabal troops and two other shooters in the ruined building. "They're here for something," he shouted above the sound of fire, "and we need to find out what! Scan the area, and find the other two attackers!" "I'm on it." Talos (The Ghost's name) announced, staying low enough to not be hit with ammunition. "I see two Fallen signatures, up in the third story," he revealed, "But they don't seem to be wearing the clothes of normal Fallen soldiers."

"Velkres what do mean Guardian?!" Ikota exclaimed. The fallen manning the sniper rifle looked back."I mean exactly that. There is a guardian down there!" Velkres managed to say before several rounds started to tear through one of the windows. "Dammit they finally zeroed in on us! We need to move now!" Ikota said as Velkres got up as he grabbed a old assault rifle and tossed Ikota the sniper rifle. "I believe this is yours, Lets get out of here." He said as the two left the room and started their way to the fire escape. and began to climb down the ladder as shots began to wiz by their heads as they dashed into the ruins of a dinner and began to return fire. Velkres as he turned to open fire suddenly a severe pain coursed through his body as he fell on the ground clutching his head in pain. "Dammit not now." Ikota thought seeing his friend collapse. It was only a matter of time his "condition" would had flared up. The fallen now lowering his rifle ran over to Velkres and began to stabbed a unusual syringe into the his neck. Unfortunately now that nobody is returning fire the squad of Cabal are now moving up towards the building.

"They're on the move," Talos informed Pyre-5, "Let's move." The Exo Warlock quickly lept into action, his semi-automatic rifle downing Cabal like flies. Of course, he couldn't escape a few grazes from the enemy, but he would worry about that later. At that point, he was more interested in the two rogue Fallen within the abandoned diner. The Cabal that remained were eliminated, leaving only Pyre-5, Talos, and the Fallen left. Normally, he would have assumed they were there to kill him, but he decided that finding their goal was more important than perceiving them as enemies automatically. "The Fallen are holed up in there," Talos mentioned, "But what does that mean? Why aren't they trying to kill us like normal?" "I don't know," Pyre-5 responded, "But I intend to figure that out." He walked closer to the diner, cautious of what might be in store for them both.

Velkres recovered from his seizure as he looked over to his teammate. "Ikota the gunfire stopped, that can only mean...." He said as they both suddenly realized that meant it was them against the guardian. The very guardian who just single handedly wiped out a squad of angry Cabal. Ikota then grabbed the assault rifle his teammate dropped and crawled over to the counterside and peeked over seeing the guardian walking towards the dinner while Velkres propped himself into a sitting position with his fallen pistol drawn pointed at the entrance of the door. "Velkres this is bad we don't have the ammo of the strength to take on a guardian of this caliber and he is coming right to us!" Looking at Ikota, the smaller fallen looked at him. "Our only chance is to shoot him while he is still walking over. If we catch him off guard and take him down we will be able to make a break for it before he revives." He said pulling back the hood of his cloak revealing his more younger face still wearing the mask providing him ether. "It is our best chance of walking away from this alive brother." He said as Ikota gave a nod. Taking a deep breath he rose from behind the counter rifle raised able to before the guardian was able to raise their own weapon and pulled the trigger. Although there was no gunshot. No bullet. Only the sounds of utter despair as the universal clink of a gun jamming filled the air as both fallen froze up in horror.No not now. Of all time why did you jam now?!?! Was the thoughts running through both of their heads.

"DUCK!" Talos yelled as the Fallen aimed his rifle at Pyre-5. The Guardian jumped behind a rock, only to hear an absence of gunfire. He peered over at the two Fallen, now attempting to unjam the gun, and managed to see their fear. He knew now was the time to strike, but something held back his instinct, telling him that they weren't like the others. (Possibly) He noticed that he had unconsciously raised his weapon, then placing it back down by his side quickly. It was then that he understood their position; that they believed he was sent to kill them. He had met non-hostile Fallen before, in the Reef when he was to meet Mara Sov, but they had belonged to a house. These Fallen, he realized, wore no symbol of any house, instead in the garb of Guardians, weapons and all. He concluded that diplomacy could be reached if he did not appear hostile. At that moment, curiosity overcame precaution as he called out to them in a diplomatic tone. "Hey," he called, "I'm not going to kill you, unless you give me reason to. Who are you, and why are you out here?" He then added, "You can understand me, right?" "We don't know if those things are out to kill us," Talos warned, "maybe we should use caution."

Velkres's head shot up as the guardian spoke as he started to force himself to stand still weak from his seizure which caused him to be forced to use the counter to hold him up and placed his hand on the rifle Ikota was desperately trying to unjam. "Unjam the gun but hold on for a moment." He said as the other fallen nodded. Velkres then started to undo his mask and looked at the guardian has the mask now hung around his neck. "When are the Cabal not trying to kill us? And who we are and why we are here is our busis-" Velkres was cut short as the pain shot through him again and he almost collapsed again. "Little Brother please your not in any condition for this. Your over exerting yourself." The shorter fallen gave a looked at him and gave a reassuring wave before looking back at the guardian with a sigh. "My name is Velkres, former Captain of the House of kings. This is my elder Brother Ikota. He was the marksman of the scavenging unit I commanded." What he said was rather odd not only considering the fact Velkres is the younger. But also with his height taken into account. Typically the higher rank a Fallen is, the more ether they got causing them to be larger. Although this one here was practically the size of a tall human almost around Dreg height. On the other hand considering how well he can speak English it does show a matter of intelligence that a officer would usually have. Other then that the only noticeable thing between the two fallen was the large amounts of bandages on Velkres pretty much leaving only his head and upper part of his neck not covered in some form of cloth. "And you are?"

"Pyre-5," he answered, "And this is Talos." "Greetings." Talos murmured. Pyre-5 turned back to them. "Why are you out here?"

Velkres chuckled as he pulled a chair to the side and sat down in it. "We are doing what we always do guardian. Scavenge and try to survive." He said although it was clearly the half truth. He is hoping that this guardian wont catch on to this little detail and move on. That way they can find what they are looking for....

"Then where is the House you serve?" Talos countered, not convinced that the Fallen were telling the truth

"Brother the gun is unjammed, I could take the shot since his guard is down." Ikota said to the now sitting fallen who gave the universal gesture to stand down. Although considering that it might be difficult to get this guardian away, a cheap shot might actually be a viable option if all else fails. Giving a sigh Velkres looked over at the guardian. "I said former Captain guardian, I do believe that is past tense in your language." He said leaning forward slowly. He was still recovering from his episode and still in pain despite his attempts to hide it. "Normally people will assume we are outcasts or houseless. But to answer your question specifically. We are on our own since we are on a...."temporary hiatus" from our normal duties due to personal reasons. But regardless we are simply out here surviving like I said." The fallen said still attempting to hide their reasoning to had been antagonizing a squadron of Cabal directly outside one of the entrances to the unexplored Moscow metro systems. Everything seemed a bit to connected. Upon looking at the gear the now dead cabal had with them it looked like they was about to enter the metro themselves. But that still doesn't explain why two fallen decided to engage them regardless of being out numbered and considering that gun jamming incident, outgunned as well.

"Then why were you being attacked by Cabal troops?" Questioned Talos, completely forgetting about Pyre-5 and his attempts to dissuade him of further inquisition. "Their armour looks as though they were searching for something here, along with their attitude. What are you really up to..." Before he could finish, Pyre grabbed the Ghost and placed him in his robe pocket for the time being.

Velkres looked at his brother for a second almost as if they was communicating via staring at one another after hearing the ghost's question. Looking back at the guardian the young fallen shook his head as he began to refasten his mask on. "Guardian understand that we are trying to avoid causing issues with your people. But unfortunately your ghost just asked the wrong question. So please forgive us for this." He said as in one swift motion Velkres sent the table in front of him up into the air with one rapid gesture and tossed 2 earth grenades, One stun grenade and a smoke grenade. as the grenades flew Ikota fired 2 bursts from his rifle at the guardian as a distraction as the grenades went off in attempts to stun the stun and disorient the warlock. Then they was off in a adrenaline fueled sprint towards the metro entrance and dashed down the stairs into the station trying to reach the railways.

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