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So, I've made this character, yeah? Capell. And I actually have yet to RP with him...Any volunteers? XD

((If he's not your style, check out some of my other characters. If one is to your liking, message me! I neeeed RP!))

Even though I haven't even looked at him yet, I'll volunteer my services.

Lol! You're a brave soul, Lance, and very sweet. xD Go ahead and check him out, no biggie if it's not your thing to RP with.

I'll do all types of rps. How many times have I said that when welcoming new people? Heh. I'll give him a look over and pick which of my guys would be best suited. In the mean time go ahead and start one up and I'll join in as soon as I have figured out who I'm gonna use.

I'm up for it also. Now, this can either mean two 1x1 RPs, a RP with all three of us, or you guys just telling me to GO AWAI PLSTHNKS. I can live with either :)

ORRRR!!! you can kick back and watch our rp while making us cookies too. Just a thought. Heh. But yep. I read him over. And I know just who will be used to match up with him. Insert evil sadistic smirk here. Heh.

I'm not going to make you cookies.

*Bruce Banner voice* You wouldn't like my cookies.

Lol!! XD You guys are hysterical.

Hmm...I'm not sure. xD I'm not very good with coming up with plotlines (in case you haven't learned that from my Land of Imbrium fail. In my defense I did fix it though).

What do you guys prefer? 1x1s or would one of YOU like to make the plot?
Warning: This is kind of experimental because, like I said, I have NEVER RPED HIM BEFORE. So I have to get used to him. XD

I like all cookies. So long as they aren't tossed. Hmmm...well I never seen your so called fail but I believe a good rp should be one where if someone "fails" then one of the parters should be able to kick it up per say. I ain't got a problem with doing one with all three of us either.

Okay. We'll figure it all out later after I've eaten and had some time away from the computer. X3 sound good?

Sounds good to me. I'm about to go out grocery shopping in a few with my step mom anyways. I'll ponder ideas while I'm out.

I just wanted to say I gandered at your thief..and liked what I saw. :)

Awesome! :D I'm glad you like it x3 if you wanna RP, drop me a message or feel free to join in what Sera, Lance and I are planning. xD

Will think about it. ;)

And I'm home but I'm gonna clean house for a bit so more time to think up plot lines.

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Forums > RP Discussion > Show the Thief some Love