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Setting: Old Russia, timeline of Destiny 1.

The Guardian teleported down to the surface, his ship racing off back to the Tower. Checking that all his weapons were reloaded and ready to fire, he turned to the landscape before him. Summoning his sparrow, he hopped on the light vehicle, racing off to the Mothyards to receive some missions from the Tower. He wondered what they would have in store for him today.

This RP is open to join, if you so desire to do so.

Not far from the mothyards there was a small fallen unit nearby a entrance into the Lunar Complex. It seemed that the group was preparing to enter the complex. Normally this is a rather normal sight considering the sheer amount of fallen from the House of Devils are but these were no devils. In fact looking at the golden scarfs and insignias. They was clearly from none other then the House of Kings. The unit was only about 8 fallen consisting of about4 dreg, 3 vandals and then their Captain who oddly enough was short for a Captain considering he was only about 6'' which was the size of a average human. Following him was a vandal wielding sniper rifle and it seemed like the two was speaking to one another about something as the rest of the team made seemed to be preparing for something.

Jumping off the sparrow, the Exo Titan jogged up onto one of the planes, hearing the metal creak below his feet. Looking around he spotted the group of Fallen, and pulled out his rifle. Kneeling, he aimed carefully, knowing that at this distance, he was very unlikely to hit one of them. He fired anyway, the bullet streaking toward the group. Not taking the time to see if it had hit, he ran back down the wing, getting on his Sparrow and racing off toward them.

(Bold represents fallen language)
Fortunately the bullet simply wizzed past and struck the wall and that was enough for the dreg and vandals to scramble for their weapons and began to unleash a barrage of shots from their weapons while Velkres, the short fallen captain stood with the vandal he was speaking to. "Well Ikota, looks like it is your time to show this guardian your marksmanship." The short captain said to which the vandal replied as he unslung his rifle. "Looks like it is brother." He then took aim at not the guardian himself since it was common logic that they simply don't stay dead. Instead he aimed at the sparrow and opened fire striking the controls of the hover bike in order to cause it to loose control. After taking the shoot The two looked at each other for a moment before Velkres gave the signal to the rest of the team. "Alright activate the landmines, we are moving out!" He said as he and Ikota began to enter the complex while each of the fallen began to break off one by one as they began to fall back into the complex.

Glancing between the path ahead and the group above, Echo saw them lining up shots. He activated the boost, but they had already gotten the lead locked on him. The first shot pierced the controls, causing the steering to lock. The second cut through the engine block, the boost being forced into overdrive, sending the hoverbike streaking forward in a wide turn. It was almost the perfect trajectory, if it weren't for the rock that launched the Titan into the air, he probably could have survived unscathed. Unfortunately, he came down hard, having jumped off the sparrow at the last minute to slow his fall as much as possible. His legs crumpled beneath him, and he rolled forward, coming to rest flat on his back. It took him a moment to get up, reorienting himself as his body was quickly repaired. Following the group, he raised his rifle, stepping cautiously into the complex.

The fallen task force managed to get a decent head start from the guardian as they ventured through the vast complex. As the unit walked Velkres pulled out a small data pad and began reading it before looking back at those under his command. "Alright considering our situation I am going to have team b go with Ikota and maintain a over watch position. Up on the second floor of that building over looking our position. Ikota, make sure you radio in if you see any guardians or Devils. The captain said to his brother who nodded and departed with a vandal and a dreg leaving Velkres with the rest as the proceeded onwards into what appeared to be some sort of research facility. A few minutes passed comms opened up with the sound of Ikota's voice. "Brother our team is in position. We have complete view of the area and is currently setting up." The captain smiled underneath his helmet knowing his younger brother is one of the best shots in their house. "Good work Ikota, maintain radio silence unless you spot movement. Velkres out." He said before the started to proceed down a flight of stairs into the underground levels. They need to find the target. no matter what it takes.

Minutes later, the guardian entered the complex, taking his rifle and pointing it forward, the light on the end illuminating his path as he delves into the Lunar Complex. Checking his motion sensor, Echo glanced around, not seeing anyone yet. He went deeper into the building, carefully checking around corners and down other halls to make sure that there was no Fallen around. He had entered the room where team b was watching, unbeknownst to him. He stopped for a moment, letting his sensors calibrate for a moment, before seeing a small red line at the edge of the range. Here they are, he thought, clicking the safety off of his rifle and proceeding further into the room. Small puddles of water littered the ground, his metal feet splashing through them and creating an unnecessary amount of noise, most likely alerting whatever was inside the room.

Ikota heard the noise and activated his cloacking device before peeking over. Spotting the guardian he radio in to Velkres i a hushed tone "Brother the Guardian is heading in your general direction. He might just miss you but still what are your order?"

Meanwhile Velkres was with his team who are now busy scanning devices and extracting information from the computers that was practically untouched by time. The data seemed very insightful with schematics and information of various technological advancements from the golden age. The captain had removed his helmet after sitting down at one of the main computer systems to read some of the information himself when the Ikota contacted him to relay the report. "Understood Ikota, Just let him pass for now. If he gets close to the entrance to sector 4 open fire." He said before sending one of the Dregs to close the door of the area so it seemed nobody had been in the area.

The sound of a door closing alerted Echo, and he slowed. He assumed that they had heard him coming, and knew that he was there. He summoned his Ghost, scanning the area and detecting activity at one of the terminals. "We should probably go check that out," the hovering machine told him. "The Fallen could be downloading data that is crucial for us to keep safe from them." Echo looked around, missing the slight disturbance of air that Ikota had created while he was cloaked. Shouldering his rifle again, he walked forward, glancing around the room. He saw the closed door, and realized that it was the one leading to the terminal room. There might be a team waiting for him, as there usually was in these kind of events.

Ikota monitored the guardian as he saw him get closer to sector 4and then gave his team to move into more defendable positions. Then once everyone was set Ikota unslung his rifle and opened fire with clear and accurate shots as the rest of his unit followed suit.

Meanwhile Velkres heard the gunshots as he looked at his unit "Hurry up and transmit everything to HQ we will review the data there. Right now we have company!" He said as the rest of the team initiated the transfer to HQ. "We must defend these terminal until the data finishes transfering! all we need to do is hold out for about 5 minutes." He said as He and his team positioned themselves between the door and the terminals seeking whatever cover they can find.

Little do they know what lurks in these lower levels of the complex.

(hey is it alright if we introduce the taken eventually in this or naw?)

As the first shot rang out, hitting Echo in the arm, he dodged away, diving behind the nearest pillar. He could hear the shots slamming into the barrier, and knew that it wouldn't last much longer. Priming a grenade, he turned and hucked it at the group, hoping that it would do a considerable amount of damage to the Fallen party. He opened fire with his rifle, aiming for the least damaged targets first - They would pose the most risk to him. His red eyes flicked between the figures, sizing each up as he fired.

(Definitely. Would you play them, or should I?)

(i could do it but if there is anything you want the taken to specifically do feel free to use them)
The grenade went off right next to Ikota and a dreg knocking the fallen vandal down .When Ikota looked up he saw his dreg teammate getting mowed down by gunfire before his corpse fell over the railing on the overhead walkway his team was on. Ikota then remained low as he examined him self seeing if there was any wounds. Luckily there wasn't anything to serious aside from the shrapnel in his leg that is going to cause some difficulty moving. He then gestured his only other teammate, the other vandal to get down. The vandal did so after tossing a grenade over and then began to make his way towards Ikota to help move him to a safe location.

Meanwhile Velkres and his team didn't hear much since they was distracted by the door and gunfire but it sounds like something is stirring in the lower levels and heading up to the sounds of gunfire.

(huh kinda funny Ikota is getting more play time then Velkres. i might need to give Velkres's younger brother his own character sheet)

Seeing the return grenade arcing toward him, Echo got up and ran behind a different pillar, barely escaping the explosion. A piece of something hit him in the back, and he reached around to pluck it out, tossing it to the ground. The downtime in firing allowed the sounds to cease, and Echo's audio sensors picked up...something else, farther down in the complex. It seemed that they were about to have more company. He let his body recalibrate itself, assessing the damage that had been caused. Nothing that would slow him down too much, but he needed to be more careful. There was a piece of metal embedded in the back of his head, which would limit the speed at which he looked around. He waited for the unseen menace to show itself from the deep dark.

((Might not be a bad idea.))

Velkres and his team waited, holding their breath. It was a tense moment as they all ad their weapons trained towards the door backs towards the dark hallway behind then. They probably would had heard the noises if it wasn't for the gunfire above. They probably would had been able to react quicker. This did not happen as suddenly a ball of dark energy whizzed pass the Captain and his team cause the door they had closed to suddenly explode open They turned seeing what looked like fellow Elksini except they looked as if they was a walking void of darkness. "The Taken! Open fire! Don't let them touch you or your doomed!" Was the words the Captain shouted as the team opened fire. The shootout seemed to last for about 3 minutes before the sounds of Fallen shrieks began to mix in with the gunfire.

Waiting behind the pillar, Echo heard the door be blasted open, the chunk of metal flying into the wall in front of him. He glanced around the pillar to see the Fallen fighting the Taken, and if he could have grinned, then he would. He let the fight go on for a bit, then stepped in, firing burst rounds into the room to kill anything that was left. There were enough figures inside that most of his shots hit, the ones that didn't whizzing past to clang farther into the hallway. There were definitely more where the first round of Taken had come from, and they would be on their way soon, if not already rounding a bend in the tunnel in front of him. He stepped behind the pillar again to reload, letting the situation in the control room calm down a little.

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