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The game is simple. All this is is one of those interview quiz things that are so popular here, but it's for your unique Pokémon designs! you can do as many as you like, and feel free to leave a space blank if you haven't got that far yet!

Is it a legendary:
Mega ((If applicable)) :
Name origins:
Gender ratio:
Signature move ((If applicable)) :
Related items:
Pokedex entry:
Best stat:
Worst stat:
Evolution line:
Evolution method:

Lol awesome

Thanks haha

Name: Vulpignis
Typing: Fire
Is it a legendary: No
Name origins: The fist part (Vulp) comes from the latin word for fox, vulpes and the second part (ignis) comes from the latin word for fire, ignis.
Gender ratio: 50:50
Ability: Flame Body
Signature move ((If applicable)): Not at this stage
Pokedex entry: It is a very friendly pokemon, but be careful, touching it with you bare skin can leave you with a nasty burn.
Best stat: Speed
Worst stat: Health
Evolution line: W.I.P. This is the first stage of evolution (Probably gonna be 3 stages).
Evolution method: Levelling

nice job, i could see it being related to vulpix in some way?

Here ya go. My two fakemon rp characters: Eclipseon and Spectreon


icyrosyseal wrote:
nice job, i could see it being related to vulpix in some way?

I used the head of Vulpix when making it, but the final evolution is gonna be quite different.

Name: Pyrochu
Typing: Fire/Electric
Is it a legendary: No
Design: 59_avatar_big.jpg (Disclaimer; not my art)
Name origins: A fire variant of Raichu, evolved from Pikachu with a fire stone.
Gender ratio: 50/50
Ability: Flame Body, Flash Fire
Signature move ((If applicable)) : Volt Tackle
Shiny: Color-swap; Yellow to Purple, Red to Indigo, Black to Violet
Pokedex entry: Some foolhardy trainers believe Pikachu's personality not to be sufficiently explosive. Pyrochu is the solution to their problem.
Best stat: Speed & S.Atk (tied)
Worst stat: Defense
Evolution line: Pikachu
Evolution method: Use a "Fire Stone" on a pikachu that does not know any water moves.

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Forums > Forum Games > Post your Fakémon!