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While I can appreciate all the tools available on RPR for keeping up with one another, is it possible to become exempt to all these watchlists? There's something that doesn't sit quite right with me about each move I make going into a feed. It's one thing for actions to list on my profile, but being watched seems strange, even borderline invasive. I know we can make anonymous characters with no connections, but I'm not looking to ghost around the forums, I just don't like the idea of my every action being tracked.

Now see this is something that I think I asked about ( Sort of, anyway) at some point but was just mostly me being concerned about spamming people with my nonsense. I think I would enjoy being more invisible than the site allows but I am also on the bandwagon of loving the ability to see what everyone's up to with their characters at a quick scroll.

So maybe an option to prevent pinging when you make friends/make new characters/ accolades/etc ( things that dont relate to characters and more to the person behind the screen) would be an option to opt in to? Or are you more concerned about what progress you make on the characters being stalked too? ( Admittedly, just realized its you Lib, lmao. I kind of understand.)

I turn off those feeds for basically everyone I'm friends with since I just don't want to deal with seeing all thing all the time, but I'm sure that's not all that common.

I admit that there are times when I'm hesitant to post because I don't feel up to responding to an RP I'm in, and I'd rather my partner(s) think I just wasn't on than think I'm avoiding them or something because they see me posting around the site. Of course, because I tend to forget that the feed is a thing (again, since I have pretty much all user notifications turned off), my concern is more about appearing on the Community page recent activity or just someone seeing that I posted when they look at a thread, so that wouldn't help a whole lot for me I guess, and for me it's just a sometimes thing anyway.

Still, I think it'd be nice to have the option to not be followed.

Unfortunately, this isn't currently possible. It would require totally re-architecting the notification system and how they are created.

That said... I'd like to do that at some point in the coming years as the site expands so far beyond what the original few versions of the notification systems were designed to handle, and I'll try to keep desires like this in mind when the time comes.

@Novalyyn - "my concern is more about appearing on the Community page recent activity" What does this mean?

Kim wrote:
@Novalyyn - "my concern is more about appearing on the Community page recent activity" What does this mean?
I tend not to think about our individual activity feeds, but I spend a lot of time going to the Community page to look at the "Active Forum Topics," which of course will cycle through faster or slower depending on site activity. During times when I'm feeling weird and tired, basically, I get self-conscious about appearing there (or in the forums in general).

I don't consider that to be something that would be worth the effort to try changing, though. (Especially the silliness about a recent post being stumbled across in the forums themselves.) I mostly just meant to add to the agreement that feeling watched can be bothersome and lead to hesitation to participate.

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Getting *Un*watched