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On the outside of her ship (dubbed the Falling Star), things were relatively normal. It was parked nearby a hangar, though the cockpit was dark to avoid anyone looking that way for anything possibly interesting. The hatch was unguarded, but a single chair rested outside it on the sandy planet named 'Tuphon'.

Inside was a little different. There were repairs being done, though thankfully minor, and the Elven woman was in the process of checking through a special telescreen to overlook what needed the most attention. A couple drinks rested nearby, one for her and one for her other crew-member, a reptilian creature known as a 'Wari'. But to everyone else, she was Ss'thika. Moving from the lounge, Ara plucked up her drink along the way and was immediatly joined by a bat-like creature called 'Lobelia', a jijuu when it came to race. As usual, the tiny animal curled its way underneath its owner's hair against the back of her neck.

With all going well, the elf leaned against one of the walls to relax and take a sip of her drink.

((Since I'm going to be working some crazy long shifts, I will reply to this when I can. Don't be discouraged if I'm quiet for a few hours!))

A human girl shuffled around outside the hangar, here and about like a drifting shadow, as if she simply popped out of thin air and was relatively unbothered about the occurrence. She was small and scrawny with black, somewhat vacant eyes that had a tendency to stare for a moment too long.

More strangely, she wore a shiny silver suit that crinkled when she walked and carried a little, orange, plastic bucket upon which was painted a somewhat dopey and snaggle-toothed smile. On top of a head of short, thick black hair that still managed to appear wildly disheveled sat a molded mask of thin and cheap plastic: a man with a black bandit-mask and funny little blue ears. Eyebrows, too. She'd never seen a man with blue eyebrows. Maybe it was supposed to be a silly costume.

She might have been lost.

The elastic pulled at her hair and ears, and the mask hurt her face. But maybe this was okay, she'd reasoned; she had seen so many funny-looking monsters and creatures around here that perhaps a person would be scary enough and she wouldn't have to wear the squishy thing the entire time she was out.

She supposed she ought to feel silly about the whole thing, perhaps frightened as lost-people often were, but she simply felt hungry. And it appeared that someone was in that ship.

So the little silver girl clambered up to the Falling Star like a little spider-monkey, and diminutive knuckles rapped against the door.

Achu was a young orphan elf of royal blood and mischevious to the core, having escaped from his minder's care and watch he set out to investigate the strange thing that stood before him in the not too far distance.

He snuck between the bushes, watching an elf resting on a chair and a young human approaching him. She seemed nice, and the host was an elf as well, both details helped Achu gather enough courage to leave his safe haven, his hiding spot in order to approach the little human and the resting elf.

"Greetings to all... I'm Achu!" announced the young elf excited, eyeing out the others outfits and appearance

At the knock to the door, Ara took a moment to finish off her drink so she could set the glass aside and she looked to the screen that connected to the camera fitted above the door. A child wasn't something she was expecting, but she'd find something to certainly make do! Treats weren't certainly hard to find, not on her ship and not with her own stash of wonderful snack things. What she wouldn't really have was a costume of her own, but that took time that she didn't bother with.

Dumping it all in a bowl to appear totally prepared, she opened up the hatch and looked down at the young girl. "This is something else. Ah, very old-school." Didn't Zeta show her something like this before? She reached out to tap a nail against one of the supposed 'ears' of the mask, considering Blackbird a moment. "I have just the thing." Humans generally could eat anything she could, which was a relief in this case. And in this case, the girl got a random chocolate bar - hope she likes nougat filling and all that!

When Achu approached, Ara would look down at the little elf and twitched an ear. Well, he'd be no less difficult than Blackbird when it came to food. "Hello, my name is Ara." She greets in kind, digging out a pack of something that certainly could be the equivalent of skittles. "And this is yours." If he had a bag to put them in. Ara didn't seem to mind the possibility there wasn't a costume, since the boy had gone and snuck off. Did kids usually come without their parents? Eh, who was she to judge?

Drew skipped on up to Ara's ship, ready to see what else he could get. Psycho bounced around by his ankles, excited. Time to add yet more weight to his bucket as he hit up house number three. He couldn't wait to see what he got this year!

The costume-clad man was rather excited for a college student. He loved sugar. This ship looked rather foreboding, though.

Achu looked up with a small smile on his face, accepting the candy that he was being given


Without further ado, he sat on the ground next to Ara and proceeded to eat each candy away, slowly, melting it in the mouth to get the full flavour before moving onto the next.

It would take some time to finish them all but in the meantime he enjoyed looking around at the scenery and quietly listening into the conversations going on, from time to time glancing at Blackbird and her lack of pointy ears, a clear indication he had only mingled with elves up to that point, eyeing out Drew with curious eyes too.

When Ara poked at the little ears of the mask, the kid finally managed a tentative smile and a chirp of a "Soy Batman!" - by way of explanation, of course. It's what was on the box, after all!

Achu's appearance saw the girl scuttling backwards at first with a little squeak, but she appeared to quickly figure he was okay as she glanced quickly from the woman to the boy - at first for conformation, then for comparison. Two elves! Maybe she should wear the pointy-eared mask, after all?

None of their ears were blue, though. That would be unpleasant. Probably. The mask was still firmly silly in her new company, she'd decided, so it remained a makeshift hat.

"Greetings...Achu!" That was okay, right? Then added another "thank you," as Ara handed her the candy, which promptly went into her own little bucket. This was good, she could be on her way - a chocolate bar would be more than enough to sate her hunger until she got un-lost!

Then she reconsidered. Picked the candy back up again to examine it. She saw the boy sat, and so she did too, mimicking how he did it. Glanced up at the woman, then - she wasn't quite sure if what she wanted to do next was in the rules. Bit her tongue, frowning at the little bar - and broke it apart, meticulously splitting it right in half as best as she was able (snapping off tiny pieces to even it out) and held one half out to the other little guy.

"Achu. Yes! This, take it. Please. Good, too." Her voice was tiny.

She carefully crossed her legs and began nibbling on her own half - at least until the very, very tall man and the bouncing Psycho approached.

Not keen on herself or her prize being bounced at all, thank you, she stood up quickly and hugged the plastic globe to herself.

"Hello! I am done, now. Good things, she got them." Gesturing to Ara. Go get candy, tall man!

The college boy wasn't the sort she was expecting, though while she was a bit taken back, it didn't do much to pause the treat-giving. However, given Drew's age, the elven woman decided he'd probably want what any college kid cared for. She headed back into her ship with the bowl held at her side, returning with her world's equivalent of a can of redbull. Who could go wrong with an energy drink, right? "Here you go." She said, placing it carefully in the basket he was carrying about.

Achu was left to enjoy his candy, but her attention soon turned back to the more talkative Blackbird. "Now, what is your name, then? Your parents nearby?" Ara asked curiously, returning to her chair with the bowl back on her lap and she'd dig through it. A small bag of cinnamon candies was sought and eventually pulled it, which she'd take the time to enjoy; piece by piece as Achu was doing with his own.

Blade would skup on up to Ara's ship, a Sweet cute aura glowing upon him, He would knock on the door, Smiling cutely "Trick or treat!!" The wolf said with a friendly tone, holding out a small pouch, Blade was quite adorable despite looking so muscular,

The girl looked up sharply at the next questions, then stiffly and suddenly held out her slightly-less-chocolatey hand, presumably to shake.

"Mirlo." She made a face, as if it was a name patently ridiculous, but one she was fond of, nevertheless. "Niko." Now that one was better, felt better - despite neither name being particularly feminine. "Yes. Niko." A thumb jerked to her own chest to emphasize it.

But at the second question, she tilted her head almost animalistically at first, staring unblinkingly at the older elf as if she had difficulty understanding and wished to spot the answers that lay just beyond Ara's eyes. Then scrunched her own eyes shut and shook her head vehemently, the next little chirrup one that was undoubtedly sullen despite the actual words she managed to put together with some effort. "Only me. I am fine."

The arrival of yet-another-tall person (or wolf, in this case) saw the girl shrinking against Ara instinctively, before she seemed to realize that was what she was doing. With a little hm-m-mmm... of a theatrical cough, she straightened back up. Busied herself with staring at the little cinnamon candies as Ara fiddled with them, before pointing to them. "One, please? One only. I will go. I am sorry."

"I'm right here."

Ara said from her seat next to the door and she eyed the wolf, reaching for a chocolate bar only to tuck it back into the bowl. No, cocoa was not for dogs...or their ancestors. Whichever. Instead, she'd give him a package of jellybeans. That'd do! "There you go. Enjoy." Was offered to Blade, and she'd go back to eating her own candy.

At Niko's reply, she was skeptical, but went with it. Maybe it was a fun little nickname. "As you say, Batman." She mused, reaching down to accept the little handshake. "Just you? Well, just you can stay here then, for a bit." Impromptu adoption? You betcha. "You will be much better than fine, if you decide to." When she asked for a cinnamon candy, the elf was fine with sharing and she'd drop a small amount onto her hand. "Nah, stay. I've got many beds, all in their own rooms."

Drew seemed a bit confused at first, but he shrugged it off and accepted the energy drink. He was willing to take anything good, honestly. Thanking Ara, he headed away towards the next building.

Achu had watched all those around a while, accepting a half of the chocolate bar he had been offered by blackbird/Niko and ate it rather quickly and hungrily, licking the sticky fingers afterwards so none would of it would go to waste

Achu looked wide eyed at the wolf and quite liked the talkative animal, amused at its arrival and voice, though it all changed for the worse at the mention of rooms and beds

Achu became alarmed, fearing being captured and kept trapped into a room so he jumped to his feet and broke off into a run to hide in the bushes before the taller elf Ara could catch him and return him home.

Once at a safe distance, he stopped, turned and waved the small hand briskly to bid his farewells to his new acquaintances, manners being of the utmost importance to him.

"Thank you for everything and safe journey to you all!" shouted out Achu cupping his hands around his mouth to amplify the message of gratitude, leaving as he came, quickly and out of the blue

"Thank you!" Said the wolf happily, walking back "Happy Halloween!!" He smiled as he walked off happily


There was a sound high in the air above. It was kind of a whining drone of a wail. It soon became louder until it was hard to miss. There was a bluish-green light, then a silvery shape. Soon a fighter slowed to a hover in front of the hanger. With excellent low speed control, it shifted in the air to line up with the ship parked outside of a hangar.

The engines pushed air upwards with a hum that was almost quiet for how big the fighter seemed. The spacecraft touched down. The cockpit popped open and a ladder shot out from the side of the ship. The pilot took off his helmet and shook his long, golden hair before starting to climb down the flexible ladder.

He was dressed in bluish-silver pants and a matching vest. Large, muscular arms shot out from it. His face was painted with dark blue tribal paint, which seemed to bring out his eyes. As he made eye contact with one of the people in the group, he busted out his air guitar.

Brash pretended he had a guitar in his arms with the way he stood. He mimicked shredding a riff and made the noise, "Bee-doo-dee-da-dow-ow-ow-ow", he howled.

"What's happenin', dudes and dudettes?" He had a swagger to his gait, neck holding his angular face high over his shoulders. "Are we all here to par-tay? I sure am."

He stepped up to the crowd and said, "Now who might all you rockin' folk be?"

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