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Thinking about looking through the Your Posts is difficult if you are trying to find something specific and don't know what date it was. It would be nice to be able to search by Character. Instead of just by month and year. It would make finding things easier then treading by month over and over till you figure out what it is you are trying to find.

I'd love to have more sorting options in general here. ^^

I've wondered about the addition of a search bar to the Your Posts page before. That way as long as you remember a single keyword (such as a character name) you can narrow your search significantly.

I'd also like a Your Topics option added to the Your Posts page for ease of access, as while I can find my old topics via Your Subscribed Topics on the Your Settings page it was only after some help to locate it as it would never have occurred to me to look in my settings.

Better filtering and search for this page is a planned feature. :)

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Your Posts