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There was a small two-story, old-fashioned but really pretty victorian house down the road. It was in the process of being repainted, as ladders with buckets of paint were leaned against the facade. Flaky gray paint covered the walls, and the porch was a dull white, decorated with massive amounts of lights and traditional pumpkin lanterns in various sizes. There was light coming from every window, signalling someone was home, and the man in question who owned it was sitting right there at the porch among his carved creations, ready to greet any visitors.

Alexandre wore the traditional priest attire, and the collar gleamed white against his dark skin and pristine black clothing. A set of massive, heavy-looking horns crowned his head, horns that looked a little too real... For todays occasion he had let his hair out; it cascaded over his shoulders in dramatic waves, which was unusual as he normally gathered it in a ponytail for the sake of looking average but let's just face it; there was nothing anywhere close to unassuming or bland about this priest tonight. One could catch a glimpse of long and hairy goat's ears underneath those silky curls of mahogany. And his sheer size was intimidating, not only was he broad shouldered, he was possibly just about tall enough to hit his head in the ceiling if he stood up. The rocking-chair was creaking uncannily under his weight.

To top it all off, the shrewd look in those golden goat's eyes made you wonder just exactly what those wrapped candies he tried giving the children contained.

No wonder he was alone. Was it really a costume?

He sat there leaned back in the rocking chair on his porch, alone, puffing on his tobacco-pipe, with a basket full of (hopefully) wrapped candies right next to him but alas; the children appeared to be afraid of the hulking, stag-like fake-real costume. Maybe he should glamour himself again... Alex reached up, brushing the downy hairs on his goats ears as he contemplated the choice he had made. He had taken the opportunity to be himself this one particular night with the hopes to pass it off as a costume, but maybe it wasn't the greatest one of his ideas as of yet.

Lizzy wandered the neighborhood, waiting for her boyfriend and his best friend to show up. Lizzy enjoyed Halloween, she and her boyfriend and best friend could be themselves that night. She was dressed up as a very attractive pirate, not too sexy, but just enough to draw attention from those around. Tall back high heeled boots, fishnet leggings, a black ruffled and ragged looking skirt, corset, white fluffy blouse and pirate hat with a long, red floofy feather. She made a very striking appearance with her dark purple hair, pale white skin and red eyes, she looked like a vampire pirate, which, tonight she was.

Lizzy licked her lips, her fangs fully formed today, and her skin paler than ever, she hoped to get some good candy tonight. Where were the boys?? She pouted and hoisted her leather candy bag up higher on her arm as she stood on the sidewalk not too far from a pretty, well decorated Victorian looking house. She really wanted to check it out, but she was still alone, and trick or treating alone is just about as fun as going to a fair alone.

The priest kept rocking gently back and forth in the chair, but he stopped when he heard distant footsteps and the rustle of dry leaves. Alexandre had sharp eyes and excellent hearing. Perhaps she missed it, but he shifted and shot the girl a friendly smile through the darkness. He remained seated as he idly gestured for her to approach with one of his clawed hands.

There was only a gate and a graveled pathway separating the two. The path cut straight through his little garden, which was mostly just lawn and naked bushy plants that flowered during the summer, as well as a single large maple that was currently in the process of felling its leaves. He had to rake those tomorrow. Even tonight, perhaps. He would lie sleepless tonight, immensely bothered by all those damned leaves. They were pretty and colorful and all that, but couldn't they just fall in little neat piles?

Zale sighed exasperated by his best friend Olli, he was taking as much time and effort on his costume and appearance as some girls do on makeup and hair. His pointed scaly tail twitched in annoyance as his long silver grey wings tickled it. Zale never really needed a Halloween costume, nor was he bothered by seeming to wear the same one every year. But this year he had been talked into dressing as a pirate along with Olli and his girlfriend. He was a demon pirate, and Olli and Lizzy were vampire pirates, not your usual Halloween costumes.

But oh well, as long as Olli and Lizzy were happy, he'd do whatever (within reason of course) for them. "Olli... Lizzy has been waiting for us. We need to go."

"I'm almost ready!" Olli hollered from his room. Zale grumbled and walked back in there and came out dragging his best friend by the collar of his shirt. "Let's go."

Olli was still complaining after they parked and were walking over to Lizzy who was standing impatiently by the gate of the pretty house she wanted to visit. "Lizzy!" Olli cried excitedly and bounced over to kiss her and Zale grinned in amusement as she bonked him on the head irritatedly. "You left me out here by myself waiting for you guys for an hour!"

While enjoying his tobacco, Alexandre listened to the chatter of the bickering youths over at the gate. The demon priest blew some smoke out through his nose, wondering if they'd ever come get the darned candy. He wasn't one to eat it himself.

He shifted and picked up the bucked of candy to put it on the little round table right next to him. As he did, giant hoofs with hairy ankles appeared from underneath the black coat. He had a few cans of soda and light beer linded up there as well, if people preferred that over sweets. He was sort of maybe kind of hoping they'd stick around when finishing their drinks, because even if he was a private person he did enjoy small talk with strangers.

Clanking her way up the street in her full suit of plate armour, Zenola paused just outside the fenced and gated yard. She’d only been in this realm for a few days and was still adjusting to the strange customs of the people that lived there. On a lark, her new friends had convinced her to try collecting some candy and tried their best to explain the concept of All Hallow’s Eve to her. 

Truthfully, the little halfling really didn’t understand the underlying concept, but Sam had said she should march up to each door in turn and make the ritual request and so here she was! She fumbled for a moment at the gate, making a huge racket as her gauntlet rattled against the metal latch on the door. Unlike most of the other visitors, her costume was a little too real; A little too heavy and clearly made of actual steel. Despite having spent the afternoon cleaning, shining and then oiling the plates there were still the telltale dings and dents in places that indicated the suit had seen some use as well, as had the shield strapped to her back and the ancient looking smith’s hammer that hung from her belt.

Creaking, clinking and rattling her way up the walkway and stairs, she finally came to a full stop on the porch by what she presumed was the owner of the pretty looking house. Flipping up the visor on her helm revealed a cherub-like face with rosy cheeks and a riot of copper curls peeking out from the edges of the opening. “Well met!” She sounded absolutely ecstatic.

A tiefling!

She had stumbled onto the home of a familiar species, or so she thought. Perhaps she wasn’t the only one that had fallen through that portal into this plane. Although, this particular fellow must have been here a while in order to collect enough wealth to buy a home. Perhaps he was an adventurer like herself, or a merchant?

Shaking her head to clear it, she gave the fellow a broad, happy smile. At a little less than three feet tall she could easily be mistaken for a child at first glance, but only if one ignored the crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes from years of laughter and good humour or the confidence in her movements that hinted at her skill with that shield and hammer. 

“Trick or … treat?”

Alex was no dunce. His keen eyes could tell when a costume was real and when a costume was only ever that, a fake disguise. That's why he raised his bushy eyebrows a little when the trick-or-treater approached the porch in a full set of rustling armor. They moved like they were used to wearing it, too, and the demon figured they likely weren't from around, just like himself. But he had been around for quite some time, long enough to get a job, a house, and to blend into society and nearly become invisible to the uninitiated. In full glamour he was just your average friendly priest.

When she greeted him he shot her a friendly smile and sat up from having slouched in the rocking chair. He took his time to reply, and had another huff on his little wooden pipe as his golden goat eyes curiously eyed her appearance. She was sort of adorable. Looking thoughtful, Alex blew the smoke out in a little circle that quickly dissipated.

"Well met indeed, halfling." he then answered with his baritone but gentle, smooth voice and French accent. He dipped his head in a polite nod. He had been to a lot of places and seen a lot of things; he was no stranger to her kind. Shifting again he stretched his legs out to cross his hoofs in a comfortable position. They were nearly the size of plates to be able to carry his weight. "Ah, the kids run away at the sight of me. There is plenty of candy left." he said as he gestured at the pumpkin-shaped bucket on the table. He was big and horned. He loomed over everyone. He definitely saw where they were coming from, but it didn't bother him much. Almost nothing never did.

"There's beer and soda too."

Upon closer inspection, the fellow didn’t quite look like the typical tiefling either but it wasn’t Zenola’s place to judge. This wasn’t her home realm after all, and so many things were different here.

His looming didn’t seem to phase her in the least. When you’re as tall (or as short) as she was absolutely everyone loomed. No one ever intended to; It always just happened that way and she’d spent so much time craning her neck to look up at everyone that it came quite naturally. His long pause to pull on his pipe was familiar too. Where Zenola came from it would have been almost sacrilegious to interrupt someone’s enjoyment of good tobacco and so she waited politely for him to answer in his own time.

“I’m told that candy is something worth hoarding. The very nice dragon I met a few days ago insisted that I begin to horde some of my own and sent me out to collect some,” she chattered amicably, her friendly grin never once fading in even the slightest. “Although, I have to admit that a half-pint would be welcome…” Apparently this was a decision to agonize over and she nibbled thoughtfully at her lip. “I did promise Sam that I’d do my best dragon impression and horde candy though, so perhaps I ought to stick to that. I wouldn’t want him to be disappointed!”

Clambering up to the table and selecting a single piece of wrapped candy from the pumpkin shaped bucket, Zenola dropped a curtsey of gratitude for her host—in full armour no less. 

“It’s a shame your village children haven’t learned to accept tiefling-kind. It was the same in my home village too. Personally, I’ve found quite a few friends with horns or tails—or both—as of late and if you find it particularly difficult, feel free to recruit me for assistance. I’m told that I’m exceptionally good at helping people make friends. And hitting things… but mostly making friends!”

Once Lizzy was finished scolding her nincompoop boyfriend, she looked over and noticed that several others had come and gone from the beautiful house. "Come on guyssss. Let's go in here." She led her two friends through the gate and down the walkway to the porch. They all knew very well what this man was, but they didn't care. Zale just looked at him a bit more curiously, his tail swishing as they all chorused. "Trick or Treat!"

Zenola was keen to find out what all the fuss was about and after a quick inspection of the wrapped sweet she pulled off the foil and popped the whole thing into her mouth. Sam had told her that candy was worth hoarding and boy, was he right! She'd never heard of, seen or tasted chocolate before and the luxurious sensation of it melting on her tongue was nothing short of divine! After a moment the intense chocolate flavour gave way to something a little more familiar; Some kind of treacle or toffee appeared to be in the centre and she grinned up at her host in gratitude, dipping another polite curtsey.

She lifted a hand and waved a goodbye as she headed back towards the stairs, the toffee sticking her teeth together in such a fashion as to prevent her from chattering poor Alexandre's furry ears off any more than she already had. Off she went to find the next house and acquire more of these amazing little sweets!

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More trick-or-treaters were approaching. While they were making their way towards the porch he idly watched the little armored redhead as she helped herself to the candy. A wily grin tugged at the corner of his mouth as she proceeded to unwrap and eat it, but he held it back and managed to look merely intensely intrigued instead. "Help yourself. Have as many as you can carry, little one. Have a beer too. But ah, it might not be as strong as you're used to..."

He shifted, and turned towards the new trick-or-treaters. Briefly eyeing their costumes, he then jokingly raised his clawed hands in the air, pipe idly resting in his mouth. "I surrender! You can have my candy." he said before drawing at his pipe. If they came to plunder his candy he would give it up willingly. As long as he had his tobacco this idling demon would remain harmless.

Zale smiled at the fellow eternal being, and bowed politely, feeling a bit of trepidation though, as he knew many demons could tell if you were a half breed. And some held a grudge against half breeds, more specifically, half angel half demons. "Thank you sir, are you having a happy Halloween?"
Beside him Lizzy also curtsied, she knew very well too that this handsome gentleman wasn't just wearing a costume, she was vampire though, so meeting these kinds of people didn't bother her in the slightest.

Olli was obviously not even thinking about that at all, he was too busy chuckling and filling his bag with candy. Lizzy smacked the back of his head again as he unwrapped one and put it in his mouth. "Olli!" Her indignation turned into laughter as Olli made a face, discovering that the chocolate coated candy he'd put in his mouth was a brussel sprout.

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