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Fawn had been riding through this forest for some time now. She had left home to seek out new thrills and adventures. She wasn't gonna stay at home and wait to do boring queen stuff. She took her grandfather's sword and her horse and rode off, leaving the kingdom. Now she found herself on new territory. She whispered to her horse, "careful now Cali, we don't know where we are. Best be on our toes." She had her horse gently ride through the think woods. The more deeper she went in, the darker it became. She didn't know if the sun had set or if it was dark because of some other reason. She made sure she had her sword close by just in case she was to get attacked or sneaked upon. She took out a map. She could barely see it but there was just enough light to see the tan colored map. "This no place I can see here." Her map was magical. It could easily map out any location you were in or at. But this time something seem to stop the map. It had stop working as soon as she stepped inside of the forbidden woods. She looked up and around. "Where in Sam heck are we?"

Whould fox shifter be a worthy friend/companion ect??))

Yeah anyone could. Let's see where this leads them. Do you mind if we write here or in PM's?

Either is fine^^

I'm okay with here. You can join in at anytime"Lexx"

Avri could be a decent companion I think. As long as fawn doesnt mind kids. She has a demon trying to kill her so fawn would certainly get her fix of 'battles that leave scars and thrill her'

Take a look and let me know.

Had a look at her. Yeah I like her set of powers. Fawn as powers to. She can only use them as certain times and is unaware of what they are. But yeah she won't mind the kids.

Hi it´s me again! This time maybe I could join with Chessy? Since it´s a forbidden and magical forest ;)

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > In need of a partner for Fawn