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Ok,so for those of you who know what Gravity Falls is,this is the rp 4 u,here are da rules

~no sexual content
~be kind to others
~no bullying (I won't tolerate any of it)
~no godmoding
~romance is fine(pg please)
~you can say crap
~no spamming
~have fun

(If ya red the rules,spell my name backwards in this chat so I know,u red the rules and will obey them)

Also if I'm not on the chat,please start without me,and u don't have to ask if u can join,Mable-that's right the more the merrier


Hey,and thanks for reading the rules

u know i do

Yup ^^

((so how r we going to start and dont forget the other rp))

((I'm gonna wait for more people,it's no fun with just the two of us*

((ik but the magic school its ur play on it))

((Oh, gonna get rid of it soon))

((WHAT Y?!))

((It got boring 😒))


((Idk,I get bored easily))


((Is ur "M" button broken or something XD))

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