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James ran his fingers through his thick brown hair as he drove his old truck to the bar, not realizing it at the time but something was pulling him there. Sighing as he pulled up he shut his truck off and stepped out. He was wearing straight, dark wash jeans that fit him perfectly, a pair of dark brown cow boy boots, and a plain black V-neck that was a little tight on him, it had been a while since he went shirt shopping. Making sure to lock his truck he headed for the front door of the bar/night club and stopped when he saw his best friends car. Smiling he shook his head and walked in, unsure why she was here. As he made his way to the bar he caught the smell of a vampire, just one but he for sure smelled one. The smell confused him though, it was different than any other vampire he had smelled before. It wasn't as sickening, rather it was alluring. Shaking it off he walked up to the bar and ordered his usual shot of whiskey along with a beer. James took his shot and grabbed his beer before turning around, scanning the crowd. Smiling when he saw his friend talking to some ladies he debated going over to her, he hadn't seen her in over a year and missed her. Slowly making his way through the crowd he noticed that the smell got closer. Perking a brow he scanned the crowd around her. His eyes stopped on the back of a smaller female standing next to her. "Hey Brie, long time no see..." he said shifting his gaze back to his friend.

Rayne was a girl who would normally be at home in one of her frilly dresses, watching a lame horror movie or gory anime or reading some novel about some stupid tragedy or horror. Rayne would not ever be the type to dress in really, really short shorts and a crop top as she was right now. But fate obviously brought her to this moment because here she was at a night club in little, black shorts and a red crop top with a heart cut out upside down, showing her cleavage. She would have never dressed this way ever in all her 1800 years if it weren’t from this girl she had met randomly in an alley and sucked the blood of. The girl had come from this place and so Rayne decided two weeks later to come here. She might be able to get a snack or two out of it. Rayne stood sort of away from the crowd when she smelled him; a lycanthrope. She crinkled her nose. He smelled like a wet dog but not that much. Not as bad as other werewolves she had smelled. His had sort of a sweet hint to hit. Her glowing red eyes studiedbthe crowd and there he was, looking at her before looking at his friend. She rolled her eyes.

James talked to Brie for a while, catching up one things that had happened over the last year over the loud music. They talked about her new boyfriend that was currently at work, though James could care less about whoever she was currently dating. He told her about the tribe politics he had been dealing with and that Paul, who happened to be his alpha though she didn't know about the pack, was getting married in a week. After a while he had finished his beer and decided to get another one. Glancing over at the vampire to make sure she wasn't targeting his friend he narrowed his eyes and walked over to the bar, ordering another beer. Taking a sip he looked down at the bar and thought if he should keep an eye on the vampire. Shaking his head he stepped away from the bar and headed for the front door, deciding to get some air. As he stepped outside he leaned up against the building and smiled as Brie walked out and said bye to him. Running his fingers through his hair he thought maybe he should leave, but something inside him was telling him to stay, and he couldn't figure out why. Groaning he slipped his hand in his pocket and headed back inside. Looking around he noticed the vampire, curious as to why she was still here. Sitting at a table in the corner he stared at his beer bottle and listened to the music playing.

Rayne decided to ignore the werewolf. She studied the mass of gross, sweaty bodies on the dance floor and shuddered. She felt the werewolf’s gaze on her and she smirked. She tossed her braided pigtails over her shoulder as he walked out, hoping he would stay gone. Not even ten minutes later, he was back and watching her. Rayne decided to do something incredible and something she would love to see blow up in the lycanthrope’s face. She walked over as graceful as a swan in her black, studded, ankle-high boots, the high heels clicking as they made contact with the ground. She brushed past him, biting her lip and winking, a smirk still present on her eerily gorgeous features as she did this. She makes her way to the bar and sits on a stool away from everyone else. She noticed one bartender was a Downworlder like the lycanthrope and herself so she waved him over and asked for a Bloody Mary—made from actual blood. As he slid the drink over, her red eyes glow and she murmurs a thank you.

James stiffened as she brushed against him, his eyes darting in her direction. He didn't let his eyes go above her waist line as he was looking at her but not really looking at her so he didn't notice the wink. Shaking his head he finished off his beer and started cracking his knuckles. Making his way up to the bar he stood a few stools away from her, not bothering to look in her direction. "Hey more shot for the road please." he said to the bartender in his normal deep, honey voice. Once he got his shot he took it and pulled his wallet out. Dropping $40 on the counter he told the bar tender to keep the change and headed back for the door. Stopping when he was behind the vampire he said, "Just to let you know, my lands are protected, if we catch you hunting will be killed." his voice was soft yet threatening. He started to let his eyes drift to her face, "Just don't hunt on our lands..." he said and looked into her eyes. Everything froze in that instant, it seemed as though nothing else existed but them. The pull of gravity shifted to her as he stood and stared, his eyes getting slightly brighter. After what seemed like minutes he snapped out of it. Taking a step back he shook his head and breathed, "That's not possible." he forced himself to look away and booked it for the door. 'NOT...POSSIBLE!' he thought as he clenched his fists and walked quickly towards his truck.

Rayne sipped her drink, smirking as the werewolf stood behind her. She looked at him, eyebrow raised as he spoke, telling her what they normally did: “Don’t hunt on my lands, ya da ya da.” In that moment, their eyes met and she was frozen, not just because vampires could stay still as a stone statue but because something willed her to. Nothing in that moment mattered but those eyes. Her eyes were glowing but his glowed without trying. She tried looking away but couldn’t until he took a deep breath and shook his head. She blinked, not really needing it, and scowled. “What the h*ll was that?” She mumbled as he left quickly. She heard him stomping outside and shook her head. “Was that a zing?” She shook her head. “No way. . . What was that?” She gulped down her drink and left some bills on the counter. In a flash, she was outside and walking past his truck. She glared at him for a moment before walking to her motorcycle. (When she went out, she didn’t usually where old fashioned clothing. Going out for her was rare but when she did, she looked pretty punk-goth. And she pulled it off, too.) She sat on it and started it up, feeling the engine roar to life. Vampires usually had them custom made to go faster than average because vampires were fast creatures. Rayne flexed her fingers and drove off, disappearing in an instant.

James started up his truck and took off for his house. His mind was spinning, not knowing how to react to what had just happened. As he pulled up to his house he shut the engine off and took his boots off, still in his truck. Stepping out he pulled his shirt off and set it in the drivers seat, at this point he just wanted to run. Taking a minute of just standing by his truck he shook his head and pulled his pants off before walking away from his truck and shifting into a huge grey wolf. James continued to walk slowly into the woods before taking off at full speed. Things seemed oddly silent until he heard Paul in his mind. "You need to go see the elders. I've never heard of this, but maybe they have." James huffed and thought, "This isn't natural, it shouldn't even be possible..." He listened to Paul tell him to just go see the elders, knowing it was an alphas order he knew he couldn't ignore. "Yes sir..." James thought and took off for one of the elders homes.

Rayne sped to her home, a small cottage/cabin inside the wooded area at the edge of town. She parked her bike in the shed/garage and got off, walking out and shutting the door. She threw her braid over her shoulder and walked to the front door. She walks inside and showers, changing into sweatpants and a sweatshirt, her hair in a messy bun. Rayne flops on her couch and turns on her television, surfing the channels and landing on a random horror movie. She pulls out her cellphone, scrolling through her contacts. She was looking for a certain number, sighing when she found it. She looked at it and just sat.

James slowed when he came up on the elders house. Sifting back into human form he found the stashed shorts they had out for the pack. Walking into the house he went to the living room and sat across from John. “So it finally happened for you?” John said as he stared into the fire. “I take it Paul called you....yes it did...” James responded and sighed. Leaning back in the chair he continued, “how is this even possible?” John looked up at him and said, “it has happened once before...from what we can understand of imprinting, it just happens. The universe decides, and the universe doesn’t discriminate against who it happens with...” James groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. “That doesn’t really help...” he grumbled. John shrugged and said, “there is no explanation. I know it is inconvenient but that’s how it is.”

Rayne sent a simple message filled with cuss words in all languages. She knew this person would never see it because they are currently resting in the woods behind her house, decaying and drained of all their blood. It was the person she killed at the club a few weeks ago. The women was a prostitute so it was better she was dead. And she tore one of Rayne’s favourite dresses while fighting, which of course, the vampire could never forgive. She felt she should send these messages to the phone until someone found the body. The vampire had a very good talent—holding a grudge. Her sending these messages was probably an immature way of showing it but she didn’t care. That dress was hundreds of years old! She could never repair it now!

While James was at Johns house discussing his imprinting situation a large, pure white wolf walked out of the woods at Rayne’s house. Paul had went to the bar, caught her scent and followed it here. Shifting back into his human form he slipped in a pair of shorts that he had tied to his leg and walked out of the woods, stopping at the tree line. “I know you can hear me. We need to talk about a member of my pack that you met tonight. Could you come out and talk to me?” He asked and waited, unsure what she would do.

Rayne frowned. She smelled a lycanthrope near her place. She sighs. “Guess I’ve no choice.” Shebgets up, dressing in black skinny jeans, white winter boots, and a red turtleneck. She stepped out of her house and approached the man, raising a delicate eyebrow. “What of him, mutt? Are you talking about the one at the club? The one who couldn’t stop staring?” She wrinkles her button nose. “Why talk about him?” She brushes her fingers through her hair. “Did he do something to me that I should know about?”

Paul studied her closely as she talked, trying to get a read on her. “Yes and no...not intentionally any way.” He said and crossed his arms. “Let’s just say by nature, he is yours. Despite how much he will try, staying away from you will be impossible.” He said and watched her. “And I’m guessing by the fact that you haven’t killed me yet...or at least tried to...something happened to you in that bar tonight as well.” He said softly and narrowed his eyes. “Neither I nor James knows why it happened, but it did.”

Rayne’s eyes darken. “So we zinged?! Or, as you werewolves say, ‘imprinted’?” She sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose and squeezing her eyes shut. “Take me to him. Let him explain. Let’s see if this is. . . Real or if you’re just messing with me.” She suddenly has her hand around his neck and she’s squeezing, cutting off his air supply. Her eyes are glowing a deep red and her fangs are extended to their full length. “But I promise you that if this is all a joke, I won’t hesitate to snap your neck. I don’t care who you are. Right? Right.” She moves away in a flash, looking as she did before. “Glad we could clear that up.” Rayne smirks cheekily.

Paul stood still as she squeezed his neck, his expression not changing. He listened to her and sighed as she backed up. “He is at one of the elders houses. Can’t take you to him right now.” He said and leaned against the tree behind him. “I can tell you though that from his thoughts, it definitely happened. Every wolf in the back has a psychic link. And believe me his thoughts were pretty darn loud.” He shook his head and looked down. “If you felt it to, then you know without a doubt it’s true.”

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